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   Chapter 49 Royal lovebirds

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He had been held up by Princess Amelia causing him to be a bit late than planned. Not that there was a time planned, there wasn't but he just wanted to be there; with her in his arms. There was a lot of security around the Greek palace but getting to the river wasn't a big of a problem. Just like in Acamas he knew it by heart. He was not bothered by going out into the night without any security considering the title he held and was after all in a foreign country. There was no doubt in his mind that she would be there waiting for him. There was no doubt in his mind that if she wasn't there then he would return to find her.

When he got there disappointment was all he felt. It was a full moon and with his hands in his pockets leaning against the tree, his eyes looked at the beautiful river in front of him, the water was greenish. This place had been where he spent his birthdays in the past couple of years, he had his thoughts in this place. It was pretty significant and special he thought.

Suddenly Lucia came out of the water, trying to catch her breath... her eyes met with his. It was just like the first time... Prince Alexius smirked-

"Should I allow you to be decent?"

These were the very first words they had said to each other in all the years that had passed.

"Nothing new you haven't seen."

Queen Lucia retorted the very same response he gave her many years ago. With her wet blonde hair stuck to her skin, the moon and the stars glistening giving her a beautiful aura and light. She shivered not from coldness but because he was here, watching her with the most captivating eyes. His sapphire blue eyes flickered all over her body, she could literally feel his heat, feel his touch.

"Your highness, I don't mean to be disrespectful but I will not move until you leave-" Lucia said once more making Prince Alexius chuckle but he had tears right under his eyes attempting to fall, they both remembered. She felt very emotional, watching him in his grace, he looked broken and tired.

"Then it's gonna be a long day." Prince Alexius said softly chuckling with that a tear escaped his left eye. Lucia's dam immediately broke.

Tears of joy.

"Are you going to stay in that freezing water because frankly I can hear a young man called Alexius calling for Lucia. His heart has been calling for a long time and he just cannot believe you're right here in front of him."

Lucia let out a whi

paused. " I'm not going to ignore the fact that Elias burned a poor gold fish.."

"I should have known from there and then that he was the root of all evil." Prince Alexius said thoughtfully.

"Does Elisabet know ?"

"I wouldn't want her to but considering I know how it feels like I might have to tell her one day. She knows I'm not her father, she just doesn't know who is her father!"

"What do you mean you know how it feels like?"

"After thirty years, Dysmas finally informs me I'm not his biological son.."

Lucia let out a gasp, clearly speechless.

"I'm so sorry to hear that but at the same time I can't help but be happy." She said hugging him tightly that they both fell, leaving her straddling the Prince.

"I understand, it's a good relief." He said staring at her beautiful face with the stars right behind, a beautiful sight is what it was.

"Do you have any idea who he is ?"

"He died, ten years ago." He sighed. "His name was Silas, I never got informed of his last name."

"I'm really sorry to hear that, are you alright?" She asked.

"With you, I can never want."

"I feel the very same way-" She leaned in to give him a perk in the lips which immediately started another rendezvous-

"Prince Alexius Nikoloudis II, you have had a long day and as my guest.. I must make sure you're treated pleasantly so would you like me to accompany you to your quarters right next to the Queen's?" She said smugly her left dimple visible.

"I would love that, my Queen." He said swiftly carrying her off the ground, it would certainly be a long night.


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