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   Chapter 48 Royal Confirmations

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Before anyone could do damage control everyone cheered with joy. Celebrations roared even from outside the venue signaling even the local people of Greece were quite happy with this decision. Champagne bottles were popped, toasts were made amongst the guests. Sir Demetre was taken aback by this reaction, did this dispute really affect everyone to the extent that they were happy that it was finally over. Theodore smiled proudly as different admirable men and women walked over to shake his hand. Prince Alexius stood there trying to digest what had just happened, everyone was congratulating them. It was like New Year's Eve.

"Well.." Peter broke the silence between him and Queen Lucia. She was still in the moment, everything seemed to be happening so fast.. her son really did that.

Her very own son, the son she bore eight years ago, the son she promised to take to Paris and Berlin while sitting near the river in her sorrows. This boy was bringing her happiness even when she had not asked for it. She never told him anything, he never asked questions, he was always to himself... a quiet observer. She searched through the crowd, her parents sat on a high balcony. She looked up expecting a scowl from her father but instead he gave her a smile. It felt as if it was approval. It still didn't change their situation, sure Acamas and Greece would be reunited but it didn't mean the same for her and Alex. That made her frown but she smiled back at her father who was surrounded by people congratulating-

"Where's Theda?" She said almost immediately. Peter scanned the crowd until he saw the little boy with white blonde hair talking to Prince Alexius daughter and Hemera; Prince Lukas daughter. Lucia's eyes finally reached Theda then she let out a sigh of relief.

"Don't be mad at me, mother." A familiar voice broke her away from her thoughts. She actually thought the opposite..

"I'm more proud than mad at you, Theo." She smiled at her son who smiled back at her before hugging her with no intention of letting go. She ruffled his dirty blonde hair, just like his father.

"Our first course meal will be served in main dining hall, help yourselves." Peter announced then everyone went back to their chatter.

Princess Amelia wrapped her arm around Prince Alexius who was focused on the beauty at a distance from him. He had always imagined how it would be when they were finally reunited and this was it. They had not said a word to each other but it felt like they already knew just one look, as their eyes locked it spoke a million words. Just one look at her reminded Prince Alexius was still madly in love with this woman. He couldn't wait to tell her that they weren't related. Of course he had imagined her reaction multiple times but it still made him giddy thinking about it. He just needed to some time to talk to her but it seemed with every passing moment, she

zel brown eyes, lifting her tiny little hands occasionally giving me a teethless smile. He softened and spent each day with her.

Knowing well, Elisabet would be disturbed being taken to France where everyone speaks a foreign language. Being accustomed to Greek as her native language it would take time for her to adjust; surely!

"Good thoughts, I hope?" Sir Demetre interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Presumably." He nodded towards the bald old man who had just stepped on his cigar.

"I give you my blessings to be with my daughter!" He said earning an eye wide open look from Prince Alexius. Instead he decided to play oblivious.

"I'm married, plus I cannot just up and marry my cousin sister."

"She isn't your cousin sister Alexius."

"What do you mean and why are you only telling me now-"

"I thought I would review the secret but your father wrote to me immediately when you arrived with Lucia begging me not to because you would leave the throne in the hands of Elias and I know Elias, I know him from first hand experience." He explained.

"So you were willing to take away your daughters happiness, your grandchildren's happiness just to keep a silly little secret." Prince Alexius sighed tired of everything, it was all all overwhelming.

"I'm sorry Alexius, that's the past let's try and move forward from it. Now I want you to go through that door and woo my daughter like you have always-"

This made Prince Alexius smile with excitement all anger dissolved.

"Now is now, alright!" Prince Alexius chuckled nervously trying to gain confidence to do so. "I have waited for this moment for a long time.."

"So has she." Sir Demetre mustered. "Take her away, myself and Lukas we will handle the gala." With that Prince Alexius rushed downstairs where his eyes immediately met hers and they both knew where they would be going when they both looked towards the door.

The river, at midnight.

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