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   Chapter 47 Royal Announcements

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"You look breathtaking, my Queen." Peter said taken aback by her presence. He knew she had made an extra effort because he was coming. She smiled then turned back to the full body mirror. She looked at her hair neatly tied in a bun with crystal diamond pins. Her crown laid beside her enormous dressing table. It glistened. Two maidens helped her with her dress-

"The guests are already awaiting your presence." Peter said once more.

"Alright." She looked at herself one last time. "Thank you." She said to the servants who had been helping her with her dress. They immediately bowed and turned to leave once they door has closed shut, she turned to Peter-

"Is he here?" She questioned eagerly.

"Not yet, that's if he is even coming. He never wrote back." Peter shrugged.

Lucia bit on her lip. Her tears were right under her eyes, this feeling felt familiar. This was the exact same way she felt when she waited for him by the river but he never showed up. Princess Amelia always won!

"It shouldn't phase you, there so many royal admirable suitors down there waiting to kiss your feet." Peter said trying to make her feel a tad bit better, she smiled then looked away.

"Prince Theodore requested I add him on the list, he wants to present his very first speech as the Prince of Greece." Peter said rolling his eyes once more, Theodore had came for him again in the corridor demanding he be added on the list. He didn't have the decency to even ask, he acted as if it was rightfully his place to do as he pleased.

"Do you have an idea what he has written? Theodore wants to give me grey hairs already." She joked tracing the silver linings on her dress, it was custom made from Singapore.

"I have no idea, it's as if he lives in his own little bubble. He said if I didn't add him onto the list, he would make sure my future children don't have anything under his reign as King-" Lucia gasped.

"He really said that?"

"Theodore has a really dark soul, my Queen."

This bothered Lucia, where did she go wrong? Her eight year old was acting mature than a teenager.

"I will have a word with him?" She said giving him assurance.

"Should I add him into the list?" He asked.

"This is Theodore, I'm not worried. He is a genius, whatever he has to say is of great concern." She shrugged. "Theda is the one I'm certainly worried about... he is capable of forgetting to put on his slacks if I'm not mistaken."

This made Peter chuckle.

"Don't worry, that is all taken care of. You just need to make your grand entrance, Prince Lukas is de

once he meets you, he will adore you just as much." The boy said softly.

They were suddenly interrupted by Princess Amelia and Elisabet.

"Daddy, you left early." Elisabet said with a frown.

"I'm sorry, Princess." Prince Alexius said, with this Prince Theodore walked away without a second glance.

"He is a rude little boy." Princess Amelia said rolling her eyes while laying her hand on his shoulder so Queen Lucia could see.

"Lastly, my son Prince Theodore would like to present his very first public speech." Everyone cheered this made Prince Alexius shake his head, bewildered... what just happened?

"Thank you mother, you look beyond graceful." Prince Theodore took over making everyone chuckle surprised by his nature. Queen Lucia only blushed before stepping forward to give him a kiss on his temple before letting him take over.

What Prince Theodore said shocked everyone in the room.

"It is my pleasure to be the first to announce that Greece and the independent city of Acamas are in the process of negotiations after centuries of disputes; we have decided to bury the hatchet."

Everyone gasped.

"As the first born of my beautiful mother Queen Lucia Khloe Paraskevas and my very respectable father Prince Alexius Nikoloudis the second. I'm proud to declare the reunion of these two beautiful countries."

Prince Theodore had just done the unspeakable, he was capable of stopping world war. He was fearless, he was a ball of fire waiting to burn everything in its way. His future as king seemed bright beyond imaginable.

"So this is what he spent all his time doing in the library!" Lucia said under her breath.

"Looking for his father." Peter answered her question.

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