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   Chapter 46 Royal Resolution

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"If you have respect and consideration for one another, you will make it." ~ Mary Durso.


If this was a movie, the song forgiveness by Paramore would be playing.


Prince Alexius sat in the far corner of his father's room, staring. He stared at the man who was supposedly not his father but how? It hurt, he had been through so much but this hurt still. Finding out the man you thought was your father actually isn't. When was he going to tell him? Was King Dysmas willing to take this secret to the grave? It certainly looked like it.

The King coughed loudly in his sleep moving swiftly to face the right side, his eyes shot open as he coughed again. Prince Alexius ran to his bed side, silently helped him sit up straight so he could lay on the soft pillows, almost immediately he handed him a glass of water which he thankfully gulped. Silence followed.

"You don't have to watch me while I sleep like I'm a child." King Dysmas said groggily.

Prince Alexius only shook his head.

"Everything alright?" The King questioned. "You've been crying? Lucia again." The King sighed.

"No, it's you." Prince Alexius spat.

"It is 'I' ?" The King looked confused.

"You told falsehood to me all my life."

King Dysmas swallowed a large lump of saliva on his throat. He wasn't sure, it could be anything so before he outed himself; he needed to taste the waters.

"I apologized for telling you your mother had died of a cancer and not-" He said softly.

The Prince looked at his hands, the wedding band. He shook his head softly. "Not, that." He let out a sigh.

"Dysmas-" This was the very first time he had ever called his father by his name. "Are you even my father?"

"Ofcourse!" The King said immediately.

"Please don't lie to me.."

"I love you dearly, Alexius. I would never want to hurt you. Nothing has to change, you will always be my son." King Dysmas sniveled, on the verge of letting his tears out. He always wondered when he would do it but it was happening now. He had prepared for this moment many times but he could never be ready.

"Why?" Prince Alexius questioned coldly.

"Why Dysmas?" The King flinched every time his son bitterly said his name. He would never hear his son call him Father ever again...

"Elias, would take over the throne and I do not want that. He is a greedy ungrateful little scum. I do not want that to happen. You would be left with nothing, Elias would make sure of it. You haven't lived a day out in the real world, you couldn't survive Alexius. I care so much that blood doesn't define the bond we have created these past few years. You will always be my son, no matter what!!" King Dysmas was already in tears, Prince Alexius understood this man was still quite sick in his death bed and he didn't want to send him off to the hands of death by any bitter words that may come out of his mouth.

"You always warned me that if I did not step up to the plate you would give Elias the throne..." Prince Alexius said softly. "Was it because you knew he rightfully deserved it?"

"Yes." King Dysmas said ashamed of h

." King Dysmas chuckled.

"I was always away and it seemed your mother grew lonely, Silas was someone whom we had known for a long time. His family was a family of farmers, they supplied the castle on every occasion." Prince Alexius nodded, so his fathers name was Silas.

"He became the good friend to your mother while I was away and you were made. Your mother convinced me you were mine until the day of the delivery, Silas heard that she was in labor and rushed to the castle. That's when he told me you were actually his. Your mother couldn't take it, I presume she felt pressured because Silas asked her to choose. She insisted, she loved us both. She gave birth, we were both present but the last thing she said to me was 'Dys take care of my baby.' She trusted me to take care of you more than Silas. After her funeral that was the last I ever saw of Silas." The King held Prince Alexius hand as he told him this story.

"He became a drunkard over the years, when you were eight. He demanded he wanted to see you, I accepted and told him only if he is sober. He agreed. Remember when I told you and Elias to dress up because we had a guest coming for dinner?" The King questioned.

Prince Alexius nodded trying to remember then it finally dawned onto him.

"He came drunk and you requested he be escorted out.." Prince Alexius said quickly remembering how it has all happened, so that was his father.

"Yes. Remember the necklace I gave you on your eighteenth birthday?" King Dysmas questioned and Prince Alexius nodded.

"He had asked me to give it to you." Prince Alexius immediately reached for it. He always wore it.

"The funeral we later attended when you were twenty?"

It dawned Prince Alexius that his father was dead. He remembered how he has refused to attend a locals funeral but his father forced me to.

"So that was him huh? My father." He said sadly.


"Thank you for telling me, I will always appreciate what you have done for me." He Hugged King Dysmas once more.

Everything seemed to be coming to light.

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