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   Chapter 45 Royal Bloody death

Royal Fuckery By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 7894

Updated: 2018-11-22 01:46

"No one in love is free or wants to be." ~ Anonymous.



Kyra paced around the room eagerly holding a small capped bottle of pills in hand. She had to terminate this pregnancy, she had to remove this thing; it was ruining her life. It was making her life difficult. She sighed sitting on the edge of the king sized bed she shared with Elias. He didn't want it too, she wasn't doing anything wrong. She had done so many bad things in her life time that this seemed to not phase her in any manor. She looked at the paper that was set on the dressing table... who could have thought her poor cousin whom she and her mother treated badly for years was actually royalty. Who would have thought that the baby her mother has picked up near the chapel was the Princess of Greece. She remembered the story her mother always told her that, she laid in basket with a paper written Lucia, Gloria just assumed it was the baby's name so she took the baby and decided to give it her last name Andreou.

Kyra quickly shook the thoughts away, she needed to do this quickly. How hard could it be, she would drink the pills and feel enormous pain then blood would flow just like her bloody period then it would all be over. She would tell Elias that it wasn't her intention to lose their baby at ten weeks not that he cared. She feared, she might be a little too late. Ten weeks couldn't be late, it just couldn't; God would just have to be in her favor!

She felt jealous of Lucia, she gave birth to two little boys with the man she loves. Prince Alexius wanted the kids even though he denied them at first. Atleast Prince Alexius cares unlike Elias who still uses her as a sexual object. It didn't matter none of it mattered. Kyra wanted to end all ties with the royal family by killing this innocent child argh it's not innocent-

She convinced herself to fill her guilty conscience.

She would return to Khristian, once she did, he would leave the little red headed harlot; he is convinced he loves. He would marry her and everything would be perfect. A smile made its way on her lips as she took two pills, they weren't even abortion pills just random pills, hopefully they would do the trick. Abortion was illegal in most European countries especially Acamas which was far behind in terms of gender equality. In the United States Of America, one could a

ard she fell back on the bed.

Finally she saw the same girl drenched in her own blood, it was as if she had watched a film of her own life. She saw him the archduke entering the room, he wasn't shocked or surprised. He went to where her body lay, he felt her pulse and whispered.

"Still breathing.." he sighed.

"Kyra you brought this upon yourself, thanks for making my job much easier; Good bye my beautiful Raven." He said softly a tear slipped, only one tear. The girl who laid in her tub of blood tried speaking but only coughed more blood. Her eyes lazily staring at him, she looked helpless. The archduke gently closes her eyes.

"Goodbye Kyra, don't make this hard on yourself. Just die." He whispered.

Finally she had her last breath-

She was gone.

The archduke felt her pulse was no more. "GUARDS GUARDS"


"HELP !!" He yelled crying while holding onto Kyra like his life depended on it. Her blood was now on his hands and attire. He cried as the guards budged into the room.

"S-s-she left me." He cried, still on his knees. He watched as the royal guards removed her lifeless body from the room.

"I need to be alone." He whispered his eyes still bloodshot, all the servants left the room.

"Good bye, Raven." Elias whispered, a sinister smile on his face.

"I need a bloody cold shower." He said to himself, disgusted by the blood.


Hey, I'm sorry for the late update. My italics and bold thingy aren't working so the chapters will look like this until I figure it out. Comment loads for more chapters. x

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