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   Chapter 44 Royal duty

Royal Fuckery By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 7586

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"No women ever shot her man while he was doing dishes." ~ Author unknown.


"Everyday. I couldn't be happy if I didn't see him everyday. He is absolutely necessary to me." Lucia read a quote from The picture of Dorian Gray. She vaguely smiled, this book meant so much to her. It was the book she once shared with him, a book that later hurt her because of the character he had compared her to but she loved it now. There was not a day she didn't read it, not a day she didn't read one quote from the book to keep herself going.

"Always! That is a dreadful word. It makes me shudder when I hear it. Women are so fond of using it. They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever." A quote from Lord Henry. Lucia sighed, Lord Henry was indeed a cynical character especially to the matters of love but was it a crime that she hoped her first love would be her last love that her it would last forever. Was it wrong that thinking about him and every little moment they shared made her skin quiver. Thinking about him gave her mixed emotions. It was so hard, extremely hard. They say time heals all wounds but this wound was deeper than that-

This wound still hurt, it refused to close off. It bled from time to time. It bled when she looked at her beautiful two little boys, it bled every time she stared at the picture of him that she hid in the many pages of The picture if Dorian Gray. It bled when anyone said the phrase 'you were perfect' 'you were amazing' many people said those phrases unknowingly especially after her speeches or any of her royal duties. She only wanted to hear him say that, only him, only Alex. Would she ever hear him whisper those words in her ear, it was unlikely. Her heart shivered, it was cold without him.

"Prince Philip insists-" Peter suddenly stopped when he realized, he was disturbing her reading time. "Dorian Gray again ?" He questioned setting down his note pad down, "No." She stumbled upon her words.

"You're thinking about him?"

"You are aware that this is my favorite book and it has nothing to do with him." She put on her usual facade. "What was it about Prince Philip?"

"He wants to have dinner with you and he also wanted to take the boys for a bit of golf. I just spoke to his butler and he sai

year old young man. He was definitely different, he knew he was born into royalty and wanted to learn all the ropes even at an early age. Queen Lucia was afraid his son was growing too fast, she wanted him to be care free like Theda, who would be drenched in mud after a long day of playing at the river. Theodore preferred to read in the library, he sneered at anything immature his brother did.

"Peter, I would like you send a request to Prince Alexius Nikoloudis the second of Acamas. You must be aware-" The eight year old said in a composed tone.

Peter was flabbergasted, Prince Theodore was quite taller for his age and could easily be mistaken as a ten year old, he would certainly break hearts.

"I'm aware but-" Peter replied.

"No buts, you are to send that invite."? Prince Theodore said his lips in a thin line.

"Shouldn't you be learning how to read, my Prince, not ordering me around." Peter said firmly. Prince Theodore gave him an intimidating look before he spoke.

"I'm not one to feel insulted so I won't acknowledge what you just said." Prince Theodore said before walking away. Peter was quite short in height so the fact that an eight year old was almost reaching him, was aggravating beyond anything.

The boy was only eight but demanding what would happen when he reached his teenage hood. Peter shook his head as he prepared to write to the independent city of Acamas.

His mother wanted Prince Alexius here so did the son, the alleged cousin.

Royal Fuckery indeed.

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