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   Chapter 43 Royal Snakes

Royal Fuckery By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10144

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"Reveal not every secret you have to a friend, for how can you tell that friend may hereafter become an enemy. And bring not all mischief you are able to upon an enemy, for he may one day become your friend." ~ Saadi


"Who are you fooling, Elias?" Prince Alexius stumbled back trying to keep his face mutual and composure intact. Elias continued to give him a smirk, Prince Alexius sneered at the scene. He wouldn't belive it, Elias was a liar... it couldn't be.

"See, I haven't been the only one suffering for years now have I ?" Elias chuckled.

"If supposedly this was true then why are you telling me now?" Prince Alexius questioned feeling very tense.

"I wouldn't allow you to have a happy ending with Lucia never, i wanted you to suffer just as I was. I'm telling you now because, i owe it to let you know that you have no royal blood what so ever and that I will probably take over the throne after Dysmas passes away... the royal council will allow it considering, I'm the only royal heir left."

Prince Alexius chuckled a bit hurt by the new information he had just received.

"Take your time." Elias said nonchalantly laid back on the concrete wall away from the bars. He could still enjoy witnessing the hurt in Alexius eyes. The way his sapphire blue eyes flickered all over and his lips in a thin line. Elias knew all too well, how Prince Alexius would react-

"Bloody hell, you can't have seizures in here alright. Get ahold of yourself weakling." Elias rolled his eyes.

"Shut up, Elias. Shut up before I get my hands on you and murder you myself." Prince Alexius growled. Elias only shrugged back.

"You could never." Elias retorted.

"Try me! Push me Elias... I will because frankly, I have had enough of you."

"Well won't you ask me who your father is ?" Elias said ignoring what had just been said earlier.

"You can't be serious-" Prince Alexius chuck more to himself.

"Dead serious!" Elias declared.

"Your father was a little small town farmer up Nicetas Valley. Let's just say, you and your mother have one thing in common-" Elias paused laughing inwardly. "Falling inlove with locals."

"Let's not pretend like any normal father would hate the child that their wife left considering you weren't even his." Elias coughed in a infirmity tone. "He treated you the way he did because you weren't his son. He tried to love you but he just couldn' were a reminder that your mother preferred a small town farmer over him."

Prince Alexius suddenly realised there was some truth to what Alexius was saying. But he didn't want to believe it. This was a very hard pill to swallow, how could not have questioned that maybe his father didn't approve of him because he wasn't even his father in the first place. It was slowly seeping in, slowly dawning in... the truth. Elias could be lying but he didn't have a reason to-

"How would you know?" Prince Alexius cringed.

"I read your Dysmas diary and asked him about it. He wasn't even bothered to deny his truth, he laid it all o

?" Prince Theo asked anxiously. Demetre almost groaned knowing Theo... his questioned always led to another and they would line up and never finish.

"Yes, but Acamas is very diverse... they speak German, Polish even Danish but greek is their main language." He said truthfully, he felt guilty looking at the little Alexius staring at him expectedly for answers. It was his fault... that these two boys didn't have a father and he had to fill up that void as a grandfather but it still want enough... he knew that someday the truth would come to light and it would be very disgraceful for the whole world and nations who admired Greece to now be aware that siblings had a child together.

"Grandpa, what is Diverse ?" Theda said not even concentrating on the conversation in hand. It was their reading time in the library but it seemed only Prince Theodore was eager.

"It means they're different varieties." Demetre responded to Theda who didn't seem interested anymore.

"What are varieties?" Prince Theda questioned making the their grandfather sigh but it seemed he expected it.

"Have you been to Acamas? what is it like? Do you think mother will be alright with it if asked King Dysmas to visit sometimes.."

Demetre tensed.

"Why are you so interested in Acamas?" He questioned.

"It's interesting more than any other royal monarchy." Theo added a small smile on his lips. "Can we invite Prince Alexius Nikoloudis the second and his father King Dysmas to our royal ball?" He added.

"Please please please grandpa, mommy might like Prince Alexius.." This sentence sent Demetre off the curb. He blinked furiously at what his grandchildren was saying.

"No, we can't invite them.. Theodore. They are very bad people and your mother wouldn't like that."

Prince Theodore put his lips in a thin line.

"I will write to them and see if they fancy coming?" Prince Theodore said putting his grandfather off his seat.

"Theodore, you will not!"

"I will." Theodore said sternly. "I'm the next King."

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