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   Chapter 28 Revelation

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His majesty 28

His Majesty's possession 10

What in God's name did she just say?

I looked in bewilderment at the figure before me, someone I called a friend for years and confided in for everything that happened to me. Dae, a name that became a past tense. The last time I heard that name was the day Richard's mom fell off the stairs and after that, I lost contact with her and no matter how much I tried to get to her, it was all in vain.

Watching her stand in front of Richard's door and telling me she was his girlfriend got me in a mold. I'm beyond surprised and amazed, this is just too… unbelievable.

"Okay babe, just come in. We need to catch up on things. How have you been?, It's been three years babe, how's everything?" I asked smiling wildly at her as I opened the door fully to allow her into the house.

"Is that your daughter?" She asked when she saw her sleeping so peacefully and I nodded. "She's so cute, what's her name?"

"Rachel, I gave her my paternal grandmother's name" I replied.

"That's nice, where have you been?"

"I've been in town for three years now, I just managed to stay off the camera and spotlight. Had to do that for my daughter" I explained

"Guess it didn't take Richard long to find you and the girl. It's really nice seeing Richard reunite with her daughter. Even if he never talked about it, I know he always missed her. I'm glad you're back" She sat down on the couch and brought out her phone to send a message.

"I'm actually glad you're with Richard, I was already scared of the woman in his life thinking it'll be a strange woman who won't

into the car with my baby sleeping peacefully, I leaned into the car and kissed Rachel at her forehead.

""Till when?" I asked

"Maybe this weekend, I'll drop her off" I was partly sad and happy. Happy because I'll get to see my daughter and sad because I won't be seeing her.

"Goodnight" I whispered and watch the vehicle drive away. I turned to see what mystery girlfriend I had that I didn't know about.

"Welcome Richard, how was your day?" Dae greeted instantly I ended and my face fell.

"What do you want Dae and why did you tell Essa that you're my girlfriend?" I screamed at her

"You can't scream at me like that, you know the rule Richard"

"Get out of my house" I commanded

"I'll go but I promise you I'll be back. Don't forget, I have in my hands what can bring down everything you've brought you so far" She replied before walking out of my house majestically.

What did I do to deserve this!!!!


Me love you people plenty

Reason for late update: I ran out of ideas for the story.

But now I'm back… thanks y'all

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