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   Chapter 23 Okay

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Richard's POV

"I insist Vanessa, get into the car and let me drop you at your apartment so we'll talk about all this"

I opened the door of the car seat for her to enter but she stood still and didn't move an inch.

"Vanessa I'm talking to you, get into the car immediately. We need to talk about us, about everything that has happened and I want to hear your own side of the story"

I explained

"I already told you my name is Scarlet and not Vanessa. You need to respect that"

"I won't call you by that, you're still Vanessa to me and we have a lot to talk about"

"There's nothing to talk about Richard, our chapter is over bro. This is it, this is the end. What am I even talking about?, our chapter ended that night and there's no Vanessa's side of the story because Vanessa died and this is Scarlet. Old things are passed away so leave me alone" She spat and walked away from the restaurant's parking lot.

Sighing in defeat, I entered into the car and closed my eyes for a few minutes thinking about what I should do next.

Through the past three years, I've hated and loathed Essa, promised myself to kill her with my bare hands if she try keeping my child away from me.

All I asked for was a chance to hold my child in my arms, to kiss her and let her know that Daddy loves her. Apologize to her for not being there and take her to see the world, I worked so hard, I worked this hard to give my child the life she deserves and the best of everything.

But now, it's just over. Seeing Vanessa brought me to my knees and I've realized how much I missed her and how much I want her back in my life with or without the child.

I don't deserve her but I know I want her.

I re

me out of the house in the middle of the night"

"What did you just say?"

"Now you're playing dumb with me right?, As if you didn't know"

"I…." Paused when I heard a tiny voice inside the house calling mommy.

"Miss Vanessa, I need to go home now, can you please come inside so you'll pay me before I go"

"I'm sorry Mrs Smith, I'll come do that immediately"

She turned to face me "you're overstaying your welcome already, Richard. You need to leave right now"

Removing my leg from the door, I tried going inside but she won't let me in

"I'm serious Richard…."

"Mommy, who's that?" A little girl came to her side to hold her hand while looking at me with curiosity with those blue eyes that looked just like mine.

"Go inside Rachel, I'll come meet you" the little girl nodded and waved at me before going back inside, my heart melted.

"how old is she?, She's my daughter, right?"

"Nope, she's Scarlett's daughter. The child you had with Vanessa is dead. She died that night three years ago"

"You need to stop all these Essa, this isn't funny anymore"

"Good night, prince charming" With that, she slammed the door shut in my face.

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