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   Chapter 22 Unfold

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HIS Majesty's possession 03


Song for this chapter: Kim Yeon Jin// words of my heart/// I'm not a robot ost


"Scarlet?" I repeated after the butler and unconsciously, I released her hand and studied her face closely as if the answer I was looking for was there.

"Miss Scarlet, you're needed inside. Kindly follow me" the butler instructed and Essa moved away from me and followed the man.

I was forced to follow them upstairs as I haven't recovered from the shock in form of a news that I just heard.

"What took you so long, Scar?" I stood In front of the room listening in to their conversation.

"She had a little mishap with the prince at the parking lot, he mistook her for another person" The Butler explained.

"That's quite interesting, why will the prince even think he know a lowlife like you. His sight might be really poor" Bella is the modern day Jezebel and her character had confirmed my claim, how could a person be this rude.

"I'm really sorry about that ma'am, it won't happen again, we already explained things to him" Essa or Scarlet explained, I'm confused as to what to call her but I'm pretty sure this is Vanessa and all I'm interested in is the whereabout of my child

"Did you give him the paper?" Bella asked

"Yes, I left it on the top of his car when he didn't take it from me"

"How can you be so clumsy and stupid?, do you expect him to see the paper on the top of his car?, Most times I wonder why I even bother to employ you. You're just as useless as my other employees, you have no value and nothing, you lowlife animal" Bella screamed.

Why is Vanessa living like this?, Did she run away from me to live a life like this?, Is this what it's all about?

"I'm sorry" I could h

ust call me by the name of the most clueless, stupid and foolish woman in the whole world?, Vanessa is dead, she died that night along with her child. I'm really apologizing to my dead child for pretending to not know her father. When I could have hit you in the face and get revenge for all you did to us back then. You're heartless Richard.

What did you even say upstairs the other time?, Baby mama?, Wake up your highness, we're over" She screamed and no single emotion was evident in her eyes than anger and pain. I tried processing the fact that the child I had lived for till now, the only reason why I worked so hard is not even alive. I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind and faced the present situation.

"Vanessa, it was you who pushed my mother, it was you tried to kill my mother so stop talking as if I had a fault in all these. It was all your fault that our child died. Don't you think I'm done with you Vanessa, I'm not done"

"Why did I even bother to open my mouth and talk to you. The bond that brought us together is broken Richard, your royal highness need to get that into your head. I hate you Richard, I hate you with all the strength left in me"

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