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   Chapter 21 Mystery

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My brain keeps telling me to go back home as I drive to Ladrade Restaurant to meet up with Bella.

The meeting was finally arranged much to everyone surprise, they all knew I would never agree to something like this without a reason.

Ladrade Restaurant is one of the best in town and totally for the rich and VIP. Reservations are tough as you need to have being on the list for over two weeks before you get to use the restaurants but since the restaurant belongs to Bella's father, they decided to use it.

I looked out of the window when there was traffic to see the lights of my former office on. Maybe someone is using it now, I thought as I drive away from the area. Moving out of the office three years back affected a lot of things but it helped me move on with life without them.

"Sorry I'm late, the traffic was a little heavy" I apologized immediately i sighted the Malik's family butler.

"It's alright sir, Miss Bella just arrived few minutes back. She's waiting for you, please follow me" I moved after the man to see the if or if not future wife, , should I say maybe or maybe not.

Let's just pray she's worth the money I used in buying the fuel I burned while coming here.

"You may enter sir" I opened the door leading to the VIP lounge gently and the woman sitting in the room had her back turned to me.

Instantly she heard the door being closed, she turned her face to me and smiled. Instantly I remembered her, the fat girl in school that we always made fun of.

I must confess, she's really pretty now and too skinny but her beauty can never be compared to Vanessa's.

Pushing Essa's thoughts to the back of m

e paper on top of my car when she realized that I won't take it from her and started walking away.

Following her, I grabbed her hand and turned her to face me

"You think you can run away from me, Essa. You're wrong"

"I'm sorry sir, I think you've got the wrong person" she swallowed and it made it obvious that she's scared, why will Vanessa be scared of me?

She has to be scared, after everything she did to me, she has to be scared.

"Stop pretending Vanessa"

"I swear on my life, I'm not Vanessa. You need to let me go before I call the police on you. I'm not Vanessa"

"Stop fooling around Essa" I screamed and she cringed

"What's going on sir?" The butler I met earlier asked

"Who's this?, What's her name?" I asked the man.

"That's Miss Bella's Personal assistant and her name is Scarlet sir not Vanessa"


What happened to her?, Or did Richard took the wrong person for Vanessa??, I need to call Richard immediately and ask him to keep telling me the story so I'll continue posting it for our amazing readers.

You guys are REAL VIPS

Thank you for the love.

With love from Penangel.

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