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   Chapter 20 Into the future

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EP 01


"Secretary, bring me the file of the Daystar group of companies with immediate effect. Also make sure to call the modelling agency that we'll be ready with their work in the next two hours" I shot out orders through the intercom in my office as I went back to face the document in front of me.

For the past three years, My company has soared higher and I've managed to reach the top ten richest bachelors in the world because my dedication to work has been twice as normal, It's the only thing I live for now.

"These are the files you requested for sir" The secretary placed the brown paper file on the table.

"Thank you, you can take your leave" I replied not looking away from the work.

The queen has requested to see you sir, should I let her in?"

"Do you need an official announcement for you to know you should let her in?" I spat.

"I'm sorry sir, I'll let her in right away" She walked out of the door and not long after the door open to reveal Tiffany in all her smiling glory.

"Joblessness do look good on you" After the accident she had three years back, the fall had affected her brain and the doctor had advised her to stay away from anything that'll make her stress her brain. She had to close down her company and stayed at home to help with the affairs of the country.

"You'll never be nice, will you, Richard" she said playfully

"You know me too well to know that nice no longer existed in my dictionary" I replied and stood up from my seat to attend to her.

"You were never nice, but you were once when a beautiful woman was in your life, but I know she's at peace right now" the mention of that woman caused my head to spin a little, I just don't buy the idea of anyone talking about her.

"I think we should change the topic, Tiffany, we shoul

at I could follow it. It's a no for me. What's the other option?" I asked

"Meet up with Bella Malik" she passed a little, maybe she was waiting for my brain to process it "Think about it Richard, if you finally agree to this and we arrange the meeting for the two of you to meet, after the meeting, come up with a reason why you can't marry her. That'll delay the whole process for a while. Think about this Richard" She explained

"Why are you doing this, Tiffany?, I don't trust you this much"

"I'm sorry if I never did anything to enable my son to trust me, but I'm doing this because I don't want you to end up like us, your parents" I nodded in total understanding of what she had said.

"What do you say about this, Richard"

"Let's do it, arrange a meeting with Bella on my behalf"


We're already in 2021 and every other person out there in the world is in 2018, we're just fantastic, aren't we?.

Also, through the week, I noticed a whole new readers and their comments have just being amazing. To everybody, thank you so much.

Here begins the journey of His Majesty's possession.

Written on 08/11/2018 9:57pm. (Because I have owanbe on the weekend)

With love from penangel.

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