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   Chapter 19 The victim

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'what happened here? what happened to the queen, what happened to my wife' the king cried

Pointing at me, the maid said 'She pushed her, I saw her. She pushed the queen down the stairs'

Episode 19

'No I didn't do it' I tried explaining but everyone attention was back to the queen whose head was already bleeding and unconscious.

'Someone should call an ambulance' Rich's uncle instructed and someone did.

When everyone realized they couldn't wait for the ambulance, we all rushed her to the hospital in more than five cars, it was like everyone living in the palace were going to the hospital.

On getting there, we were attended to quickly and its due to the fact that it was the royal family, as the woman was carried away on a stretcher, we all sat at the waiting seat.

'who is Vanessa decruz?" I turned around to see the person who just requested for me and it turned out to be a man in uniform.

'i'm the one' I replied curtly

'We'll love to speak to you at the station and it'll be at your own interest to follow us right now. You've been reported for an attempt at murdering the queen'


'You should go with them Vanessa, we don't want to cause a scene in here, it'll be too bad for our reputation' The king suggested and the only thing I could do was nod.

'We'll be following you' the king said as I walked away with the officers in tow.


'Maybe we should stop asking you if it was you who did it, because it's obvious you won't confess to committing the offence. I think it's time to ask you why you did it' one of the officers who was interrogating me asked.

'I didn't do it so why should I ha

protruding belly and tears rolling down my face. My phone had fell and broken when I was dragged out of the house and I didn't have the chance to call anyone to help me.

Spotting a shed at the other side of the road, I decided to cross the road and sleep for the night'

I was about getting to the centre of the road when I started to feel dizzy, I tried crossing the road without seeing the car coming towards me, at a high speed.

I landed on the floor after I felt the heavy impact of the car on me, I heard the screeching of the car tires and the door opening.

As I was getting enveloped by darkness, I had only one request for God. 'if you won't save me, save my child'


We've gotten to the end of the first part of this book

The next part will start this weekend

Thank you so much for the love and the patience so far. It has been incredible.

I really appreciate it.

His Majesty's possession is on the way and it will be continued under this book, there's no need creating a new book for it since it's the continuation.

Glint of hope, here I come.

Thank you

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