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   Chapter 16 Jealousy

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I woke up to hear my phone ringing, not bothering to look at the screen, I picked up the call

"Good morning Essa, how was your night?" I removed the phone from my ear to see who the caller was and I realized it's Michael.

"Hey Michael, good morning to you too. My night was okay, thank you"

"How's Richard?"

"You're just being polite, you don't like him that much to ask about him" I could hear his laughter from the other end of the line.

"Why will I hate my own cousin?, That's totally unfair, Essa. You just broke my heart" I imagined him placing his hand on his chest.

"It's the truth, it's not like you really like him that much" I replied

"That's true though, but we both know who the green monster is" I started laughing real hard.

"Richard is a green monster indeed" The door was suddenly opened revealing a really angry Richard.

He heard what I just said.

"Michael, I'll call you back later. Thank you for checking on me" I dropped the call before facing the judgement of the green monster.

"I thought we had an agreement, I was coming up to call you for breakfast and you're here talking to your boyfriend"

"I didn't agree to not talking to Michael, you made that decision by yourself Richard. Michael is a great friend and I can't stop talking to him because you said so" I stood up from the bed to take a shower.

"Next time try to explain to your boyfriend that you're in my family house, so he'll know his boundary"

"Why do you keep saying the word boyfriend?, I don't even have any relationship with him except friendship"

"I don't believe that"

"Are you jealous?" I asked

"Jealous?, Me?, That's impossible, I'll never be jealous of someone like that" he huffed before walking away from me. I stopped him and folded my hands.

"Admit it Rich, you're jealous" I was laug

lf with the little strength left in me to tell Richard's mom that I'll like to go back home and seeing me in that state, she told the driver to take me home.

On getting home, I entered the bathroom and opened the shower on my head so I'll be able to cry my eyes out without any hindrances.

"Essa, is everything okay?" Richard asked with worry. He stopped the shower and bent down to my level.

"Your burden is my burden Essa, talk to me, please"

"My fa...ther" I stuttered out

"What happened to your father, Essa. Talk to me. I can't bear looking at you like this, it's killing me here"

"He's dead, Richard. He's dead" I finally managed to say and before I could guess the look on his face, he gathered me into his hands.

He later carried me to the bed after i had stopped crying my eyes out.

Placing me gently on the sofa, He looked into my eyes and asked "can I kiss you?, Maybe it will help a little"

I don't know what came over me but I nodded and gave him the go ahead.

He placed his lips on mine and fireworks exploded in my head and I saw butterflies everywhere. For that little moment, I was able to let go of my pain.


Somebody should give us a soundtrack for his episode.

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