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"Let me help you with your seat belt, I know you're too local to handle something like this" Richard mocked with an evil smirk on his face.

After moving into his house for what seemed like years even though it's been for two weeks, I've tried my best to ignore his wrath and mad attitude.

I've also learned to warm up to him, understand him for who he really us but not accept the mad attitude in him.

"This is your first time in a plane, right?" He asked

"If your brain had been working instead of mocking me, you'll know that I didn't fly or crawl all the way from the Philippines" I retreated into my space to ignore him for the rest of the flight.

"Little Miss Smarty pants, you could have explained in clear words"

"I'm too tired for your troubles today and that doesn't mean we won't talk about the incident that happened yesterday" I declared

"What incident?"

"You remember, stop feigning ignorance. You want me to say it but I won't"

"I don't remember the incident you're talking about, maybe you should tell me"

Taking a deep breath, I decided to say it because I know he won't talk about it.

"You almost kissed me, Richard and you think I'll ignore that. Over my dead body"

"You almost slipped yesterday and all I did was help you not to fall then you came at me with your lips, I thought you wanted a kiss" bloody liar

"Admit it Richard, you almost kissed me yesterday and it was your fault, admit it"

"It's not like I kissed you, stop dragging the whole matter" He dipped his hand into his pocket to retrieve a box and when he opened it, it was a diamond ring.

"What's that for?" I asked

"It's a way for me to protect

to the instructions from the queen, yes ma'am" he replied and left the room.

"I'll go use the bathroom first, you can use it after I'm done" Richard said breaking the ten seconds silence.

"Before you take a shower, let's settle the sleeping arrangements. I'll sleep on the bed, you can sleep on the couch or on the floor. Choose one"

"what?!, That's totally ridiculous. You can't expect a royal to sleep on the couch not to talk of floor. It's not possible, I won't do that" he protested.

"If you want, then I'll sleep on the floor with the baby, if I have a miscarriage just know it was you who killed your own child" I feigned sadness as I tried to pick up my bag on the floor.

"Okay fine, but I'll agree only on one condition" he said helping me to place the bag on the bed so I'll be able to pick my pyjamas.

"What is the condition?" I looked up at him waiting to hear the rubbish he'll say this time around.

"You'll stop talking to Michael and you'll stop picking up his phone calls, it's getting too annoying these days" my shoulders slumped as I asked God why he decided to let me meet this man.

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