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   Chapter 14 Threat

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Pearl's POV

"That was one hell of a stunt you pulled yesterday, I guess I over underestimated you. You're more crazy than you look Vanessa"

"What do you want?, Demon"

It was a weekend which means a work free day and I was enjoying my sleep before the devil decided to pay me a visit.

"Let me in" he said and I pushed the door towards him more trying to close it.

"Get the message boss, you're not wanted" I was too tired to allow him inside because he'll definitely complain about something and I'm seriously not in the mood for an argument today.

"i'm not here for you in any way, I'm here for the baby" I finally succumbed and opened the door for him.

He entered the house with a box

"What's that?, I thought I told you I don't need anything from you"

"You think I'm this nice to buy you a present, I saw it at your doorstep. It's a package and the name on it….. it's your name"

"I didn't order for anything, it might be from a friend, just help me put it there" he dropped the package on the floor and put his hands into his pocket.

"I'm not your slave, you can't order me around"

"I'm sorry, your royal highness" I picked up the package myself and placed it at the corner of the room.

"What?" I asked when I saw him staring at me

"Who forced you into that dress?" He asked looking at me as if I just dropped from the ape's dormitory.

"Don't even go there, I'm two months gone and

tion as years roll down my face until I was pulled into a warm embrace

"It's going to be fine, you need to calm down for your sake and the baby's sake. I'll try my best to find the person who did this"

"That was my picture torn in the face with blood all over it. I can't stay calm when someone wants me dead" I moved away from him a little.

"You can't be sure that's the message that's been passed across. Everything will be fine, I promise"

He held my hand and pulled me into him again

"We need to get you out of here first, I can't afford you staying in a place like this and I can't let you stay alone either. Move into my house" I looked up at him to refuse but then, the look on his face made me realize I'll regret it if I say no to his Royal Highness.

"Okay I'll stay with you but it's going to be for a while"

"Thank you for your cooperation"

"As if I have a choice" I glared at him before walking out of my apartment to his.

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