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   Chapter 13 The concert

His Majesty By Penangel Characters: 6103

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Pearl's POV

"Good morning Nancy, Drake, Kelvin, Liza and finally good morning Michael" I greeted everyone as I entered into the restaurant to resume for the day's work. It's been two months since I walked into the restaurant looking for a job and fortunately enough that I got one.

Even though the pregnancy was starting to show, it was still a little bump that can be pass for normal.

Everyone had been nice enough to work with except for Nancy, there's always a witch in the castle, right?. I'm not all that surprised about her behaviour, I've been with people like her in the past.

"Good morning, Essa" they all chorused back. I got the name Essa two days after I started working here, they were all complaining about how Vanessa was too long for them to pronounce therefore decided to shorten the name to Essa.

"See me in my office with the account book within ten minutes, I need to clear somethings out" Michael instructed before going into his office without waiting for my response.

I guess he's furious about what had happened yesterday night after he insisted on taking me home and I refused.

I was only trying to avoid the wrath of Richard who never really liked his own cousin. Who does Richard likes anyway??. No one, I guess.

If Richard was to see him with me, I guess he'll start reminding me about how I'm breaking another part of the contract.

Only God knows how many rules that contract contains. I didn't get to read it because it was more than 50 pages, I didn't have the time.

Going into Michael's office with courage, I knocked on his door.

"Come in" I entered and placed the book on his desk.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, I didn't mean to be rude. I'm really sorry" I apologized

"Sorry??, About what?"

"About me not allowing you to take me home" I expl

t's nice meeting you"

"It's a pleasure meeting you too sir, I've looked forward to this moment all my life sir"

"Remove the sir and placed call me Dan. I'll feel younger that way"

"Ok Dan" I smiled as we watch him walk away after he was called to the stage and we had to go find our seats too.

"Your father looks young though, he really took care of himself"

"He had me when he was 18 and now he's just 42 years old"

"Meaning you're only 24 years old" I said

"Are you older than me"

"Call me big sis from now on" I ordered before turning to face the stage ignoring his laughter that had erupted through the whole room.

The concert was already at his peak and I was totally enjoying myself when I got a message from the devil himself. It says

*I'm behind you, don't turn and if you do, don't you dare acknowledge me. We're total strangers here*

Deciding to be a witch this once, I turned back and I saw a lady holding his hand like a five year old holding her toy.

"Hey Richard, I didn't know you'll be here. Call later darling, I miss you" I smirked as I saw the look on his face. Facing the concert back, I was happy knowing fully well I just gave him a taste of his own medicine.

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