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   Chapter 12 Fight

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Barging into my mom's office without knocking or giving her a prior notice about my arrival at her office, I charged towards the man standing in front of her holding a book and pen taking down the instructions she was giving, I proceed to drag him by the hand and throw him out of the office before facing Tiffany who had both surprise written all on her face.

"Hey Tiffany, you always want to see my face right?, so here I am for you"

"What's the meaning of all these, Richard?, I didn't bring you up so you'll turn out to be this rude' the surprise look on her face had changed into anger.

"I'll keep correcting you till you decide to accept the fact that it was my father you brought up not me. Get that fact, Tiffany" I corrected her as firm as I could

"I did all that for you, Richard. That is the reason why you're the only heir to the throne; I think I deserve some accolades for always being there to clean up the mess made by your father"

"But you never deserved any accolade when it's about me, the fact still stand that you were a wife and not a mother" Growing up, I longed for my mother's affection and love but in return I got nothing and now that I don't even need her, she's trying to take up the mommy's role.

She sighed in defeat before looking at me "What are you doing in my office? To what reason do I owe this unpleasant visit" she asked

"I'm here to tell you to stop being the mother hen you never were, you were not even there when I needed you and now you feel you can just come back and get involved, over my dead body, Tiffany. I won't accept it"

"What are you even talking about?"

"Don't pay dumb with me, you understand me totally. You met up with Vanessa w

properly. She had scattered them all over the dining table out of anger.

"Why are you doing this, Richard? I know you hate me but this is getting too much. Nine to twelve months from now I'll be out of your life forever and I won't even have the chance to be a mother for my child after that. Where do you think I'll turn to?, all I'm doing Is trying to fix the future from now, a way to get away from everything after all this is over, is that too much to ask?" she asked through tears

To say I was moved is an understatement, I was touched and I realized how unfair I was. I'm taking twelve months away from her and all I can do is let her do things her own way instead of forcing her.

I moved close to her and lifted her chin up "I totally understand you and I'm sorry if I've been too harsh on you. You can continue with the work but if it gets too stressful you have to stop, promise me you'll do just that? And also promise me you'll give me the full details about this place so I'll do my own investigation, promise me?' she nodded in response and I pulled her into a hug.


You see!, his majesty is not all that bad

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