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   Chapter 11 Friends

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Vanessa's POV

"Congratulations Mr Amaan, it's positive" the doctor congratulated Richard and I was forced to smile. Truthfully I was hoping it was negative, I can't imagine myself carrying this man's baby in my womb for nine months.

Leaving the doctor's office with a smile coming from Richard and that was the first time I'll see me and an angry, confused and sad look coming

We got into his car and he brought out his cheque book. After writing whatever gibberish on it, he stretched it to me and when I checked it, it was a whopping one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

He actually did as he said. The fact that we're both acting civil towards each other was a surprise to me.

After dropping me off at the bank to deposit the money, I quickly transferred some if the money to my mom's account and switched off my phone so I would be able to escape her interrogation session.

I went job hunting and even though I knew I was going against the agreement, I just can't let someone control my life for me.

Having walked for more than an hour, I finally saw a vacancy board right outside a restaurant. The restaurant needed a cashier and I think I can do this before the pregnancy starts showing at least for three months.

While praying to God to let them not recognize me, I entered into the restaurant and approached the first person I saw. His back was turned to me so I had to tap him to gain his attention. When he turned, my jaw dropped, he's drop dead g

u were introduced to the whole of the Arab Emirates that you were the future queen"

"Future queen my foot" I grumbled

"You don't want to be the queen, most girls will die to be in your position right now"

"What's so special about being the queen?, Most girls would have died if they're in my position right now" I started making notes on the book and started sorting it out too.

"Are you from the Arab Emirates?" I asked based on the fact that he said he was there at the party.

"Partially, my mom is from there but my Dad is an American and the queen is my mom's elder sister" he explained

"Thank goodness I didn't say anything bad about the queen. Wait a moment, that means you and Richard are somehow related" he nodded before he started walking off to the room attached to the back of the restaurant..

"The workers will soon be here and you'll get to meet all of them" I smiled and when he smiled back, I almost fainted.

"I think we'll make really great friends" he said before disappearing to the back of the restaurant.

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