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   Chapter 10 Nightmare

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Richard's POV

I had gone to the club to see a friend on the Friday night, the club was really lit and I could say my friend did himself real good, the lights were amazing. After finding a spot to seat and wait for my friend, I saw two girls walking into the club and one of them.looked like Vanessa. It can't be here, she's not the club type.

I was about leaving the club after one if his workers informed me that he'll not be coming today and having enjoyed the scenes that unfolded before me during the last few minutes when I realized that the girl.looked a lot like Vanessa, especially the Vanessa that went with me to the party. Not Vanessa the secretary

I brought out my phone from my pocket and decided to call her just to confirm if it was her or not.

She brought out her phone from her purse immediately it started ringing at my own side of the line and that was what confirmed my suspicion.

Angrily I walked up to her and dragged her away from the man that was getting too close to her.

"Hey Richard, what's up?" Wait!, What!, Did she just say that. Is she drunk or what?

"Vanessa, what are you doing here?, I thought you are not the club type" I had to talk real loud so she'll hear me clearly as the music was too loud.

"Yeah, you know girls who go clubbing usually paste it on their foreheads that they're club girls" She removed my hand from hers and started walking towards the guy again

"Vanessa, stop. It's obvious you're a little drunk. It's unhealthy for both you and the child" I advised

"Sorry, what child?. The last time I checked, I wasn't pregnant. Today is the last

y shoulder like a bag of rice to my car.

I locked the door immediately I entered the car and I started driving towards her apartment.

The journey was silent but I could feel the daggers her eyes were sending to me. When i turned to look at her, she had a murderous look on her face.

If only looks could kill, Vanessa would have murdered me by now.

"Do you want me to get you a new apartment?, Something better than this" I asked

"Did I ask you too?. Stop behaving as if you're the richest thing on Earth" o Said emphasizing on the word thing so he'll know how it felt like to be called a thing

"We'll talk about what happened between you and my mom later. But for now, I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight" She was about opening the door when I called her to remind her of one important rule that she mustn't forget.

"Remember, you're not allowed to work until after you give birth"

"In your wildest dreams, Boss" she closed the door so hard that it could remove from the car and I was left to wonder if the *boss she's always calling me was nothing but a mockery.

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