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   Chapter 8 Decision

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I stood up from my bed grudgingly and looked into the mirror as I took in my weird morning appearance.

Face look swollen, hair all over the place and the worst part if it, I looked like someone who was going to faint any moment from then.

I hesitated a little bit when I heard the doorbell ring, I picked up a baseball bat behind the door.

I mean who picks up a bat before opening the door, well that's me.

My violent action is due to the fact that those nosy paparazzi won't try their very best to mind their business. After I've ended up getting myself into the biggest mistake of my life by accepting to be my boss date to his family dinner last week, I think the whole of America and the Arab are now after my life.

After I accepted to be his surrogate, we had gone to a private clinic, according to him, to get the procedure done.

The doctor had insisted on opening my legs to insert the stuff, I won't say it. Not like I'm the Virgin type, but please I felt my privacy had just been invaded.

Another whole drama started as Richard refused to leave because he wanted to see the whole procedure being done, all I could do was scream and beg my pride off till he agreed and excused us.

I was about having breakfast the next day after the procedure when I heard my doorbell ring, I opened the door to cameras and reporters.

Making me wonder about how they got to know about the whole thing or even about my address. I Closed the door out of anger and three days anf a week later, I'm in front of my door with a bat and to make my reason more clear, I haven't moved an inch out of my door since because I have paparazzi phobia even though Richard told me that

s not like I'm judging you or anything but this is the most difficult decision in the world. But I'll always be here for you no matter what. Just be safe" she advised and hugged me.

"So, the main reason why I'm here is to take you clubbing because it's Friday. It's the groovy night babe"

I smiled at that and went on to my wardrobe to fish out a gorgeous black dress with fake gemstones all over them.

After Dae had finished our makeup, we called a cab to stay close to the house so I'll be able to avoid the paparazzi drama this evening.

All through the ride to the club after a safe exit from the house, we were just singing along to almodt all of Major Lazer songs because they were Dae's favourite.

I fixed up my dancing heels immediately we hitted the club, facing a guy, I started dancing with him and I was having fun knowing tonight was going to be the last day of my freedom.

I was so engrossed in the dance that I didn't get to see the person that stood beside me ready to punch the guy off my back until he grabbed my hand and turned me to face him.

Oh No, why him of all people.

"Hey Richard, what's up??

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