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   Chapter 4 Surprise

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? They tell me everybody's fifty minutes in a different time zone.

And since I had it at the moment, you're the ine I wanna shine my light one

?I like you girl in particular?

Dae kept on singing on and on to the music playing on her phone while the events of yesterday kept on playing in my head. It's just morning and my boss will be here anytime soon. I just want to fade away and never come back

"Can you just shut up for five minutes and let the major Lazer music rest?" I screamed at her.

"You can't pass your life aggression on me just because things are not working out fine" she replied while she switched off the music

"You're my best friend, you should share in my sorrow and pain" I feigned crying and expected her to come and console me but no, the girl kept glaring at me as if I just wished her grandparents dead.

"What stupid sorrow are you even talking about?, just because your boss ask you to be his girlfriend for a night, Just a night, you're here wallowing in pain"

"Point of correction, he forced me to be his date. Do you even have an idea what will happen to me if I refuse?" I asked

"Then don't, don't refuse and just go with the deal. At least you'll still have your job after everything is over and it's just for a night not for a decade"

"Why are you so mean, dea?" I started another fake crying fest which earned me a hit at the back.

"What?" I shouted at her.

"Your phone is ringing" I looked down at the phone to see it was my mom. I was about cutting off the call when I felt Dae's hot stare at the back of my neck, so I decided to talk to her this time and not ignore her.

"Hey mom, how are you doing?, it's been a long time and I've missed you so much"

"Will you just shut up and tell us when you're coming home?" We are both not nice and I know it.

"I don't think I'll be coming till Christmas, it's kind of hectic here you know"

"I'm so tired of your rubbish and nonsense, just come home by yourself before we make you" She warned and I know better than anything that her threat are not just empty ones.

I looked up at Dae who just gave me the weird look after I dropped the call.

"Home is where your heart is, babe. Your parents misses you and they want to see you" she said

"I will try and go before Christmas that's if this whole issue is out of my neck"

"You know one thing about you that just amazes me" she came closer to me.

"What?" I'm always curious to find out what other think about me. Not like I'm self conscious or I like to impress people with my public figure but the fact that I like the fact that I'm just curious.

"You were a widow in your first life. With no kids and family, you lived alone in a hut till you die. I think you were widowed at the age of nineteen, that's why your life is like this in this new life" I slapped her hand away from my shoulder as I glared at her.

"What are you now?, A psychic. I need you to help me solve the issue on ground, not behave like an asylum patient" I said

"Okay, so Let me give you a little bit of advise from this mommy here. Stand up, pick up your tiny behind, go into that bedroom, find some really nice cloth to wear and step out of that door because we're going now to get you a sexy, killing dress" She stood up and started getting ready by picking up her purse and her car keys while I sat there looking as if I heard magic speaking gibberish.

"Don't let me say it twice, it won't be funny the second time" She declared and I was so unhappy that she made that decision.

After spending hours and minutes on deciding which dress to wear and what makeup to use, we finally arrived home exhausted and tired. Dae never give up on anything unless she gets the best out of it.

I literally dropped my self on thr couch and sprawked out my legs ready to get a nap when I heard my phone ringing

Can this person just call again?

I groaned inwardly before picking it up.

"Hi" I greeted

"This is Richard"

"Okay, what can I do for you and who do you wish to speak with?" I asked as I popped another gum into my mouth.

"Guess you've not been doing your assignments well, Secretary, This is your boss" What!!

"I'm so sorry sir, I didn't…"

"I'll pick you up by 7pm, be ready" he cut me off and dropped the call. I looked at the time on my watch and realized I had just thirty minutes to get ready.

"Dae, he'll be here in thirty minutes, I need to get ready. I'm doomed. Help me out" I screamed and dragged Dae from the bed to help me get ready. After taking a quick shower, Dae helped me get into my dress, a pretty one I must confess, and helped me with my makeup.

"Wow!, you look stunning" Dae declared and gave me a peck.

"Thanks friend" The door bell rang and I had to quickly open my door to reveal my boss staring at me like I just dropped down from one of the other planets.

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