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   Chapter 3 His Majesty's decision

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Richard's POV

"You know that will never be possible, Tiffany. Not while I'm still alive will I marry a girl that is yours or any other person's choice. Trust me on that, woman"

I've never been in a relationship, not after what happened to one of my friends in school that made me hate the word love so much. If I end up being a relationship today, it won't be a love affair, it'll all be about business and money.

After graduating from Imperial university in Mexico with a degree in Business admistration and top of my class too, I came back to London to develop my own business while moving away from the family's web. Being a descendent of the Amaan"s has a lot of strings attached and if you don't get yourself out of their web soon, you'll end up dying in it.

My life was arranged for me since I was a kid, following their ambitions and dreams for me, but after graduating college, I broke off every contact I had with them.

Now, they think they can get me married like every other rich parent do, they're playing with fire.

"You need to listen for once, Richard" she scolded me.

"All I've done my whole life is listen, I never argued with anything you guys said till college. Now all I'm asking for is to rule my life after college and make my own decisions for myself. Stop getting involved in my life" I argued

"You only listened at that time because of the benefits you were receiving from us, like your school fees, cars, houses and so on, but now that the benefits are not there anymore. Can't you do this for your parent even with no strings attached?, is that too much for us to ask as a parent?"

"Yes" I declared. "Yes, it is too much to ask. I'm not getting married to any person on this earth except for the person I choose myself. What are we even talking about here?, father is not yet dead, he'll still rule for more than 10 years. Let him continue his reign while I continue my life" I said picking up the letter and stuffed it in my chest pocket..

"That was your grandfather's wish, Richard. You can't just go against his last wish like that. You know it meant a lot to him" she warned

"Like a wise man once said, not all last wishes are granted. Have a nice day Tiffany"

I was about opening the door when she stopped me.

"Wait, I'm not supposed to tell you this. But as your mother, I will. There actually another condition to the one on ground" I stopped her

"I don't want to hear of it" I said

"I don't care but it says if you were already in a relationship, a serious one at that. The other condition will not be valid" I only nodded and walked out of the office with an angry scorn.

I groaned loudly immediately I entered into my car, I can't even imagine the pressure that will start coming from my family now. Both conditions are horrible and I have nothing better to do than yield to one of them


As I brainstorm for options. The only prayer at the back of my mind, is for God to preserve the life of my father.

He can't die now, not yet.

I picked up my phone and called the most useless person in my life right now, maybe he'll be a little useful.

"Hey bro, what's up. Did anything unusual happen" he said immediately he picked the call.

"Why did u ask?"

"You don't call unless there's something" I could here him talking to someone in the background

"Is that a girl?" I asked while laughing

"Yes. It's not supposed to be a guy unless I'm gay, then we can talk about me being with a guy" he replied while talking the person to buzz off.

"Stop living like this, you'll die someday."

"Thanks for the advise Father, but I think you need it more. Loosen up a bit and get involved" he advised

"Whatever sails your boat, Jamal. I need your help"

"Hit me. I'm listening" he replied

"Tiffany called me and I went to see her, so she said my grandfather left a will for me. To marry a girl from our rival family or I lose the throne to the same rival family. And the conditions will remain valid as long as I'm not in a serious relationship" the other end of the line was silent for a while before he finally talked.

"That's a little absurd. But it has a solution. I know you don't have a girlfriend currently, but you can find someone and make it seem real to them. Just hire the girl, pay her and let her do the acting. The following morning, everybody is back to normal without anyone troubling another"

"It's easier said than done. How am I supposed to find a girl that'll be ready to do that" I complained bitterly.

"I'm giving you this advise because I've done it myself. My mom was complaining bitterly about me not getting serious or thinking about settling down. So I sat down, strategized the whole plan and took this girl to see them. Since then, we all have been living fine. Just find a simple girl whose life is not surrounded with too much dramas and let her help you with it" he explained

"Yeah, especially with the family dinner coming up the day after tommorow, I really need to get it done and fast.

"Do you have any idea who I could offer this to?" He was silent for a while and he was thinking if the person to use.

"What about your secretary?" He suggested

"No way, she's way too simple for me. I don't even know the girl's name. She's not even my type so don't let us go there"

"Her name's Vanessa and I've been trying to get close to that girl but she's made it impossible. Thar means she's without drama and I want you to know she's the right girl for this job. SO just cool down and do your thing for just one night. It doesn't matter if she's your type or not. Just go for it" he Said

"It's not possible because I fired her this morning"

"Then call her back bro, she's the only way out here".

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