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   Chapter 2 Agreement

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"Girlfriend, what's next on our bucket list?" I'm seated in the restaurant directly opposite my office and all the while I've been staring at the skyscraper that is too weird to go back into.

Dae, my best friend of three years was sitting next to me holding her tablet while ticking off the goals we've managed to attain these past few weeks.

We started the bucket list two months back to celebrate her pre birthday session. We have to complete all the goals before it's her birthday or on her birthday.

We kicked it off by getting arrested, yes you read right, we spent two days behind the bars before Dae's sister came to bail us out. We had entered a restricted building in our area just to watch the sun set.

Even though we ended up getting arrested, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

The following week, we went for skinny dipping and that Also was awesome. Girls gonna live, right?. The next one was to drive around town for 24 hours without stopping and we did with a trip bus that we borrowed from one of her boyfriends.

Dae is a total opposite of me. Though, we've both had our fair share of boyfriends but hers is an extreme. She's the extrovert who loves night club like her children, she never stays with a guy for two weeks. She's gorgeous, she'd gotten many offers from upcoming model agency to climb that ladder of success together but girl sticked up with being an accountant while I got a job as a secretary to a dimwit.

Life is fair only if you get to appreciate what you've got.

"Y'all should stop staring as if you've seen beasts with two horns. Where the hell do you come from?, a gutter with ugly ducklings where beautiful girls don't exist" Dae's screams drew my attention back to her.

I dragged her back to her sit as she was standing and about hitting one of those High school boys.

"Calm down, what's going on?. They're just kids. What happened?" She yanked my hand off hers as she adjusted her skirt and sat down.

"I should be asking you what happened, you sat there for minutes just staring at nothing"

"I asked first" I said raising my eyebrows

"They were staring at us and I don't appreciate that"

"Let them stare, we don't care. It's their eyes and it's not like they came here to borrow yours. In case you need to know, I got fired at work today" I told her and I was bothered with her unsurprised look.

"Is it your boss that fired you or the office administration?" She asked

"My boss" I replied while I feel the tears building up already

"He'll call you back" she assured me

"How can you be so sure?. It's not like you know him personally or something. Maybe this once you should be realistic" I told her

"Baby girl, it is you who should be realistic here. I've been working in that building two years before you came in and that guy I mean your boss only had two secretaries. The first one and you" I turned my face to her to be able to catch up properly with what she was saying.

"The first one was fired more than 12 times, he kept on calling her back every time he fired her and she had to quit when she got a better offer with the quillx. Don't be discouraged babe. He'll call you back. Trust me on this one" She assured me

"What if I really went wrong?, I really need this job. It's all

I've got. I don't know what to do anymore. All I did was go into his office and ask if anything was wrong" I complained

"I assure you this, you'll be fine. Trust me" I was about taking again when my phone started ringing.


"Hi, this is Vanessa Decruz, how can I help you?"

"This is your boss. If you still cherish your work. Let me see you in my office in the next twenty five minutes" With that he dropped the call and before my brains could process what happened, my legs already carried me.

I didn't bother saying a word to Dae, before dashing out of the restaurant and going into my office to face the clown I call a boss.

I was in the elevator when I got a message from Dae.

"Your reason for leaving me here should be tangible or else I'm gonna kill you. Trust me on that one. Xoxo.

I decided to give her a quick reply before the elevator gets to my floor.

"I'm so sorry, I got a call from my boss. I promise to make it up with you. ??

The elevator made the sound to notify that I was at my floor. I quickly got out and ran towards his door before waiting to catch my breath and compose myself before going inside.

"Sir, you called for me" I made sure I knocked before going inside because I won't want a repeat of what happened to me this morning.

"Yes, I did. Have a seat" I quickly placed my flat ass on the chair opposite him. "As a boss to a employee, if I ask you for something, will you do it?" He asked looking straight at me and I couldn't help but wonder what the help was. It can't be something bad, I think I should give it a try since it involves the boss to an employee

"Okay sir, I'll do just anything for my boss" He smiled and brought out a document and asked me to sign on it. As stupid as I was, I did. I signed the goddamn document without thinking twice or trying to read it through.

"Okay, so what you just signed is actually limited. It's just for tomorrow evening. My family is hosting a party, a medium sized event. Nothing that big though and you just agree to go with me as my girlfriend" what!!

"Sir, that's is not possible. I'm not even your girlfriend. Just tell me you're joking sir" he smiled weakly while pointing down at the document that I just signed.

"That's the only thing you can do to keep your job. Miss employee" it was obvious the prick doesn't even know my name. I've been working with him for over a year and still..

"What if I say no?" I asked

"You'll lose your job, I'll Sue you to court and you'll have to pay me for breach of contract and you'll also pay with your image, I mean your reputation"

"This is pure blackmail" I said out loud

"That's all for today, use the door please" He instructed

"You're walking me out of your office after you blackmailed me into signing a stupid contract with you"

"Am I supposed to get you an entourage or a princess carriage for you to leave my office?" I almost lost my insanity as I carried my tiny legs and walked out of the office with the little pride left with me.

I got out of the office and slumped against my desk. I took out my phone from my jacket pocket and called my girl.

"Hello Dae, what did you say was our final on the bucket list"

"Do something crazy, something almost impossible"

I think I just got myself signed in for the most craziest thing ever.

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