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   Chapter 14 I'm A Barbie Girl In The Barbie World

I Like Your Shoes By Sivani Yasashree Characters: 9063

Updated: 2019-03-16 09:48

[Ambrosia Bellemore]

"Ambrosia! Please wake up, you'll be late for work." A surprisingly gentle voice coos at me.

Huh? Did my alarm have a change of heart?

"Aw, mom. Let me sleep for a while." I groan, pressing the pillow closer.

I hear a small gasp from behind me.

"Did you hear what she just called me?" Freida gasps. I turn my head to face her, squinting against the light to see utmost joy etched on her face.

"I did. This must be a proud moment for you." Her boyfriend, Jeremy says, patting her back and pretending to wipe his own eyes.

"I thought I'd never see this day, " Freida cries. "To see our adopted child finally warming up to us!"


"You can call me mommy, sweetie."

"And I'm daddy." Jeremy says, pointing at himself.

"And I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world." I grumble.

"Aww, she's so adorable!" Freida gasps, clapping her hands and jumping for good measure.

"Are you for real?" I grumble under my breath, throwing a pillow in their general direction.

"Okay, baby girl. You have to get to your office in...two hours. Wakey-wakey now." Freida informs me and they walk out of the room.

I sit up slowly, and then fall face first on my pillow again. With some difficulty and lots of will power, I finally manage to haul myself out of my bed. I look around my room, the violet walls were bare, but I'd made sure that my band posters and some photographs of Mr Cadwallader decorated it. The small wooden desk had my laptop and notepads strewn over it. My bag, which I'd been unpacking yesterday, was on the floor, open. I sigh and crawl into the bathroom.

I swear on River Styx that I'm not this lazy every morning. It's just all the shopping Freida made me do by dragging me into the mall yesterday and insisting on trying on every piece of clothing that crossed her eye.

I think I ripped off half of my hair by the third shop.

I hear the phone ringing urgently back in the room while I was brushing. Rinsing my face, I rush to pick it up, just to fling it back on the bed a few seconds later.

Sometimes, I wonder if she has the oesophagus of a full grown T-rex.

"..hello? Am? Ambrosia?" My best friend was mumbling when I picked it back up and pressed it to my good ear.

"Bloody hell, Caecelia! My ear almost fell off." I complain, massaging the ear which was ringing.

"Sorry, not sorry."

"What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Okay, now where do I start?"

"Start from the beginning, and go on till the end, and then stop." I declare.

"Did you just quote 'Alice in Wonderland' to me?" Caecelia asks incredulously.

"Huh. Start talking."

Let me cut off from our conversation and tell you what I expected her to sa

tical to ours. It was one of those neighbourhoods, where every house was identical to the one next to it.

Getting into my Prius, which had arrived yesterday, I drive in the direction of the office. According to Freida, it will take me twenty minutes, give or take, to reach the Achorn House here in New York, while it took me ten minutes to get there back home.

It took me forty minutes.

Sighing, I get out of the car and stomp into the office, not realising that I had no idea where to go. So I stomp over to where the receptionist was sitting.

"Um, hi. I'm Ambrosia Bellemore, Calum Achorn's new assistant. Can you tell me where I'm supposed to go?" I force a smile at the end too. Some progress.

"You're supposed to go to..." She trails off, reading her notes. "Floor 15. Take the elevator." She adds, eyeing me from head to toe.

Did she imply that I couldn't handle the stairs?

I'll show her.

I nod at her and walk in the direction of the stairs, making sure that she's paying attention and stomp angrily on the steps.

On the first floor, out of her eyesight, I take the elevator. Pressing the button, I stand straighter and take ten calming, short breaths. A soft melody rings through the elevator speakers as it moves up, and my heels tap against the steel floor along with the rhythm.

As the elevator doors open, I jump out look around me. I hold back my gasp, but my eyes rake over my surroundings greedily.

The entire office is made of glass. The view is so beautiful, I'm sure they stole it from the blue prints of Mount Olympus.

Holy flying Phalangers.

This is too much beauty, I'll probably get indigestion.

"About time." Someone comments from behind and I turn around so fast, I'm sure I got whiplash.

Holy Tasmanian wolf.

The lapiz lazulis.


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