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   Chapter 11 Truth, Sharpie, and a Timer

I Like Your Shoes By Sivani Yasashree Characters: 5538

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[A few hours before landing, Calum Achorn]

"What is the first thing that you'll do when you land in New York?"

"You mean, apart from kissing the ground and yelling 'Bless the Lord'?

"Yes, Ambrosia." I say with a chuckle.

"Probably look for my friend who is also going to be my new roommate and then drive to my new apartment in a yellow cab and buy a huge cup of coffee on the way. You?"

"Drive straight to my office." I almost sigh at the thought.

"Oh." The silence settles awkwardly between us.

"You like your work, Benjamin?" She asks tentatively.

"Well, yes. I knew I'd do it all along. This was the job for me. But sometimes.."

"You can tell me."

I can't.

"I know. Sometimes, it feels like I'm not doing what I'm supposed to, you know, even though I am. It feels incomplete, somehow, like something's missing. You must think I'm crazy."

"It's not easy to speak about how you're feeling sometimes, I understand."

"Y-you do?" She didn't seem like a person who could.

"Well, yeah. Sometimes your actions speak even though you don't..."

"That makes sense."

Maybe she did understand..

" when I'm sad and lonely, I order a lot of pizza and eat tubs of ice cream."

No, she didn't.

"That speaks...volumes." I manage.

"Exactly. So whatever it is that you're missing, it's probably waiting for you on the other side of the door. You just have to keep knocking. Or just break it, if that's easier."

I give her a smile. The genuine kind.

"You used to be so different, Benjamin. So angry, so agitated all the time. Now you're calm and cool, like you're Buddha or something." She says, avoiding my

lly are something, aren't they?" She says, and our eyes fall on her footwear.


"I got it from Amazon."

"You've been into the rain forest?"

She gives me a look that said 'where were you all this time? Under a rock?'

"It's a website where we can order things online and they arrive at our doorstep."

"Oh, you mean, grocery shopping for the lazy?"

"That's one way to put it." She shrugs.

We sit in comfortable silence once again.

"This is where you ask for my number, Benjamin." She laughs and looks out of her window. It's six a.m and our plane was supposed to land in New York around seven thirty.

"Ambrosia, can I get your number?" I blurt out without my permission, and she grins.

"That felt like a buisness deal, but that's okay."

I look at her expectantly. But instead of giving me her card like she was supposed to, she opened up her small bag, took out a marker, asked me for my arm, and scribbled the numbers on my skin.

"Don't look so horrified. It's washable." She assures me. I give her a small smile.

One hour fifteen minutes left.


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