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   Chapter 6 Benjamin Earlswood

I Like Your Shoes By Sivani Yasashree Characters: 5938

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[Ambrosia Bellemore, Sixteen Years Old]

"Hey, Ambrosia."

"Hey, Benjamin." I say, looking down at my shoes as the boy I'd had a major crush on since third grade leans against my locker. I play with a strand of my messy hair; an online forum had said that it was cute.

"You got any plans on Saturday?"

"I don't know. I'll probably just watch a show or something." I say in my squeaky, girly voice. I hated that voice.

"Oh, okay. Want to join me for a movie with my friends?" He says, his bright green eyes twinkling.

All my favorite shows can wait if I get to see those eyes again.

"Like a date?"

"I guess so. All my other friends are bringing their girlfriends." He says.

"With me?" I ask, still dazed.

"Of course! I'd love it if you come."


"Okay, Am! Meet me at seven at the parking lot. I'll see you there after my game."

He just called me Am. I almost choke with happiness.

I remember putting on my best outfit, a turquoise shirt and my best pair of jeans. I remember my mother warning me to be home before eleven. She was a happy woman then, and my father still lived with us. I remember Neave driving me to the school parking lot, giving me pointers to make a cute guy fall head over heels for me. I remember being a bundle of nerves as I walked out of the car searching for Benjamin.

I also remember the note stuck to his car, directing me to meet him at the gym. I remember being confused, but then being happy when Neave suggested he could be planning a surprise for me. I remember walking into the dark gym and the lights turning on and the huge bucket of pink paint tumbling down on me.

I remember looking around in confusion, as my whole class, including Benjamin, started shaking with uncontrollable laughter.


rom High School? We were friends until you ditched me for Natalia bitch McCoy?" If he turned out to be someone else, I'd be in for a lot of humiliation.

A look of understanding finally crossed his features, and I gave an inward sigh.

"Benjamin? Yeah, I'm Benjamin." He tells himself, like he'd just found out something revolutionary.

Okay, that wasn't exactly the reply I'd anticipated.

"So, how have you been?" I try again.

He snaps his gaze back to mine, and I try to breathe.

Wow, those eyes.

Someone, they'd become even more beautiful since I'd last seen them. Even brighter, and softer.

"I'm good." He says simply.

And he'd also turned into a taciturn, sour faced man. Not that it's much different from how he used to be. He was proud, and mighty, and a bully.

I hoped he wasn't the same guy he used to be, because that would make this twenty four hour flight a very long one.

And I don't know why, but some instinctual voice told me to give him one more chance, to see if Benjamin Earlswood, with the brighter eyes and the beautiful face, had indeed changed for the better. Because he looked too good to hold a grudge on.

Bad decision.


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