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   Chapter 5 Dizzy And Stormy

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[Ambrosia Bellemore]

I wake up to the shrill ring of Beyoncé pouring her heart out into to my oversensitive ears. Reminding myself to change my alarm tone the first chance I get, I allow myself another small nap. My head hurt like someone was hammering nails all over it.

"Ambrosia! Wake up! Your flight's in an hour!" I hear Neave shrieking from downstairs a few seconds later. I glance at my clock.

7:30 a.m.

"OHMYGODOHMYGOD!" I shriek and jump out of my bed, dash into my bathroom, squeeze out the toothpaste onto my brush and plunge it into my mouth. I don't even feel the dizziness that I knew was lurking for an opportunity to resurface.

Cecelia had thrown me a going-away party last night, and I think I took it too seriously. I had five cans of beer, and some sparkling red stuff. And some of the clear ones. But never mind that now.

A few minutes later, I'm once again a clean and presentable woman, but with huge bags under my eyes. Taking a huge breath, I walk downstairs with my luggage, stumbling with every step.

Mr. Cadwallader starts barking when he catches sight of me and I go down on my knees to pet him. He gives me a gigantic lick and I laugh, rubbing his belly until he's on his back on the floor, howling.

"I'll miss you so much, my man." I purr, giving him a sloppy kiss on the forehead. He barks once, looking at me with his melted chocolate eyes. I feel my eyes water.

I get up before I could cry and slump on the dining table. Mr. Cadwallader places his head on my lap.

"Eat." Neave orders and I comply. The bacon and eggs are gone within seconds.

"Where's mom?" I ask, chugging on my OJ. The dizziness dulls for a while, but it still feels like a swarm of bees have made my brain their home.

"She had an emergency at the hospital. I'll be up an hour later. I stayed behind to say goodbye" She says, absentminded.

I nod. My mother and sister had been born to become doctors; it was almost evident in their dark eyes and hair. I was almost identical to my father. With the light blonde hair and pale blue eyes with swirls of grey and a generous body, I looked nothing like my hour glass bodied mother.

They caught the attention of the crowd the moment they made an appearance, I wouldn't catch the attention of the people even if I sang 'Staying alive' at the top of my voice.

And believe me, I've tried.

"Are you okay, Am?" My attention snaps back to her.

"Yeah, " I say sheepishly. "Just zoned out a little."

"Are you nervous about New York?"

"Maybe a little, yeah." I admit.

"But you've always dreamt of this! Imagine having a new life, a new beginning." She encourages.

"I know. It's overwhelming."

"Just go, Am. Live it all."

"I will, Nene. I'll miss you." I say, smiling genuinely.

"Me too. But we'll see each other soon. At my wedding." A small smile creeps up her lips.

"Why are you smiling all of a sudden?" I ask.

"Mom didn't want me to tell you, it was supposed to be a surprise."

Nothing my mother plans for me can never be a pleasant surprise.

"My lips are sealed."

"I'll be having my wedding in New York, Am! Mother gave us her permission!" She gushes all of a sudden. My nervousness turns into erratic fear. I know why she's doing this.

'No escape.' I can almost hear her sneering at me. And there goes my plan of calling in sick.

"Are you serious?" I ask.

"Oh my God, yes! Are you happy?"

"I'm delirious with joy!" I say in a pained voice, and she gives me a huge hug.

"Okay, I should be leaving now. I'll call you when I get there. Take care of Mr. Cadwallader. Bye!" I say hurriedly, pulling out of her embrace, and rush out of the door, not even bothering to turn around. I get in my car and drive the hell out of my old life.

I see Cecelia waving at me when I reach the airport.

"You're late." She barks.

"I know. It was the party last night."

"Warned you not to drink too much."

"Doesn't matter now. I can be dizzy when I'm on the plane."

"Okay, go! Call me when you get there!"

"Will do!" I say, giving her a brief hug before dashing inside.

And as I rush through the formalities, the words, 'Man, late flight, boyfriend, marriage, New York, Achorn, Mother, hangover, headache, love' all rattle inside my head.

[Calum Achorn]

I woke up to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata playing softly in the background.

I glance at the clock on my bedside table.

6:30 a.m.

"Shit." I curse and get out of my bed. My flight for New York was in two hours, and I didn't want to be late.

I brush my teeth in a matter of minutes, and take a shower

. When I come out its 6:40, so I stalk downstairs for my Saturday breakfast; bacon, with one side just slightly crispy, and eggs, not too runny. Runny eggs were reserved for Mondays. I glance towards the kitchen, And find no one there.

Trying to hide the evident anger in my voice, I call for my maid.


"Yes, Sir! Mr. Achorn! Is there a fire in the house, sir?" The obese woman I'd seen in my kitchen since I was two years old rushes into the hall.

"No, Mary. But I want my breakfast now. My flight's in two hours." I say curtly and start up my phone to check for any messages or emails.

There's a message from Timothy.

"I'll be over your house at seven." I glance up at the clock.

Five minutes past seven.

Another two minutes later, the bell rings, and Mary hurries up to open it and let him in. he walks in with two huge shopping bags as I eat my eggs.

"You're late."

"Shut up."

"You can't talk to your employer like that."

"Sorry, milord."

"Why are you here?"

"Calum, we have a situation." He said sheepishly.


"No." I say.

"I don't think you understand..." Timothy says.



"Timothy Green, I will not disguise myself for my flight to New York." I say, pacing the entire length of the room in two strides.

"But I couldn't get you first class tickets! If you just barge into the business class with your four bodyguards in tow, people will swarm around you and the plane will crash into the Statue of Liberty!"

"I won't put this vile stuff over my head."

"That's just hair gel!"

"I will not wear these eerie clothes!"

"Those are just jeans!"

"They are ripped! Who did you steal it from?"

"That's what people expect young people to wear!"

"I will not put on this necklace that reads 'S-W-A-G."

"You have to!"

"The people will make fun of me the moment they lay eyes on me."

"The people won't know it's you!"

"I'll be branded as a mad man; my pictures will be printed on the front page of every magazine."

"No one's going to know it's you!"

"I can't wear these ripped jeans and this horrendous 'Metal rocks' T-Shirt! This is ridiculous, Timothy!"

"We need to change your eye color too. And your hairstyle."

[A minute later]

"What have you done to my hair?" I say as he turns the chair, so I could look at the result.

"They call it spikes."

"You transformed my hair into thorns?"

"It looks good on you."

"I will throttle you if word spreads out about this."

"Trust me, I won't tell a soul."


[Calum Achorn]

I slip through the back door and order my bodyguards to follow me in another car. Luckily, none of my neighbors or my maid saw me sneaking out. Given my disguise, I didn't think they could even recognize me.

Timothy went back after he'd ensured that I wouldn't bail out from our agreement. I was tempted to put on my old, black suit after he was gone, but I knew that I'd be in deep trouble if I did. Paparazzi can be a pain sometimes.

The ride to the airport took about fifteen minutes. I still had ten minutes to spare when I boarded the plane. The people never even batted an eye at me, even though I could feel the eyes of my bodyguards boring into my back and I was sure they were snickering behind my back. I ignored them though; there was nothing I could do now. Nothing but endure.

There was no one on the seat next to me, so I was glad about the fact that I wouldn't have to make small talk with anyone.

My happiness was short-lived, however, because twenty minutes later, a woman with striking blue eyes rushed into the plane, threw away her bags, and plopped onto the seat next to mine. I sigh quietly, so much for peace.

When the flight takes off, she gives me a small sideways glance and then looks away.

"Hey, I'm Ambrosia Bellemore." She says, not even looking at me. She was the talkative type, obviously.


"Huh." She trails off, but when I don't respond, she sighs quietly and makes herself comfortable.

I spare her a glance, noticing her ordinary features. But when I look away, I notice her shoes. Bright, ruby heels.

Something about them tugs a string. A string somewhere deep inside me.

I look back at her face, and this time she meets my gaze. Her eyes were even brighter up close, and I noticed slight grey flecks bouncing off of the light. But suddenly, like a switch flipped on, her eyes turn doubtful. And it seemed like she was battling between two very hard options.

After a minute or so of just blatant staring, she finally opens her mouth.


What the Hell?

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