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   Chapter 40 Extra one-shot Big Brother is watching

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 10146

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Arcangelo had his arm draped over Rosalie's waist as she lay with her back to his chest both of them sleeping soundly at 7:30 a.m. in the morning. That is until their bedroom door burst open as their children came running in.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" Salvatore ran in, yelling.

"Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!" Serafina exclaimed in sync with her twin as they both jumped onto their sleeping parents, jolting them awake as they tried to get their bearings.

"What? What?" Arcangelo groaned his vision blurry with sleep as he tried to wake up. "What?" He asked, rubbing his eyes before looking at the two 10-year-old who were sitting at their feet, toothily grinning at their parents.

"Arsenio is coming home today!" They exclaimed together as Rosalie gave them a sleepy smile, Arcangelo exhaling before laying his head back on the pillow.

"He'll be arriving at 1 p.m. It's still 7 in the morning, go back to sleep." Arcangelo murmured as he pulled his wife closer to him.

"We can't go to sleep!" Serafina exclaimed. "Dad! Arsenio is coming home!"

"Yeah, dad!" Salvatore nodded.

"At least let us sleep, " Rosalie stated.

"Go on, shoo you two, " Arcangelo spoke as the twins looked at them for a moment before getting off the bed and making their way out. "And close the door."

Salvatore grabbed the door handle, about to bang it shut, as per his usual, when his mother's voice spoke up before he could.

"Softly, Salvatore, " She reminded with closed eyes, hearing the door click into place as the couple managed to get a few more hours of sleep.

The second time the kids came in, they let their dogs, Comet, and Twinkles, loose on their parents. The Border Collie's slobbering all over their faces as the couple groaned and tried to push them away but to no avail. It wasn't until Arcangelo's Doberman Pincher, Zeus, started barking at them, did the two pups stop and lay down on the beds.

"You little-"Arcangelo started to say, noticing the twins giggling as he threw off the covers and ran after them in nothing but his pajama bottoms. The twins rushed down the stairs as their father caught them at the second landing, pulling the two back and attacking their sides with tickles as the two laughed hysterically, writhing against their dad's hold.

Soon all four of them were dressed and waiting for Arsenio to come home.

Being 20, he had gone off to university two years ago and often came to visit on the holidays and every time he came home, the twins were jumping with excitement. Arsenio was studying aerodynamic engineering at MIT, aiming to become a pilot, and his parents couldn't have been any more proud of their oldest son than they already were.

Hearing the sound of the car pulling up, the twins and Arsenio's pitbull, Maddox, were all standing and ready to run. The sound of the car door opening had the twins run towards the door, throwing it open as they ran out into the snow, their parents yelling after them to stop.

Rushing to the door, the two couldn't help but chuckle at the sight befo

rritation, Serafina walked away from her brother and continued playing with the dogs. Turning towards his younger boy, Arsenio's heart ached to see the tears on his face.

"Hey, it's okay." He assured Salvatore while rubbing his back.

"She's right, " Salvatore sniffled, looking down at the snow. "I ruin everything."

"No, she's not right." Arsenio denied. "You don't ruin anything. So what if you have asthma? That's just one flaw, but you have a thousand strengths to make up for it."

"Like what?"

"Your smile always makes the room lively, your eyes are so bright that the sun would be jealous, and you have such an amazing personality. And, dad tells me you're joining the gymnastics team! That's awesome!"

A small smile made its way across Salvatore's lips as he nodded.

"Don't let Serafina's anger bring you down. She still loves you, but we both know she can be a little hot-headed."

Her twin laughed as he nodded, wiping away the tears, both of them went over to their sister and got the dogs, deciding to get lunch.

It was difficult finding a place which allowed dogs inside, but when they eventually found one, the three siblings sat down to eat and scarfed up their food like starved people. Once they all had their fill, Arsenio paid the bill as they went and walked around the streets, going to a park where children were playing as the twins ran off to the slides, leaving Arsenio to sit at a bench with the dogs. However, he stood up and went to one of the slides where Serafina sat a little frightened.

"I'm scared, Arsenio." She admitted from the top.

"Hey, don't worry." He called from the bottom. "Your big brother is always watching over you."

Swallowing, Serafina let herself go as she let out a shriek, giggling when Arsenio caught her at the bottom, chuckling along with her.

"There ya' go kiddo." He laughed and patted her back, watching her run off to another slide as he stood watching from the sidelines, chuckling every once in a while at his sibling's antics.

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