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   Chapter 39 Extra one-shot One to Three

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 8417

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The room was silent...and white.

The ceiling was tiled with circular lights fixated into the structure as there was the soft humming of a machine in the background. Suddenly a face came in front of the ceiling view. The person was a man in his late-twenties with raven black hair falling onto his forehead and sparkling blue eyes. His jaw covered in stubble as he was grinning widely, his eyes becoming moist at the sight. No soon did the man leans down; the face of a young boy came into view, his eyes just as blue as the man with his black hair a shaggy mess.

Straightening up, the sniffled and rubbed at his eyes.

"Arcangelo, " A soft alluring voice called from beside the man as a woman appeared beside him. She had light brown hair and sapphire blue eyes as she hugged the man, Arcangelo. "You get so emotional." She sniffled into his chest.

"How can I not?" He chuckled, continuing to wipe the tears. "I can't believe it!"

With a joyous laugh, he leaned down and firmly pressed his lips to his wife's. Pulling away, he rested his forehead against her as they both smiled at each other; tears streaming down their cheeks. Arcangelo kissed her forehead before pressing her head against his chest as she clutched his white button-up shirt.

"We did it." Rosalie murmured softly while looking to her right, tears gathering in her eyes again. "Our own little family, Arcangelo, "

"Our own little family, " He repeated after her, also looking the same direction.

"They're so small, " Arsenio spoke in awe, keeping his voice low, afraid to wake the sleeping babies. "They're my siblings, right?"

"Yes, Arsenio, " Arcangelo laughed, knowing the boy was just as shocked as them at their arrival. "They're you're little brother and sister."

"What are their names?" The boy asked again, peering into the cots once again.

"What should we name them?" Arcangelo repeated the inquiry to his wife as they both peered down and into the cots that lay there, in which two little newborn babies were tightly wrapped up and sleeping.

"Serafina, " Rosalie stated. "For the girl, "

"Serafina Regnante, " Arcangelo repeated with a smile. "She'll be a lot of trouble, just like her mom."

Rosalie chuckled at her husband's antics as they both looked down at the miracles bestowed upon them.

"How about Salvatore?" Arcangelo inquired while peering over his shoulder at his wife, noticing the soft smile on her face at the suggestion. "Salvatore Emilio Regnante."

"What do you say, Arsenio?" He call

on one side as the other was occupied by a sleeping Arsenio. Pulling the duvet over the two, she went to get change.

Once Arcangelo had lulled their boy to sleep, he too got changed and joined his wife, settling on the other side of the bed, the little twins and their elder brother sleeping between them.

"Good night, handsome, " Rosalie spoke quietly, leaning across to place a quick kiss on his lips.

"Good night, princess."

Turning towards the lamp, he turned it off as they got under the covers. The children sound asleep while feeling safe and protected in their parent's arms, knowing that they would catch them if they ever fell.

That was the thing about parents. They are always there no matter the circumstances, no matter what you do, no matter how hard it gets, or how big you are, they are always there. Like how you know the stars are there even in broad daylight, just like that, your parents will be by your side no matter what.

Arcangelo knew that nobody looked good in their darkest hour, but those hours made him who he is. But he also forgot that God can turn his darkest hours into his brightest ones.

Arcangelo's head ran with that thought as he watched his children sleep, appreciating everything that his parents did for him, for if they had altered the course of one decision, he might not have met Rosalie, the love of his life, and he wouldn't have had these three beautiful children to brighten up his life.

Sighing in content, he placed a kiss on his children's forehead, giving one to his wife as well as he lay down, and closed his eyes to fall into a calm and peaceful sleep. The entire world falling into place around him.

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