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   Chapter 37 Graduation

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The day was postcard perfect, even the buses were running on time. Downtown, the skyscrapers shone silver in the morning sun and the sky was an unbroken backdrop of blue. Commuters walked like shoals of fish in a myriad of directions, not one of them in winter garb. Spring had arrived in Tuscany and for once it wasn't with a deluge of rain.

Today was a very special day for Rosalie.

She hardly got any sleep just thinking about it all with the excitement bubbling inside her.

Sitting up in bed, she grinned while looking around the room.

Over the course of a couple of months, she had given up on finding a place for herself and opted to move in with Arcangelo--something which she was already doing when she came to this conclusion. Looking over her shoulder Rosalie stared at him sleeping. He lay on his back with the sheets pulled up to his waist, exposing his torso as he had an arm thrown over his eyes, his breathing smooth and rhythmic.

Biting her lip, she straddled his lap, ensuring not to wake him with her sudden movement before she brushed her lips against his stubble jaw and molding her lips to his. It took Arcangelo a couple more kisses to wake up and register the fact that Rosalie was above him.

With a soft groan, he removed his arm from his eyes and wrapped them around her waist, holding her in place before turning them over. The sudden movement had her gasp before she smirked at the dazed expression he had.

"I could get used to waking up like this." He spoke huskily as he kissed her passionately.

"Don't get too used to it, handsome." Rosalie grinned before pushing him off her, the sudden tackle having left him defenseless before she loomed over him with a devious smirk. "Get dressed, pretty boy. It's my graduation day."

Arcangelo soon found himself dressed in a full grey three-piece suit. Adorning his sunglasses, he set out to find his seat with Arsenio while Rosalie went to rejoice with the remainder of her graduating class.

There were only a handful of people that were present and seated and Arcangelo watched as more and more parents and families arrived and took their seats, all of them here for the special occasion of their children's or sibling's -- or in his case, his girlfriend's -- graduation.

It didn't take long for the Allegro's to join.

Davide was very accepting of Arcangelo and the mother just had one concern that he keep her baby girl safe and happy. The father, on the other hand, was a little more demanding, making Arcangelo go through a series of surprise tests and getting increasingly frustrated when he passed them all. Ultimately relenting when Rosalie stood to his defense; throwing a fit at her father's antics.

Not long after their greetings to each other, the graduating class was introduced, the dean giving a few wise words before calling the Valedictorian.

"Please welcome the Valedictorian of 2008's graduating class." He spoke with a proud smile. "Rosalie Allegro."

Instantly, a round of applause erupted through the crowd while Arcangelo's heart swelled with pride and love for his girlfriend.

"When I first sat down to write this speech, I was absolutely clueless about what to do." Rosalie started with a confession. "So, like any other struggling student, I Googled "valedictorian speeches" and came up with a list of the top 10 phrases NOT to use in a graduation speech. For example, one should NEVER mention that "We'll always look back on these days" or that "This isn't the end, it's a new beginning. And finally, the number one most commonly used statement in graduation speeches across the country, "We, are the leaders of tomorrow."

"It's funny though because although each of these statements ARE cliches, there is some truth to them. The fact is ... We WILL always look back on these days ..." Rosalie resumed with her graduation speech as everyone listened with wide smiles and glistening eyes.


n affair. "It's just so fucking hard coming to terms with it all."

"We'll take this one thing at a time, Vinnie." He stated softly, rubbing his back. "One thing at a time."


"Sorry, I'm late." Arcangelo apologized breathlessly and placed a quick kiss on Rosalie's lips before settling down in the spare seat between her and her brother.

"Where were you?" Rosalie asked with concern. "You didn't attend my calls, how is Claudia?"

"She's better now."

"That's good." She smiled in relief before they all opened their menus and decided what to order.

They ate their lavish meals with lighthearted chatter and reminiscing over the past along with laughing at absurd memories.

"Oh! Arcangelo" Donna suddenly exclaimed, gaining Arcangelo's attention. "Did you know when Rosalie was about 13, she had this whole box filled with little trinkets and items she wanted at her wedding."

"Mom!" Rosalie drawled in embarrassment, her face flushing.

"What? He has a right to know."

"You wouldn't have that box by any chance, would you?" Arcangelo inquired curiously as Rosalie glared at him, clearly not wanting him to know.

"No, I don't think we have that anymore, " Donna spoke rather disheartened.

"Well, that's alright." He chuckled lightheartedly, accidentally having dropped his napkin under the table. "We can make a box like that together, you know like a team." He continued as he got down to pick it up.

"Oh, my God." Davide suddenly exclaimed, staring at Arcangelo's seat in astonishment as everyone turned in concern.

Rosalie gasped as her eyes became moist with tears while she covered her mouth, her mother holding back her tears as a grin split across her face.

"Rosalie Lucia Allegro." He spoke clearly, kneeling on one knee as he stared at her with adoration reflected in his eyes, the entire restaurant turning to look at them with smiles. "Almost two years ago we made a list."

"A list of things we wanted out of the way before I propose to you." Arcangelo grinned as he took out the box from his inner pocket, a squeal escaping her. "Let me tell you a secret, I just ticked off the last item before coming."

A laugh tore through Rosalie as she tried to blink away the tears that continued to stream down her cheeks. Elevated joy bubbling in her chest as the laughter kept surfacing along with the tears. Her brother stared in astonishment, the mother wiping her tears as Bernardo held his wife's hand, both of them feeling honored to be able to witness their daughter's wedding proposal.

"Rosalie, princess? Please do me the honors of becoming mine forever."

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