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   Chapter 36 Item no 2

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 12441

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The air outside was glistening with snowflakes as the sun hadn't even made its appearance. The flakes fell gently against the light breeze, landing on the white blanket, accumulating one after the other as it all crunched beneath the guard's snow boots. All of them dressed in heavy coats and other protective clothing against the whether while they patrolled the grounds at six in the morning.

Arcangelo lay with his chest to Rosalie's back, both of them sleeping soundly as the duvet created a protective layer over them. It was all rather quiet until the alarm on Rosalie's phone started to ring.

The obnoxious sound had both of them jolt awake. Arcangelo blinked away the sleep, using one hand to rub at his eyes while the other lay beneath Rosalie's head as she stretched out her hand to turn off the alarm.

Generally, Rosalie would be out of bed and heading for a shower by now, and that was the very first sign Arcangelo got that she wasn't feeling like herself when she opted to remain in bed.

"What's the matter?" He asked her quietly, placing a kiss on her temple while soothingly rubbing her back as she hummed in silent appreciation of the gesture.

"Nothing, " She murmured in response, snuggling closer to the blanket. "I'm just cold."

A chuckle rumbled through Arcangelo as he wrapped her in his embrace, giving her a tight squeeze as she squealed in surprise before they laughed at their antics.

"Tell me when you feel warm enough."

It didn't take more than twelve seconds--Arcangelo counted--for her to pull away and complain about how much heat he radiated that her skin was practically melting off. He laughed as he let her jump out of the bed, stretching before gently rubbing at the gauze over her sternum.

He watched her walk to the washroom to shower before he also decided to get his day started, a small groan escaping him at the ache in his rib cage as he wondered how much longer until it was all healed.

Both of them got dressed for their day. Rosalie for her classes as he got dressed to intimidate and instill fear into his 'colleagues' before going to wake up Arsenio. The three of them had breakfast in the luxurious dining hall as they talked about mundane matters before Arcangelo dropped Arsenio to school and Rosalie to her university.

Giving her a peck on the cheek, he wished her a good day as she gave him a weak smile in response.

The second indicator of something being off.

Rosalie wore her headphones as she blasted her preferred music and making her way through the crowd and to her first class of the day.

Since her friends forced her to choose between Arcangelo and them, she didn't particularly have friends to hang out with. So, she spent a lot of time alone with her music, an action that reminded her of her time as a new student, a loner and detached, completely aloof.

As she settled in a seat in the front she put away her headphones and mobile before taking out her medicine and downing it with a gulp of water, noticing a guy come and sit down beside her.

"Hiya." He greeted with a dimpled smile as she offered a small one in response. "Rosalie, right?"

"Yeah. You're Santo, right?"

"Guilty as charged." He grinned as she chuckled at his response. "Hey, I noticed something."

Instantly Rosalie looked up at him with wide eyes that seemed almost panicked.

"You don't seem to be hanging out with your friends anymore."

"Oh." She deflated, realizing that it wasn't the gauze on her chest or the fact that her boyfriend was actually a Mafia boss, but just the little notice of the lack of companionship around her. "Yeah, well we had a falling out."

"May I ask what?"

"They forced me to choose between my boyfrien

herself to type it all up. Running a hand through her hair, she groaned in irritation over the fact that her mind just wasn't cooperating with her desire to get work done.

Giving up with a heavy breath, she closed her laptop before marching out the bedroom.

Stalking down the hall, she pushed open Arcangelo's office doors, finding him leaning back in his swivel chair with his feet perched on the table as he smoked a cigarette in peace.

"Why did my friends force me to choose?" She demanded in a hoarse voice as he sat straight looking at her in with a raised eyebrow while standing up and approaching her.

Arcangelo stared at her in surprise for a moment, before he tried to suppress a smile. Almost instantly Rosalie started to hit him as he laughed and fended her off.

"That's what's been bothering you?" He asked with a chuckle once he grabbed hold of both her hands, staring at the petulant expression she was giving him. "Why the people who weren't meant to stay in your life decided to walk out?"

"They promised..."

"Well, Vincent and I made a bunch of promises as well, you don't see us cozying up to each other now, do you?"

"No, but-"

"The people that leave your life are stupid for doing so, but you need to be smart enough to let them go because they are not worth it, " Arcangelo explained. "There is no growth without change. You need to let go of some old stuff, and that can hurt."

"Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn't have the time to sit around and talk about you. What should be important to you is your opinion about yourself and that's it."

A disgruntled sound escaped Rosalie as she gave up and rested her head on his chest, enjoying it as he rubbed her scalp.

"Please tell me some good news to make my day." She spoke softly, not entirely expecting anything.

"Well, in that case..." He trailed with a teasing tone as she looked up at him in confusion. "We can officially tick off the second item on our list."

"What?" Rosalie asked in astonishment, looking at him with gleaming eyes.

"The mafia is running as smoothly as ever and I have never felt more relieved about that in my life."

"Oh, my God."

"Yes." He chuckled, placing a kiss on her forehead and lingering there for a second longer. "Just a couple more things and then you'll be the future Mrs. Regnante."

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