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   Chapter 35 In sickness or in health

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The warmth of her surroundings was what awoke Rosalie; that and the horrid dryness of her throat. With a soft grunt, she blinked her eyes open, instantly recognizing the pungent smell of a hospital disinfectant before her vision had even cleared.

Staring at the tiled roof ceiling for a silent moment, she brought her hand up to her face, seeing I.V drips attached to the back of her palm before a face suddenly appeared before her. A pale and thin face loomed over her as the person shone a light into her eyes, the sudden brightness having her turn her head away as she swatted at the hand.

"Get away." She slurred before having a violent coughing fit.

Instantly, she was helped to sit up as a glass of water was handed to her. With heavy limbs and struggling movement, she shakily drank the water, gulping the contents down, she asked for more until she finally felt that her throat didn't feel like the Sahara desert.

"Pumpkin." She heard her mother's choked voice as she looked up, instantly being tackled in a hug by her mother and father.

"Hey..." Rosalie managed to say hoarsely, still regaining her voice as she felt her mother's tears on her shoulder.

"You scared us!" Donna exclaimed once she pulled away. "What the hell had you gotten yourself into?"

"It's a long story..." She managed to chuckle weakly while feeling the bandage around her crown. "How long have I been unconscious?"

"Two days." Her brother informed of his place in the chair. "You woke up once or twice, but you were too overwhelmed to stay up for more than a couple of seconds."

Rosalie had to wince, realizing how much worry she must have caused her parents, and on top of that, they had no idea about the truth.

"I'm so sorry guys-" She started to say before she was cut off.

"A Mafia boss?" Her father demanded harshly as she stared at him in momentary surprise. "Really, Rosalie?"

"For the love of-! Bernardo! The girl just woke up from major surgery; let her get her bearings at least." Her mother exclaimed in exasperation.

"Not an accountant or doctor or lawyer, a bloody Mafia Boss!"

"Hey, if it's worth something, he was an engineer." Rosalie shrugged, completely unperturbed by her father's outburst, feeling absolutely calm about the whole ordeal, something which came as a surprise to her as she snuggled back into the hospital bed.

"Don't give me that nonchalant attitude-!"

"-Where is he anyway?" Rosalie realized that she didn't see him around the room. Considering it to be Arcangelo, she had thought he would be the first face she would have seen after waking up. "Where is Arcangelo?"

Neither her mother nor her father said anything to disclose his location.

"Where is he? Is he alright?" She asked as panic welled in her system since she recalled him having been injured.

"He's fine." Her father grumbled in distaste. "He's not allowed in here."

"What? Why?"

"Because I say so!"

"But da-"

"For the love of God!" Her brother exclaimed as he stood up from the seat, making his way over to the glass wall whose shutters had been drawn.

"Davide!" Their father warned as he pulled them open, showing Rosalie the seats placed outside her room, Arcangelo sitting in one of them, leaning forward with his hands stapled before him, his fingers resting against his lips. His movements suddenly stopped as he caught sight of the view inside the room.

His blue eyes widened as he caught sight of her, a pained expression contorting on his face as he took in her condition. Instantly he stood to his feet, her father cursing in a multitude of ways as he watched him approach the doors, sliding them open and stepping in before Bernardo intercepted his way.

"Get out." Her father demanded of her boyfriend who wasn't even paying attention to him, but rather looking at Rosalie in concern his eyes assessing the damage. "I said get out!"

"No, " Arcangelo stated bluntly, causing her father to splutter incoherently at the clear disrespect he had.

"Excuse me?!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were partially deaf." He continued in a sarcastic tone, Rosalie's father gaping at him with an open mouth. "I said no. I'm not getting out."

"You will leave this room or I'll-"

"-or you'll what?" Arcangelo taunted, standing to his towering height over her father and glaring down with a bone-chilling gaze. "You'll beat me? Kick me out? Ha, try old man. I dare ya'."

"Arcangelo, " Rosalie chastised disapprovingly as she noticed the redness of her father's face. "Stop it and come here."

He smirked down at Bernardo, swatting his arm aside before making his way over to Rosalie, his heart coming to life with the confirmation that she was alright. Without even a word, he hugged her close, settling on the edge of the bed as he held her tightly, assuring himself that she was real and alive.

"You're so pale..." Arcangelo noted once he pulled away, cupping her chin in his hand, lightly caressing her jaw with his thumb while she leaned into his touch. "How do you feel?"

"Better, now that you're here." She informed as she took hold of his hand and clasped it in both of hers.

"Are you sure? Because you were shot in the chest. You were on the operating table for more than ten hours."

"I wouldn't know." Rosalie chuckled light heartedly. "I'm numbed on painkillers."

"If you start feeling any sort of discomfort or anything-"

"-I'll tell you."

"God." Arcangelo choked after a moment of assessing her state. "I thought I'd lost you." He confessed as tears welled in his eyes at the memory as he cupped her face in his hands.

"What happened?" She asked after a moment of reveling in his touch.

Sighing, Arcangelo rubbed a hand over his face, watching the mother ushered the two boys out of the room, leaving

o our home, not yours."

Turning towards his sister for confirmation, he watched her nod to his words before standing up, walking over to him as she interlaced their fingers, Davide noticing the intense adoration this man held her in his eyes. Beckoning him, the three of them left the hospital.

Davide settled in the back with his sister and her boyfriend as the front was occupied by two men in black suits. He watched the couple leaning snuggled into each other as they both looked out the window, silence enveloping the interior as Davide couldn't recall ever having sat through such a silent drive, there was always either some form of chatter or music playing on the radio. But he had to admit, after the chaos of the past three days, he welcomed the lull of silence over him.

Dropping him off at his house, the car pulled away from the driveway and made its way to Tuscany. Through the drive, Rosalie and Arcangelo spoke in hushed whispers as he had an arm draped over her shoulder as she was snuggled into his side. When the two weren't talking they sat in silence until Arcangelo called at the estate to talk to his son, both of them assuring him that they'd be home soon and that they'd watch a Disney movie together after dinner, a small smile playing at their lips at the little boy's enthusiasm.


The sun was bright, still brilliant in the sky, but it had grown cooler even on the days that lack cloud. Soon every bough will be only brown and the gay colors they brought will dim to a fading memory.

The air is so cold yet the trees are on fire. There is an inferno above everyone's head as they made their way into the graveyard with the casket. Scarlet and gold licks at the blue sky, no rain clouds today. The chill in the post-dawn air is the first hint that winter isn't far behind. Then these trees will stand naked, bereft of their color. But for now, they are scattered around the yard, making it more vibrant than any carnival parade.

Rosalie followed behind as Arcangelo, Major, Gun, and a couple more guys were pallbearers, walking across the green grass before coming to the site of the grave. Lowering it in its place, Arcangelo walked back to Rosalie as she instantly twined her fingers with his—both of them finding comfort in the other's presence as they stood silently while the priest spoke, eventually lowering the grave into the ground.

On their way back, Rosalie watched Arcangelo talking to Salvatore's wife as she sniffled and nodded to his words before he looked down at the two boys beside her. One of them couldn't have been any older than Arsenio and the second one was just a little babe. Crouching down, he talked to the two, ruffling their hair in good nature before they departed, leaving much later than the other attendees. Before returning to the estate, they paid their respects to Arcangelo's family, laying down flowers on their grave.

Arsenio was there to greet them at the door as they returned, hugging the two enthusiastically as they put on wide smiles for the little boy, both of them glad to see him. As promised the three of them watched Wall-E after dinner as Rosalie couldn't help but smile at the two robots, noticing something odd.

Watching that movie with Arsenio eagerly sitting at their feet as the two were cuddled in each other's arms, she realized the most powerful and passionate and successful relationships are the ones where "I love you" means that they care enough to fight for what they have and that love is enough to hold on to.

Smiling at her little realization, she looked up at Arcangelo, giving him a quick peck on the cheek, before resting her head back on his chest. After the sudden affectionate gesture, he looked down at her, placing a kiss on the top of her head before turning back to the movie.

All three of them watching it like a little family.

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