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   Chapter 29 Private Investigation

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 18173

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Rosalie rubbed her eyes tiredly as she turned off the television, glancing at her phone; she noticed it to be 4 a.m. After dinner, she had told Arcangelo that she wanted to watch a movie, and him being him, he didn't refuse and watched a movie with her. One movie turned into two and next thing she knew, they had watched three movies. Sighing, Rosalie turned to look at Arcangelo, about to ask him why he didn't remind her of the time.

As she turned, her gaze landed on his sleeping figure as he lay on his stomach, an arm beneath his pillow with his face turned towards her, his lips slightly parted. A small smile overcame her features as she placed a kiss on his forehead before quietly slipping out from beneath the covers in order to change out of her clothes. Pulling on her baby pink silk pajama set, she braided her hair before making her way back to Arcangelo.

Lying down beside him, she didn't bother turning off the lamp as she admired his features. The wrinkles and creases smoothening out as he looked younger, defenseless, even.

Things had been hard on him, she knew. Arcangelo hardly managed an hour or two of sleep per night, and then he was constantly there for her; day-in and day-out, he was there. If she woke up in the middle of the night, he would wake up by her distress, and stay awake with her, listening to her tell her dream and soothe her. After sacrificing his sleep, he had refused to meet anyone, go anywhere and whatever matters that needed to be dealt with were written on paper and sent to him, in his room where he was constantly in Rosalie's view. However, the past couple of days, she could see that everything was starting to wear down on him.

She could visibly see his exhaustion, he was suffering from a lot of headaches, disorientation, sore muscles and he couldn't seem to keep his eyes open for long much less bring himself to eat. He once had stopped working because a headache was so blinding that he couldn't even manage to pick up a pen. According to his doctor, he was showing symptoms of fatigue and he needed to either stop or slow down. But with him being as stubborn as he was, he dismissed the doctor's words.

Rosalie caressed his cheek as wondered if he would wake up in the middle of the night with his exhaustion.

Admiring his serenity, Rosalie's eyes were drawn to the scar around his eyes as his words rang through her head again.

She cared for him deeply, and when he told her everything, she couldn't bring herself to breathe after the revelation. For some unbeknownst reason, she didn't feel remorse that he had his father killed, a part of her was happy about that fact. However, she couldn't bring herself to understand how the order of the assassination of one person ended with the death of dozens.

It didn't make sense.

Due to that very reason, Rosalie would be leaving in the morning and conducting a little investigation of her own.

She didn't believe that Arcangelo was the cause of death for all the other guests. She could feel the wrongness of it all in her bones.

It was common knowledge that upon having received the news of the massacre, Arcangelo refused to pursue the matter any further believing it was all his doing, and day after day, she could see how he punished himself for it. His self-destructive tendencies gradually becoming more and more prominent and Rosalie knew it was only a matter of time before he did something horrible.

For that very reason, she was going to the police station in the morning, ask for the case files and conduct a private investigation of her own. Being the daughter of a retired police commissioner often had its perks.

Mentally nodding to herself, Rosalie placed a kiss on Arcangelo's forehead before snuggling next to him, closing her eyes to fall asleep.

She awoke due to the sound of her alarm, momentarily disoriented and dazed before fumbling for the device. Turning it off she glanced towards Arcangelo, seeing him still to be fast asleep and lightly snoring. A soft smile graced her lips as she sat up, rubbing her eyes before pattering across the wooden flooring and quietly opening the bedroom door.

"Good morning." She whispered quietly to Major and Gun who both were either sitting or standing against the wall.

Quickly the jumped to attention as they greeted her in return.

"Is everything alright, madam?" Major asked, noticing the time to be 6 a.m in the morning.

"Everything is alright, " Rosalie assured. "I was just wondering if one of you could ask Teresa to prepare breakfast for me. Also, can you let Salv know that I have a couple of errands I want to get done with?"

"Of course, ma'am..." Both men spoke uncertain, knowing that Rosalie had gone into self-induced solitary confinement and this sudden change of waking up early and wanting breakfast and errands was all very...different, "Anything else?"

"Yes, please do not wake up Arcangelo. He hasn't slept at all over the past couple of days and I want him to get as much sleep as possible. I don't care if the world is ending and people are dying to meet him, no one will disturb him." Rosalie stated firmly, both the men glancing at each other in surprise before turning back to her. "Can I trust you two to look after him while I'm gone?"

"It is our duty to look after him, " Gun spoke as he stood up straighter.


With that said Rosalie went back inside, silently closing the door beh

in a venomous tone as Rosalie winced, unable to meet his gaze.

"Now imagine, asking the guards, assigned to ensure their safety, their whereabouts." He chuckled darkly. "Imagine that never-ending concern which is bubbling over when they respond with "we don't know, sir"."

"Arcangelo-" Rosalie started to talk again, "-Was I fucking done?!" He snapped, instantly causing her to fall silent as she looked down at her shoes. "You don't fucking tell me where the fuck you went at bloody 6 a.m. in the godforsaken morning and expect me to be absolutely peachy with it?!"

"No, I-"

"-You don't fucking tell me, much less ask me if it's alright for you to leave and assume you can do whatever fucked up shit comes into your mind whenever you please at any given moment of any given day." He growled out menacingly, moving closer to her as she hunched her shoulders.

"Put yourself in my shoes for one fucking second-" Arcangelo seethed through gritted teeth. "For just one fucking second, imagine what I went through when I realized you weren't there when I woke up."

"Just try to fucking comprehend what went through my head at realizing that you're not there."

"And then try to further comprehend what I went through when neither Major, nor Gun, or any fucking soul in this forsaken estate, knew where the fuck you were!" He roared, losing his composure as his voice ricochet off the walls, Rosalie jumping back in fright. "I wake up to find out that you are not there, then my most trusted and loyal men are fucking clueless like fucking baboons as to your fucking whereabouts. And then neither you nor the guard you took with you is answering your phones, what the fuck am I supposed to think about that, huh? And they only know that the 'world can be fucking ending and people can be fucking dying' but I am not meant to be fucking disturbed?" He quoted her in seething disbelief.

"No, that's not-"

"Who the fuck do you think you are to fucking decide when I need to be told something or when not?" He asked her humorlessly, his gaze cold and unnerving as she couldn't bring herself to say anything. "I put every godforsaken thing on the line for you."

"I am causing deliberate damage to my business by refusing to cater to any mafia boss's demands, much less meeting with anyone. No allies, no enemies, no business transactions, fucking nothing. Then on top of that, I am constantly in your vicinity, you are purposely made aware of every single item on my agenda so that you know that I am right there. Then, I am slowly poisoning myself with this fatigue onset which I am going through because I am not going to let you suffer alone. I know what trauma feels like and it's not a walk on some beach. But the worst of all, " He chuckled darkly, shaking his head in disappointment. "Worst of all, I sent my son to stay with that that puttana so that I can look after you, and you don't have the fucking decency to inform me of your whereabouts?"

"I can't even fucking look at you right now, " Arcangelo growled, walking away from her as tears welled in Rosalie's eyes. "Major, take her upstairs and keep her there. Tie her down if you fucking have to."

"Yes, boss." Major nodded quietly as he walked over to Rosalie, gesturing towards the stairs as she swallowed thickly, exhaling shakily as she started to make her way up the stairs but turned around in concern at his next words.

"Romano, " He growled over his shoulder at Salvatore, Arcangelo's anger still hot and sharp. "With me, "

"You better have some damn good explanation to give me or so help me God, you both are fucking screwed."

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