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   Chapter 24 Melting Beneath your Touch

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 21956

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The sound of her alarm had Rosalie shuffle around her bed before reaching out in search for the device, her fingers fumbling over empty space until warmth enveloped her palm. Peeling open her eyes, her vision cleared as she noticed another hand swipe off the sound. A soft chuckle escaped her as she turned onto her back and glanced to her side, smiling up at Arcangelo who lay awake beside her, his head propped up as he stared at her with pure gentleness.

"Good morning." He murmured quietly as he caressed her cheek while she leaned into his touch.

"Morning, " Rosalie whispered quietly as she curled around his warmth. "Since when have you been awake?"

"It's been an hour or two, " Arcangelo admitted as he placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"What have you been doing for that long?"

"Watching you sleep, "

"Yes, of course, that's not creepy at all..."

A laugh burst through Arcangelo as he enveloped her in his arms, hugging her tightly she groaned against him.

"Breakfast?" He asked her as she lifted her head to look up at him.

"Yes, please, "

Both of them jumped out of bed as Rosalie headed to the washroom to freshen up while Arcangelo made his way towards the kitchen. She joined him just as he was pouring their coffee, wrapping her arm around his waist as he poured in the cream. Smiling adoringly at her, Arcangelo pecked her lips before handing her the coffee with a breakfast muffin; blueberry, her favorite.

She settled herself onto the center island, swinging her legs while munching on the muffin as Arcangelo leaned onto the counter opposite her, sipping his coffee as she was telling him about her day's agenda.

"I'll have classes until 2, today, " Rosalie informed him, biting into her muffin. "Then I have a birthday lunch to attend."

"Whose birthday?"

"Maria's, "

"Happy birthday to her, "

"Yes and that's probably going to be until around 6. So, I should be back home by 7." She made a rough estimate. "Will you be fine on your own?"

An incredulous laugh burst through Arcangelo at her question. "I've been fine on my own for years, Tesoro, I am sure I can handle a couple of hours by myself."

Jumping off the counter, Rosalie put down her mug before standing in front of him, pressing herself to him as he watched as her hands slipped beneath his shirt, wrapping around his waist to play with the waistband of his sweatpants as she ran her nose on the skin of his neck, lightly placing a kiss on the flesh.

"During those years I wasn't in your life, cuore mio, now I am, " She murmured against his neck as Arcangelo threw back his head to grant her more access and instantly her lips explored more parts of his neck which he had exposed to her. "Now you behave while I'm away."

"I don't like being told what to do unless I'm naked, " Arcangelo grunted as her hands caressed his sides beneath his shirt.

"You don't like being told what to do, period."

"You know me so well, cucciola, "

"Mhmm..." Rosalie hummed as she pulled away, meeting Arcangelo's gaze he looked down at her with hooded eyes. "I have to shower, so you should probably join me. It'll save water."

No soon had the words left her mouth did Arcangelo lean down and sling her over his shoulder like a sack, a squeal escaping Rosalie as he patted her while heading towards the bathroom, a laugh echoing through the apartment as he kicked the door close.


"Great!" Rosalie hissed as she ran around her apartment, hurrying to get dressed and leave as Arcangelo trailed behind her leisurely in grey slacks and a white button-up as she still struggled to find a shirt with her jeans.

"Now I'm late and hot and bothered!" She grunted as she pulled up her jeans, buttoning them into place as Arcangelo came up behind her, placing tender kisses on her neck and shoulder.

"We can take care of that hot and bothered bit."

"Fuck you." Rosalie tried to push him away as she reached into her closet, pulling out a random shirt to wear.

"I'd rather fuck you, " Arcangelo growled, pulling her against his chest.

"Stop it! I'm late."

"Since you're already late, let's finish what we started.

"Shhckss." She hissed forcing a laugh out of him before pulling on her shoes with the laces still tied, struggling a little before stumbling out of her room, Arcangelo close behind. "I'm leaving!"

"Where is my kiss?" He stopped her short with a tug on her wrist as she rolled her eyes in half-hearted exasperation. Cupping his face into her hand, she placed a quick kiss on his lips as he grinned at her before she ran out the door and down the hallway, sprinting down the stairs since she couldn't wait for the elevator, afraid to miss her bus.


Like she had told Arcangelo, her classes finished at 2 p.m. after which she had gone to buy her best friend a gift. Getting it wrapped with a birthday card, Rosalie made her way to the restaurant they were all having lunch at. Arriving at 3, she hugged her friends before handing over her gift to the birthday girl. Throughout the time that they all laughed and chatted away, Rosalie checked her phone for any messages from Arcangelo but was surprised to see none. Keeping her concern to herself, she managed to enjoy her time out with dancing and laughing and a lot of chatter.

Finally, around 6, people started leaving and Maria and Rosalie left together since they were both going in the same direction.

On the elevator ride up, Rosalie couldn't stand still and kept fidgeting, impatient for her floor as she wanted nothing more than to jump in Arcangelo's arms and tell him all about her day and the fun she had. Given the time, she knew he would be cooking and she was looking forward to his hand-made meals for her.

"Finally, " Rosalie breathed out in relief when the door jerked to a halt. Stepping out, she skipped down the hall and unlocked her apartment, a wide smile on her face as she entered. Taking in the meticulous condition of her apartment, realizing that he had cleaned it for her. Moving inside, she turned around to close the doors, her foot hitting against something as she looked down.

Confusion clouded her mind as she noticed Arcangelo's bags standing by the door, packed and closed.

Slamming the door, she looked around, finding him standing against the kitchen counter, his hands in his slacks pockets with his gaze downcast.

"Arcangelo..." Rosalie called out to him, hesitant. "Is...Is everything alright?"

Slowly lifting his gaze Arcangelo looked at her with t

he vacations, and attended my brother's wedding, the birth of Arsenio, and all other such can't-miss-occasions. But in my mind, I had settled in the US that is until I came home after getting my first engineering job in America and my brother and parents received an invite to the King's auction. The exact same auction from where I got your necklace. So, on the auction my family was going to, I set out a plan in motion to kill my father."

Instantly, Rosalie's gaze snapped up as she noticed the dark look on his expression, his eyes dead and dark and fixated on a spot over her head.

"The plan was simple. He would buy at the auction; my man would get to him to come to the back with the excuse of getting his items and shoot him, leaving him to be found by someone else." Arcangelo shrugged nonchalantly. "However...The plan didn't work out the way I wanted it to." His voice shook, a fresh torrent of tears welled in his eyes.

"I-I-I instead of getting just him killed, I got everyone else killed. Onofrio, Ellie, Mom, everyone. They were all killed while I was at home playing with my nephew." He choked out, hanging his head in despair as the tears fell one after the other.

After four years of having it repressed inside, he was breaking down before her eyes. The sobs which wracked through him were utterly raw and primitive as they engulfed his entire being with pain. Stumbling to her feet, Rosalie's wiped away her tears as she made her way to him. Pulling his hands away from his eyes, Rosalie hugged Arcangelo close to her, running her hands through his hair as he clung to her in desperation of trying to stay grounded and not losing his senses.

She had no idea how long they stood holding one another as he sobbed into her neck, holding her tightly as he attempted to compose himself.

Sniffling, he finally pulled away, Rosalie laying a hand against his cheek as he scrubbed away the tears. Stepping away he created distance between him and her as he lowered his head, stuffing his hands into his slack's pocket before making his way towards his bags.

"I-I-I I know that you don't want to be with a murderer. Who would want to be with a monster that got his own family killed? Who would want that? The people who loved him most, dead at his own hands, that's morbid and sick and twisted and..." He spoke in one breath. "I'll leave, " Arcangelo sniffled, wiping his nose with the back of his hand.

"Just tell me, and I'll leave."

"Arcangelo, " Rosalie spoke softly as she wiped away her tears, making her way to him as she cupped his face into her hand, noticing how he winced as a lump formed in her throat. "I don't want you to leave. That is the last thing I want you do." She informed him, running her hand through his hair as she noticed the paleness of his skin, and the dimness of his bright blue eyes and the deeply etched frown which made him look vulnerable, vulnerable and alone.

Reaching up, Rosalie traced the scar across his eye, pulling him down to place a kiss on the area, and then placing a kiss on his other eye before kissing both his cheeks and his forehead. Finally, pulling him close enough so that their lips were centimetres apart; his breath fanning across his face as their lips brushed with each word spoken next.

"I'll be the Persephone to your Hades, your yin to your yang, and the hope to your despair" She spoke gently, rubbing her thumb over his cheekbone as the pain slowly ebbed away. "I will be that little light that gets into your cracked and dejected soul. Or better yet, I'll be yours forever."

Arcangelo heart swelled in his chest as the emotions flowing inside him overwhelmed his senses, tears welling in his eyes again as his lower lip quivered with the sob rising in his throat and he couldn't understand why he can't stop crying.

"But Arcangelo, " Rosalie's voice cracked as she swallowed back the lump in her throat. "I can only do that if you let me. "Do I have your permission to do all that and more?"

With quivering lips Arcangelo tried to get a word across, his throat betraying him by letting out a fragile sound of pain. Realising he couldn't rely on his words he resorted to actions by nodding. And just as he did, Rosalie closed the gap between them and pressed her lips to his, instantly feeling how his tense muscles uncoiled beneath her hands and he just...


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