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   Chapter 22 Confessions

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 11061

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For the last week, Arcangelo had been doing nothing more than meeting with various Mafia bosses, attending various functions and dealing with all the calls from Vincent. He hardly slept 3 hours every night and he was completely drained. His head hurt, he felt lethargic and he wanted nothing more than to sleep. However, that wasn't a possibility, given the fact that it was his last few hours and before leaving he had to go to a brunch with Gambino before he would be heading off to the airport.

The brunch was filled with chatter on Gambino's part, constantly telling his son what it means to be a Mafia boss and giving Arcangelo as a prime example. Although, he noticed that the kid was terrified. By simply sitting in Arcangelo's general vicinity, the 15-year-old boy was shaking.

As the time drew on and they talked business for a while before Arcangelo decided it was time for him to leave.

"If you'll excuse me, gentlemen, " Arcangelo spoke while standing up. "But I'm afraid it's time for me to be heading out, my jet is awaiting my arrival."

"Of course, of course, " The father spoke as he stood up and bowed his head, the son following his example. "It was an honor having you here with us."

He simply nodded in response before walking out of the restaurant and into the Rolls Royce waiting for him. The drive to the airport was about an hour long, and any hopes of getting some rest were shot down by the continuous messages and phone calls Arcangelo was receiving.

Despite all the exhaustion, he attended to all the quarries.

Finally, when he was on the plane, he couldn't even describe the relief that overwhelmed him. Tearing off his tie, he got comfortable in his seat, planning on sleeping through the nine-hour flight. However, before he could even do anything, one of his guards stepped forward with a stack of files in hand.

"What is that?" Arcangelo asked calmly as he eyes the stack laid before him.

"These came in for you today. All of them have 'urgent' on the top."

Heaving a heavy breath, he knew he could wave sleep goodbye. Forget peace, he wasn't even going to get a minute to breathe.

The moment the plane leveled, he set on the files. One after the other he addressed the matters, making corrections here and declining statements there. If they hadn't been urgent and important, he would have thrown them out of the plane, but that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Arcangelo neck ached and his wrist kept on cramping. His shoulders felt tense and he would love nothing more than a good back rub.

But even as a Mafia boss, he didn't have the luxury time provided.

Important matters needed to be dealt with as soon as possible, and any delay in the work would not end well. He knew that hence why he spent the last eight and a half hours with blocked ears, a drained existence and a heavy mind doing nothing more than attending to those godforsaken files before him. He was quite literally functioning on caffeine, and even that was wearing off now.

Leaning back in his seat, he closed his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose, the headache hammering against his skull while he didn't even have the energy to lift a finger at this point.

He did, however, manage to get half an hour of sleep before the jerk of the plane taxiing to

our stomach and mind-numbing pain coursing through your veins."

"Despite all that, you ensured that I was alright, and you gave me instructions on how to care for myself."

"Then, when I got assaulted, you were the one that came to my rescue mere minutes after the attack. If it weren't for you, I would most likely have bled out to death. If it weren't for you, I could have died twice already. One thing I remember very clearly is you holding me. I remember your arms around me as you got me to the estate, saying one thing and one thing alone: "Save her"."

"You could have left me lying on the sidewalk for someone else to find and gone after those men yourself, but instead, you let them get away just so that I could get the medical attention I needed."

"And don't try to explain it by saying you "owed" me. You don't owe me shit. You didn't back then, and you don't now."

"You had your personal doctor patch me up, you had your people nurse me back to health, you gave me a luxurious room for my recovery and all in all you took care of me. Just knowing that you were under the same roof as I, gave me a peace of mind that I am safe. During my time there, I started to associate you with safety, and I don't normally do that."

"You didn't hold me against my will, you allowed me to go back when I asked, and you allowed me to go on with my life, under the circumstances that I have two men with me at all times. And then your constant messages when you were checking up on me."

"You don't owe me anything. You paid your due. But Arcangelo, I owe you my life."

"You have saved me numerous times, you took care of me, you were gentle with me, and you made me feel things I haven't felt in a long time. You treated me like a princess, made me feel like one too. And I wanted to thank you for everything."

"These last three weeks I spent obsessing over how to go about us. Do I put an end to this, or do I want to progress?"

"Believe me when I tell you that I had no idea what I was going to say when I arrived. But then I saw you, and I made my decision right then."

"Today I realized that there are only two things I want in this world."

"I want you.

And I want us."

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