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   Chapter 21 King's Auction

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 10134

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The sound of the shower running infiltrated the washroom. The steam rising and dispersing throughout the space before the sound came to a sudden stop.

Stepping out of the shower cabin, Arcangelo grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist before walking towards the fogged up mirror. Swiping his hand over the surface, he stared at his reflection for a moment before picking up his beard trimmer and setting to work.

Washing away the excess hair, he stepped out and towards the bedroom.

Picking up the suit carry, he unzipped it before taking out the black tux. Laying it across the covers, he momentarily stared at it, being reminded of how his brother had been overjoyed to attend this auction, and here Arcangelo stood in a towel, contemplating if it was worth the effort. But after a moment of silent thought, he decided to go since he had nothing better to do than sit in his hotel room until he bored himself to sleep.

After having adorned the suit he fixed his cufflinks and grabbed his polished dress shoes, pulling them on. Wearing his dinner jacket, he fixed the bow tie around his neck, followed by the overcoat. Finally, he sprayed on some cologne and strapped his watch into place. Grabbing his phone and checkbook, he placed them into his pockets after which he grabbed the invitation and set out.

It had come to his attention that the Serbian Heirloom would be on auction tonight.

Initially, he had thought of missing the event but when he caught wind of this piece of information, he knew he had to get it. If he wanted to render the Serbian Mafia in the dust, he needed that heirloom and nothing would be getting in his way of crushing his enemies.

As per protocol, Arcangelo had to be blindfolded when the car came to pick him up.

The drive was silent and filled with numerous twists and turns. Finally, when the blindfold was taken off, Arcangelo had to blink away the bleariness as he stared up at the illuminated building before him.

It reminded him of a royal gathering as he saw the lavishly dressed men and women step out of their expensive cars and their jewelry shining in the bright light as they handed their invitations to the men at the double doors.

Stepping out of the car, Arcangelo fixed his jacket before walking up the marble staircase, taking in the regality of this event.

Handing his invitation to the man before him, he was ushered in with a broad smile.

The moment he crossed the threshold, Arcangelo couldn't deny the fact that he was bedazzled by the luxury of it all. Rows after row, tables after table, and cases after cases, all filled with precious artifacts that cost a lot more than what the people here had bargained for. The sound of light-hearted and professional chatter infiltrated the air with various perfumes and colognes wafting through the room, the fragrances mingling with that of the artifacts and the bubbling champagne being passed around.

The amount of luxury in the room would be intimidating to any normal person, but to Arcangelo

"Ten thousand, " Arcangelo announced as either gasps or groans filled the hall.

"Sold to Mr. Regnante." The host grinned with a chuckle since Arcangelo bought the most items and spent the most money.

A few more items were brought before the auction finally came to a close.

At the end of the night, people went around congratulating each other and paying their respects before they finally went to retrieve their bought items.

Arcangelo filled in a cheque of the total amount before handing it over to the host as he had another car to load up everything. They would be taking all of this to the airport, where they will load this up in his jet.

"Wait." He stopped the loader as they moved to the side.

Stepping closer Arcangelo picked up the necklace box before going to settle in his car. The door closed behind him as they pulled away from the auction house and towards his hotel.

Once in his room, the first thing he did was light a cigarette.

As he inhaled away at the poison, he removed the jacket and bow tie before walking to the exquisite Washington view he had.

He was meant to stay here for another week or so, some matters a fellow Mafia boss wanted to discuss in private. But Arcangelo wanted nothing more than to go home.

Exhaling a cloud of smoke, he popped open the box as he stared at the beautiful necklace before him.

The blue of the sapphire glinting in the light as a sense of familiarity hit him.

Even if their relationship is not meant to progress any further, he can for a certainty, say that he enjoyed their time together. Particularly all the time they spent alone. Or the way she smiles and laughed. The way she wasn't remotely terrified of him, or the way she cared for him like he was a human being. He liked the way she treated him...

Actually, he grew quite fond of her in the little time they spent with each other. And to think it all started because she was marked.

He would miss it, there was no doubt.

But most of all...

He'd miss her.

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