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   Chapter 20 Flashback

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 11686

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Arcangelo Regnante had been 24 on the night of the event.

He was visiting home after he managed to get a break from his job.

Having been a Harvard Alumni, who had a degree in engineering, and a rather well paying job in America.

His sister had gotten married the year before and was expecting her first child, his elder brother had been married for three years and had a beautiful little 2-year-old son. And now his mother was trying to get him to marry.

"Ma, Onofrio married the girl of his dreams." Arcangelo sighed to the woman before him, her hazel hair shimmering in the sunlight as she frowned at her son. "I don't even have a girlfriend at this point, marriage seems to be out of the question."

"Why don't you have a girlfriend, again?" His mother inquired for the umpteenth time.

"Because your baby boy sucks with the ladies, isn't that right bro?" His elder brother teased beside his mother.

"Coming from the guy who has only been with one woman his entire life."

"She is my soul mate!" His brother spoke dramatically.

"Shut the fuck up!" Their sister groaned from the lounge where she was searching for something to watch on the television, "Language." Ellie's voice chastised as she made her way to the dining room with 2-year-old Arsenio. Walking over to Arcangelo, she handed the toddler to him as he grinned victoriously.

"Honey!" Onofrio exclaimed in disbelief as Ellie whipped around in surprise.

She looked at her husband for a moment before turning to look at her brother-in-law before back to her husband.

"Oh. Sorry, I keep mixing you two."

"Must the black hair and blue eyes." Arcangelo grinned as he played with his nephew, making weird faces as the child giggled hysterically.

"We don't even look anything alike." Onofrio pouted from his seat. "Why does he have my son?"

"Because he is my nephew." Arcangelo grinned teasingly. "And everyone knows that boys like their uncles more than their dad's."

"Not true!"


"Boys!" Helen, their mother, intervened as they both settled down, Onofrio turning his attention to the paper as Arcangelo resumed playing with his nephew.

The front door suddenly opened and closed shut, followed by Alyna's greeting.

"Daddy!" She greeted enthusiastically as she stood from the sofa and greeted her father with a hug. Instantly Arcangelo tensed and so did his mother, meanwhile, his brother perked up.

"Good morning." Antonio Regnante greeted the population as they greeted in response.

"To what do we owe this sudden surprise?" Helen asked with a soft smile as she wrapped her arms around her husband's waist, looking up at him with intrigue as Arcangelo felt sick looking at the two like this.

Antonio didn't respond to her question, instead, he placed a kiss on her forehead before holding up two black envelopes with golden cursive writing.

"Onofrio, my boy." He spoke loudly, gaining his son's attention. "Welcome to the Mafia World." Antonio grinned as he held out an envelope to him.

With a surprised look, Onofrio took the envelope, seeing it addressed to him and his wife.

Tearing it open, he took out the gold and black card, reading the writing.

"I-I've been invited to the King's Auction?" He stammered in disbelief as their father beamed with pride. "Wow. This-this is quite the honor."

"It is indeed." Antonio beamed as he held up his own invitation. "I want to invite the Moretti's."

"Of course you do." Helen smiled with an eye roll.

"The Mor

or a while until Arsenio started to yawn tiredly, Arcangelo feeling just as lethargic as his nephew. Quietly, the little baby lay down on the carpet, drowsily playing with his car as his uncle chuckled at his stubbornness. Lying down beside him, he brushed away a few strands of the baby's hair, his wide blue eyes staring up at him.

"Sleep, buddy, " Arcangelo instructed as the child stopped playing, his eyes dropping to the close, instantly falling asleep with Arcangelo following close behind.

Banging on the door awoke Arcangelo as he gave a startled jump. Looking at his surroundings in confusion and wondering why things were changing from blue to red. He blinked away the bleariness as he heard the knocking on the door.

It took him a moment to realize that the blue and red were police sirens, and that's when his senses jolted awake.

He looked to his side, relieved to see Arsenio still asleep.

Jumping to his feet, he opened the door, staring at the officer before him who had his cap held to his midriff, looking at Arcangelo sympathetically.

"How may I help you, officer?" Arcangelo asked, rubbing away the sleep from his eyes.

"I am sorry to inform, Mr. Regnante." The officer spoke gently as Arcangelo didn't understand why the officer was being like this. "There was an attack on the King's Auction tonight. No one survived."

Arcangelo blinked at the man before him, wondering if he heard wrong.

"I'm sorry." He spoke in a daze. "Did you just say no one survived?"

"My condolences, sir. Your father, mother, brother and sister-in-law were all killed tonight."


Apparently, no one ever understood when he said 'he killed his family'. They all assumed he blamed himself because he urged them to go. Whereas, in reality, he was the one who had ordered the attack. But he just wanted Antonio Regnante dead, no one else was meant to be harmed in any way.

However, the orders got mixed up, and everyone was killed.

Not only Antonio.

And it was his fault.

Now all those memories came flooding back not because of their death anniversary drawing near.

All those memories were resurfacing because he was staring down at a black and gold envelope. The same one his father and brother had received four years ago.

But this one was addressed to one Mr. Arcangelo Regnante.

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