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   Chapter 19 America

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 12410

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The sound of the jet's engine infiltrated the airport as it taxied to a stop, its white surface glinting in the sunlight as it came to a halt. After a moment, the stairs lowered as Arcangelo stepped out of the interior, walking down the stairs as a Rolls Royce stood awaiting him.

"Welcome to America, Mr. Regnante." The man, his escort, spoke with a polite smile and a professional stance. "I hope your flight was alright."

"Yes, it went well, " Arcangelo informed as he turned on his phone, glancing at the lack of messages and calls before slipping it into his blazer's pocket.

"If you will, the car will be taking you to your hotel."

With a nod, he approached the car, one of the men opening tahe back door for him as he settled down, the doors closing and bathing the interior in the dimness. Soon, he was pulling away from the airport and onto the Washington roads.

A sigh escaped him as he looked out at the passing scenery.

He was going to be here for at least two weeks and he didn't even want to be here.

The annual Mafia meeting was being hosted by his American counterpart, the Gambino crime family, and every single Mafia boss was expected to be there. The Irish, American, Italians, Russian. The whole world's Mafia bosses all under one roof.

They were all coming together to discuss whether alliances will be made or broken as well as the introduction of some Mafia sons who would be expected to witness this.

It shouldn't be bloody.


Because guns weren't allowed inside the room, and no one was allowed to resort to violence. Not even Arcangelo, the king of the Underworld.

At this meeting, however, Arcangelo had been made aware of quite a few traitors who had gotten themselves into his alliances and used his name to sell information to the government. Mostly regarding him, obviously. However, the fact still remains that they betrayed him and sold secrets to the CIA.

He wasn't going to idly sit by and let it happen. He would make their betrayal a lesson for everyone else, and let them know that the Regnante's weren't ruling for no reason. They earned this title through bloodshed, sweat, and murder.

No one was going to double cross a Regnante, because that would be the first and last mistake he will ever make against them.

Now one just needed a foolproof way to make them suffer and understand the consequences of messing with him.

Before he could ponder on his options too much, the car came to a halt in front of his hotel, The Ritz-Carlton. The valet opened his door just as he was putting on his sunglasses. Stepping out of the car, he looked around him for a moment, noticing that majority of the people there made it a point to maintain their distance.

A small smirk made its way across his lips as he walked past the staff and towards the reception.

"Welcome to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington D.C. I'm Michael, how may I be of assistance?"

"Reservation for Regnante, " Arcangelo spoke as the man nodded, typing up the name before turning around to retrieve a key card.

"The Ritz-Carlton Suite for Mr. Regnante, " Michael stated while handing the card over to him. "Your luggage has been delivered to your room, and lunch will be served in half an hour."

"Thank you." Arcangelo nodded as he took the key.

"Enjoy your stay with us."


This years meeting was going to be conducted at a warehouse, an abandoned one at that, at the outskirts of town. The venue didn't matter as long as the location was secure and safe. And if an abandoned factory fit the criteria, then so be it.

Just as Arcangelo had fixed his cufflinks he had received the call telling him his car was waiting downstairs. Sending a quick

at the men.

Arcangelo rubbed his chin, seemingly in thought as the men all shuffled in their seats, the fathers grabbing their sons' by their shoulders in case they need to be pushed beneath the table.

"How is it..." he trailed while everyone squirmed, "That the Serbians haven't mentioned a single problem so far? May I inquire why that is so, Mr. Surcin."

"Well..." Mr. Surcin spoke as he cleared his throat. "We have loyal people."

"Yet, you aren't loyal. Are you?"


"I am well aware that is has been you who's been attempting to sell information against my Mafia." Arcangelo drawled. "Keyword: attempting. No one is as stupid as you to try anything against me."

Mr. Surcin cleared his throat once more as he sat up straight, a devious smirk making its way onto his lips as he leered at Arcangelo.

"What makes you think that people aren't buying the information? I have people left and right groveling at my feet for the information."

"Because the CIA and FBI directors work for me." Arcangelo chuckled at his lack of knowledge. "And they would never risk anything against me."

Instantly the Serbian paled as the others looked around nervously, afraid something might happen.

"Well, you can't do anything to me." The man grinned victoriously.

"Here? No. I can't do anything to you." Arcangelo agreed. "But what's stopping me from ruining your operations in Serbia?"

"You wouldn't!"

"You have a very pretty wife, Zoran. Rather young to be a mother."

"Do not touch my Mina!" The man growled as he stood from his seat, toppling his chair in the process.

"Dismissed." Arcangelo waved, rather bored, before standing up and leaving.

Once he retrieved his possessions, he made his way to the car, standing before the door as he could see Zoran Surcin's reflection in the window, watching him make frantic calls and speaking rapid Serbian into the device. With every successive phone call, he grew more and more distressed, his entire posture high strung and tense as he kept on tearing at his hair.

Apparently, this call seemed to be the cherry because he threw his phone away, screaming at the top of his lungs before being reduced to his knees in a hysterical mess, his men beside him in an instant.

But none of them could do anything for a man who had been reduced to nothing.

A dark chuckle escaped Arcangelo as he settled down, impatient to get back to the hotel and treat himself to a delicious red meat steak.

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