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   Chapter 18 Drizzling Morning

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 12340

Updated: 2018-10-08 10:40

Darkened grey smudges of wool threateningly surrounded the sky; like a predator would encircle its prey. A startling low rumble rang loud in the cool fall air, the sky roaring with satisfaction. Trickles of liquid hit the ground with as much force as a small child. Hungrily, drizzles turn into canon fires, barricading everything in its way. A sense of cleanliness caresses the atmosphere, washing away all impurities.

A dense earthly sweet smell rises from the ground, enveloping everything within its soft embrace. The skies suddenly calm, as if it were comforted, coaxed even. The fluffy smudges don't part completely - although the sun peeks out timidly- and rather look like it's preparing for an even more vicious round.

Rosalie, however, only heard the sound of rain patter across her window as the wind hissed from between the small spaces. She generally loved the rainy days because after the shower there would generally be a bedazzling rainbow; but now, she couldn't care less about the earthly affairs.

All she could focus on at the moment was the man lying beside her. His knuckles caressing her cheek as his blue eyes, the ones that had been so detached and emotionless just last night, held unimaginable gentleness along with a sense of home reflecting on them. A content sigh escaped her as she nuzzled into his touch, her fingers drawing small patterns across his bare chest with her gaze locked to his.

This was the beginning of a lazy morning, they knew.

Neither one of them was willing to get out of bed or disturb the peace enveloping them. They didn't even have it in them to get dressed and make breakfast. They were just so unwilling to spoil their time together.

Moments like these were just so rare between them, that the cold and their hunger made it all worth it.

Arcangelo inhaled deeply as his fingers danced across the soft skin of her cheek, watching her eyes flutter to a close as her lips tilted into a soft smile. Slowly he moved to her jaw before running his thumb over her lower lip that was red and swollen from all their kisses. His fingers trailed lower to her neck, caressing the skin as she inhaled sharply at the liquid warmth that oozed through her.

A smirk made its way across his lips as he rubbed his thumb over the red mark he had left.

Rosalie took hold of his hand, interlacing their fingers together as he placed a kiss on her knuckles. Shuffling closer to him, he was quick to envelop her naked body against his, wrapping her tightly in his embrace as she nuzzled against his chest.

"What time is it?" Rosalie murmured quietly as her eyes drooped.

"Don't know, " Arcangelo responded plainly as he combed his fingers through her hair.

"Stop're making me fall asleep."

"Then sleep."

"But then you'll be gone when I wake up, " Rosalie muttered as she moved closer to him, soaking up the warmth he radiated.

A sudden pang shot through him at her words. This wasn't the first time that they slept in the same bed, but this was the first time they 'slept together'. And Rosalie was right, whenever they would fall asleep together, Arcangelo would be gone before she awoke, something that had her feel a sense of loss.

"I'm not going anywhere, " Arcangelo assured as he placed a kiss on the top of her hair.

"Promise?" Rosalie inquired curiously, looking up with her wide doe eyes, looking at him expectantly. His heart melting at the innocent look she was giving him.

"I promise." He reassured as he placed a kiss on her hand that was interlaced with his, both of them close to drifting off.

They would have fallen asleep if it weren't for the sound of her doorbell resonating through th

ou to know everything before you decide."

Tears welled up in Rosalie's eyes as she stared at him. He couldn't even meet her gaze, he was just staring at the graves before him, the graves that were there because of him. His own family.

"For fuck's sake!" Vincent choked through gritted teeth, pulling Arcangelo back as he stood before Rosalie, his eyes bloodshot and moist with the unshed tears. "No matter what we tell him, he won't believe us! We have all tried telling him repeatedly that he couldn't have known!"


"No! Rosalie, every year all Mafia Boss's come together for a charitable auction, and they are allowed to bring two guests with them. Helen and Antonio were Arcangelo's parents. Other than that, his elder brother and his wife--Onofrio and Ellie--Arsenio's parents were invited. On the night of the auction, they all suggested that they stay home, but Arcangelo insisted that they go. He just wanted to spend time with his nephew! And he couldn't have known! He didn't know! But there was an attack on the building and everyone was shot down! It's not his fault! Tell him it's not his fault!"

"I told them to leave! I insisted that they go! If I hadn't been selfish they would all be alive today!" Arcangelo retaliated, his voice sounding hoarse and strained as his eyes shone with the emotions he felt, his impassive mask cracking.

"God!" Vincent groaned as he stared at the sky, his hands on his hips as he inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself before he rubbed his eyes. "You know, this is why our friendship became strained. I'm done, I can't do this anymore." He spoke with a defeated sigh as he started to walk away, making his way out the cemetery.

Arcangelo groaned in irritation, running a hand through his hair as he tried to get himself together, his breathing ragged and harsh in the silence of their surroundings.

"Arcangelo..." Rosalie whispered as she wanted to comfort him, hug him and just hold onto him.

Because after hearing everything, she, just as well as everyone else, knew it wasn't his fault.

Reaching out, she placed a hand on his shoulder, but he pulled away from her touch. Turning his back towards her, he sniffled before scrubbing at his face.

"The guards will take you home." He stated softly, also making his way towards the exit.

"Wait!" Rosalie called out as he halted in his step. "What about us?" She asked quietly as Arcangelo turned away.

"It's all up to you."

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