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   Chapter 15 Surprise Encounters

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Rosalie brushed the tangles out of her freshly blow dried hair as she settled them. Applying her make-up, she looked down at her phone and noted that she needed to be leaving. Pulling on a pair of nude pencil heels, she wore her faun overcoat on top of her full attire which consisted of a black high neck and jeans. Grabbing her purse, she received the message that Dante was downstairs and waiting for her.

Taking one last glance in the mirror, she smiled at her reflection, feeling it would be a good day as she made her way out her apartment complex.

Greeting Dante and two other friends she got in the back as they chatted and laughed about their university professors as they made their way to lunch.

After their break was over, they all had been so caught up with their work and studies and various stresses that they decided the moment they see an open opportunity in their calendars, they were going out for lunch.

And today was the day where they all were coming together to a nice little restaurant a little way out to enjoy some time together.

Stopping in front of the restaurant, they all made their way inside before deciding on a corner booth next to the window. Taking off her coat, Rosalie sat in after Dante as the other two sat opposite them, all four of them waiting for Maria to arrive so that they could order.

"Where is she?" Her friend Angelica groaned as she glared at the time on her phone. "I'm starving!"

"She'll be here soon." Dante chuckled as he turned towards Leonardo, both of them getting engaged in a conversation as Angelica eventually relented and joined in, Rosalie trying to listen to them converse but her eyes just couldn't stop looking at the door, waiting.

Shaking her head, she looked away before the overhead bell rang, her eyes shooting up as she noticed four broadly built men walk in, their backs towards her until the fifth man followed behind them. He was dressed in a black shirt and jeans paired with black combat boots and a brown overcoat as he pulled off his gloves, blowing air onto his hands to warm them from the cold inside.

As he warmed them, his gaze traveled around the restaurant before his eyes met hers. Mild confusion shining in his cerulean eyes as he had an amused smile sported on his lips with Rosalie openly staring at him, her lips gently parted.

"Hey, Ango, come on." One of the men spoke up, lightly hitting him on the chest with the back of his hand. "Here's a table."

She watched as Marcello and Romeo sat in the booth not too far away from hers with their back towards her with Vincent and Arcangelo facing her, Lorenzo pulling up a chair. Both her and Arcangelo staring at each other from across the room

"I'm so sorry, guys!" Maria's breathless voice redirected her attention as she dragged a chair to their table. "I absolutely lost track of the time."

The rest of her friends went on to scold her as they exaggerated how long they had been waiting, Rosalie chuckling at their theatrics as Maria apologized profusely.

"We can order now." Dante heaved with a relieved breath as he beckoned the waitress who passed out menus to them all, glancing up from her menu, she noticed Arcangelo asking the waiter something as the rest of his friends were nodding along. After another minute of speaking, Arcangelo handed back his menu, the other doing the same as the waiter left.

"Rosalie?" Leonardo's voice called out to her as she looked up at him.


"What are you ordering?" Dante asked slowly, cocking his head in the direction of the waiter beside her.

"Oh!" Rosalie spoke as she flipped open the menu, ordering their Alfredo pasta as the waiter nodded rattling off their order as they nodded in confirmation.

Looking back towards Arcangelo table, she noticed all the guys were looking

yna is cheating on me."

Those words hit Arcangelo like a bullet. The air was momentarily knocked out of his lungs as his eyes widened in shock. Sure, he and his sister never got along quite well, but if she was cheating on his best friend, her husband, then...

"And you think it's her lovers?"

"Not this one, no." Vincent shook his head, stuffing his hand into his pockets as he stared down. "No, this one is mine, just as much as Claudia is mine."


"She's cheating on me, Arcangelo. I feel it."

"But you don't know?"

"Not for certain, no, " Vincent stated. "But I have a gut feeling that she is, and when have my gut feelings been wrong?

"Fuck." Arcangelo breathed out in disbelief, rubbing a hand over his face. "What are you going to do?"

"For now, nothing, " His best friend sighed in defeat. "But once the baby is born, I will find out for certain if she is having an affair. If I am wrong then all well and good."

"But if she is?"

"I'll file for a divorce." Vincent's voice broke as tears welled in his eyes. "I'll file for a divorce and try to get custody of the kids." He stated as his words morphed into a sob.

Arcangelo's heart broke to see his best friend like this as he wrapped him in his arms, hugging his brother close as he let him sob into his coat.

"Married life has been shit for the past few years." Vincent sobbed. "I-she doesn't love me anymore...Arcangelo, I can feel it."

"Hey, we'll take things one at a time." Arcangelo soothed. "Let the kid be born, and then we'll take it from there."

"If she's cheating on me, you'll help me get custody of my kids, won't you?" Vincent asked, pulling away with a blotched face to stare up at his best friend.

"Of course I will, " Arcangelo spoke as if though it were an obvious fact. "Besides, we all know the secret about Alyna. So after that, why wouldn't I help you get custody of the kids. For all we know, she's just as bad as Antonio."

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me."

"Then can I ask one more favor of you?"

"Say it and it shall be done." Arcangelo grinned at his best friend who didn't smile back.

"Reinstate my position as your second-in-command, " Vincent demanded as the other man stared at him quietly. "I can't stay at home, I can't stay there. I'll bring Claudia with me if I have to, but don't force me to stay at home. Please."

"It will be done." He nodded a stern expression on his face as Vincent let out a breath of relief. "Be at the estate at 7 on Monday."

"Thank you, I'll be there, boss."

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