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   Chapter 14 Interrogations

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 13787

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The surveillance room, like any ordinary surveillance room, was filled with monitors depicting various scenes of events going on. Three men were lazing in their seats, either blankly staring at the monitors or their phones, while one of them was sleeping. The smell of stale coffee drifted in the air as various snack wrappers were strewn across the floor.

It was obvious that this room hadn't been cleaned in a long time, the air smelled stale and no window was open.

In simple words, it was suffocating.

Arcangelo stood in the doorway, staring at the scene in front of him. Wondering if this is how things looked like on a daily basis: full of lackadaisical people.

Salvatore shuffled in beside him, an eyebrow raised at their lack of awareness before looking to the Boss, waiting for some instructions. Apparently, they weren't needed because the Mafia Boss grasped the door and slammed it shut, giving the three men a heart attack as they all jumped in their seats, while the one who was sleeping, fell off his chair in his fright.

"Open a window, would you, " Arcangelo stated calmly as they all stared at him in panic. One of them jumping up and opening a window like told.

"Boss, " The man, who had been staring at his phone, chuckled uneasily. "How can we help you, sir?"

"I need you to pull up the hospital feeds of the day I got shot."

"Of course, sir, " He nodded as the two other men stood from their seats, giving Salvatore and Arcangelo a place to sit.

The two watched as the man typed away commands into the computer, pulling up various feeds of the same time and event from different angles.

"Here you are." He stated as he pushed himself away from the desk, allowing Arcangelo and Vincent to move closer as he turned up the volume, both of them wearing headphones and listening to the conversation of the day, forward to see how many people came in.

"Can I get a paper and pen?" Arcangelo asked as he counted the people that came and went.

Hastily one of them handed him a notebook with a pencil as Arcangelo rewound the footage, starting from when he woke after the procedure. They listened to the conversation as Salvatore stated the names of all the people while Arcangelo wrote them.

"15 people, " He sighed. "And how many are on duty today?"

"No idea. We'll have to check with Marcello."

"Alright, " Arcangelo nodded as he stood from his place, followed by Salv as they made their way out the door.

"We aren't done here, " Salvatore informed the three men. "Major will come and talk to you three."

Arcangelo couldn't help but snort at the threat as they knew that Major would give them a piece of his mind--given that he is the head of security.

"Who is the first person on the list?" Salv asked, coming up beside him.

"Luca Ricci." Arcangelo read the name on the list. "Get him into the room."

When Luca was brought in, he seemed very confused and wondered why he was there. Then he was seated in a chair, and he wanted to ask if he had done something wrong. That's when the interrogation started. Arcangelo started off by offering him a cigarette, using the good cop bad cop method. He started chatting him up before finally coming to the crucial questions.

"You came into the hospital room when I was shot."

"Yes, sir, "

"What did you hear?"

"I'm sorry, sir?"

"What did you hear in that room?"

"Nothing. The doctor was telling you about the damage done when I had come in to retrieve some medications."

"And that's it?" Arcangelo questioned with a drag of his cigarette.

"Yes, sir, " He nodded, finishing the cigarette he had been offered.

"Alright, "

"May I go, then?"

"Yes, yes. Go." Arcangelo nodded, allowing him to leave.

He needed the first one to tell everyone exactly what happened inside. This way, if any of his friends was called in for an interrogation, they'd all expect a few questioning and that would be it.

Initially, it had started off like this, the first few people were merely asked about what they had heard, a few threats were given and no positive response was received.

Ultimately, Ar

ogized through his pain before Arcangelo marched him out the door and shoved him onto the gravel, causing the man to stumble before regaining his footing and running away as fast as he could.

Turning back towards Rosalie, he noticed the frightened and distressed expression and was instantly before her, cupping her face and shushing her.

"Shh,'re okay." He assured as he tucked away a strand of her hair. "Are you hurt?"

Rosalie shook her head as she covered his palm with her own. "Not hurt, just cold."

Seemingly realizing this, Arcangelo glanced down and noticed that her white button up blouse had become see-through and exposed the purple bra she had on below. Removing his blazer he draped it over her, successfully covering her as she swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Go and grab your things. We're leaving." Arcangelo instructed as she sniffled and went to gather her belongings.

"You can't leave!" Her boss exclaimed, suddenly coming out of his stupor. "I don't give you permission!"

"It wasn't a request, " Arcangelo growled dangerously as the man squeaked in fright. "And it wasn't a negotiation either."

Soon Rosalie returned with her bag as she shuffled closer to Arcangelo, tugging onto his sleeve as she just wanted to leave and never face such humiliation again.

"Rosalie, if you leave, I will fire you!" Her boss yelled as Arcangelo opened the door for her.

"Go ahead and fire her." He stated in response. "I'll get her a far better and well-paying job."

"Oh, yeah? Like what?" The boss taunted.

"A medical internship, " Arcangelo stated smugly as her employer's smirk dropped off his face and his mouth fell open.

Leading her to his car, Arcangelo opened the passenger door for her, before closing it shut. About to move to his side, he got a call. Attending it, he pressed the phone to his ear.

"Tell me you got something." He spoke while rubbing a hand over his face, his anger abating from what had transpired inside.

"No, sorry, " Salvatore sighed on the other line, sounding equally tired and worn out. "They all have no idea. I even dangled them on the edge of death and no one had any clue."

Without a response, Arcangelo ended the call, slamming his hand onto the hood of the car as he cursed under his breath, his anger returning at the lack of success from the past few months.

They were nowhere on finding Rosalie's attackers. They had no idea who tipped them off or who the mole was, and most of all; they weren't any closer to making Rosalie safer.

All of this pissed him off beyond compression.

Those Mafia failures topped with what had transpired in the Diner had him absolutely livid.

And it was only a matter of time until a man died at his hands.

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