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   Chapter 11 Hangover Mornings

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 14860

Updated: 2018-09-30 11:00

Rosalie did not fare well in the morning when consciousness brought her out of her drunken haze. Her eyelids weighed a ton as she tried to recall how to open them, her mouth tasted absolutely repugnant as the vileness had her almost gag with her stomach churning in unease. A desolate moan slipped past her chapped lips as she wrapped her arms around her abdomen in hopes to relieve some of the tension, a momentary relief.

That is until she comprehended the musky scent infiltrating her nostrils, warmth like none other enveloping her as she felt the gentlest of movements' millimeters away from her.

With great difficulty and a pounding headache, Rosalie managed to crack open her eyes, her vision blurred until it cleared after a couple seconds of rapid blinking, her eyes hurting due to the limited sunlight that streamed in through the cracks in the curtain. She didn't quite understand the view before her in her hangover condition, staring at a patch of skin with dark hair at one end. A quiet hum escaped her as she reached up with trembling fingers.

Gently she touched her fingertips to the skin before her, the person groaning in their sleep as their shoulders hunched.

Rosalie held her breath in panic as the person muttered something. The most distinctive voice reaching her ears and piercing through the discomfort of her condition.

"Arcangelo, "

With a choked throat, and hammering heart, Rosalie shuffled away from him, moving slowly so not to wake him, fear and anxiety consuming her as her mind raced with the memories of last night. Her face flushing as she stumbled out of the covers, her feet finding solid ground as she didn't tear her gaze away from Arcangelo's back.

In her haste and attempts to stand, her knees buckled beneath her, forcing her to fall to the ground with a gentle thump due to the rug beneath her. With languid joints, Rosalie pulled herself up, holding her breath as she shuffled to the door in the dimness of the room.

Silently pulling open the door, she squeezed out of the space, closing it shut behind her. Stepping away from the door, Rosalie gasped for air, suddenly aware of the fact that she had been holding her breath from the moment she realized she had been pressed against the Mafia Boss's back. The realization of him being shirtless had her look down at herself, heaving a breath of relief at the fact that she was – in fact – clothed. Placing a hand on her chest, she felt the way her heart hammered against her ribcage as she felt her insides fold in on themselves, the drinks of last night being able to stay down.

With a speed she did not know she possessed, Rosalie sprinted down the staircases, rushing down the hall and hurtling into the nearest room before throwing herself into the conjoined bath, retching and gagging as the contents of her stomach emptied into the toilet bowl.

Once she was sure she wasn't going to throw up again, she leaned back, heaving heavy breaths as she put a hand against her forehead, feeling how warm she felt. Struggling to her feet, Rosalie splashed cold water on her face, noticing how red her eyes looked and how much her head hurt. Looking back into the room, she had to thank the lord that it was empty. She already had too much embarrassment to deal with to add forced entry onto that list.

Rosalie's face flushed as she recalled how she had tried to flirt with Arcangelo, and then even went onto shamelessly run her hands down his chiseled body. She had the good grace to cover her face before she tried to compose herself.

After ensuring she wouldn't hyperventilate, she made her way out the room and walked towards the main lounge, seeing how the sun hadn't even risen yet. Rosalie pattered across the cold marble flooring in an oversized t-shirt as she made her way from the East wing to the second floor of the south wing, where her room resided. Rubbing her bare arms, she walked into her room before stripping to take a shower.

By the time she was getting out, she could hear the estate coming to life outside her door. Pulling on black jeans with an emerald green sweater she somehow found the strength to brush out the tangles in her hair before she pulled on her shoes.

Stepping out of her room, she had to wince in pain at how loud the voices sounded and stung her head, the brightness of the morning not helping her aching eyes and palpitating brain.

A soft groan escaped Rosalie as she shielded her

prospect of his lips against hers was just so tempting to Rosalie that she couldn't help but bite her lower lip, noticing how his eyes darkened like storm clouds as a shadow fell over his expression.

"Kiss me." Rosalie moaned breathily, pulling herself closer to him as Arcangelo's gaze snapped up to her's, noticing the brightness of her lips, her eyes dilated with anticipation and her heart beat rapid against him.

"Your compliance is making me want to do all sorts of sinful things to you, princess." He admitted against the skin of her neck.

A guttural sound escaped from her throat as she threw back her head. His kisses traveling across the skin of her neck as he nibbled lightly, eliciting a small moan from her.

The sound had him freeze for a moment before he grabbed hold of her hands, pinning them to the table as his assault on her neck grew more rushed, more demanding, eliciting the same response almost all the time. He seemed to find satisfaction in the way she was reacting to him, her mind muddled and her willpower gone with the wind.

Their hearts raced in their chests as heat radiated from their bodies. Everything was buzzing around them, the air, their skin, their contact. It was all so exciting and thrilling. The blood surged through their veins and their minds couldn't comprehend nor keep up with what they were feeling and what their bodies demanded, yearned for.

Suddenly, he kissed along the length of her neck, followed by his lips against her jaw and cheek before he came in contact with the corner of her mouth. Pulling away at the contact, he looked at Rosalie's half-lidded eyes, and flushed cheeks as her chest heaved with her heavy breaths. He waited a moment, giving her a chance to reconsider her request, but when it never came Arcangelo couldn't help the surge of arousal that flowed over him.

"Close your eyes, princess." He spoke gruffly, his voice husky and rough, demanding even. And Rosalie would be damned if she didn't like what it did to her.

Listening to his instructions she closed her eyes, waiting for him to do something as Arcangelo's eyes darted across her features, taking everything in. The way her hair grew a shade lighter in the winter sunlight, her porcelain skin glimmering almost, her cheeks painted a rosy pink with her eyelashes touching the top of her cheeks. Her lips were plump and inviting, parted slightly as her chest heaved with her heavy breaths. Arcangelo's mind was reeling with the feeling raging inside him as he felt her heat against him, the soft brush of skin every now and then with the way her breath fanned against his skin.

Suddenly his grip loosened around her wrist before he leaned down and molded his lips to hers. A satisfied growl escaped him at the way she responded by pushing herself closer to him, her fingers slipping into his hair and kissing back with just as much vigor and intensity he claimed her with as he cupped her face into his palms.

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