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   Chapter 10 Drunken Nights

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 15170

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Salvatore Romano was a man of many talents and even more expertise. Efficient, punctual, quick witted, loyal, and trustworthy. His father worked for Arcangelo's father, but never obtained the position which Salvatore did. And now, Salvatore worked for Arcangelo. He joined the Mafia when he was 23, and now being 35, he had been a part of the Regnante household for 12 years.

Upon Arcangelo instatement, he knew that the man could use help from someone who knew how the Mafia worked. So his goal was to help him from the position of his guard. Having known the Boss for 4 years now, he never expected a promotion, much less the acting-second-in-command.

Today was his first day at his new post. And for this special occasion, he took out his brand new black Armani suit, already feeling powerful as he walked down the hall, his friends giving him a small smirk before bowing their head to him in greeting - as per their custom. Before making his way into the office, Salvatore picked up all the necessary paperwork, flipping through the contents to familiarize himself with, before stalking down the hall.

The doors burst open for him as he entered Arcangelo's office, the fragrance of his boss's cologne lingered in the air mixed with freshly ground coffee and a hint of nicotine. For some odd reason, the various smells combined together did not smell unpleasant, rather felt almost comforting. He momentarily froze as this was the first time he had ever entered this vicinity.

Guards were not allowed in the east wing, and this was his first time here.

The room was enormous, with carved mahogany double doors at his back and four large African blackwood bookshelves to his left. The floor beneath his polished dress shoes was a light wood and beige velvet sofa set to his right accompanied by a glass coffee table. Behind the sofa set was a table equipped with a music system, a large flat screen T.V and a decanter, a shelf containing CDs and vinyl beside it. A blue Persian carpet was rolled out across half of the office before Salvatore looked up. Gawking at the view before him, the wall in front of him was made up entirely of glass with embroidered grey curtains at either end. The view was exquisite. Showing off the Italian heights in the distance with white capped peaks, birds flying overhead, a snow-covered flower garden before him with a porcelain marble fountain glistening in the winter sunlight.

Shaking himself out of his stupor, Salvatore cautiously made his way across the room, acting as if though there were detonators beneath the wood. Exhaling through his nose he stood before the largest desk he had ever seen. It was polished mahogany with a black office chair. Arcangelo's laptop stood in the center, photo frames facing the seat as stationery items stood at the top, a couple of files beside the laptop with an ashtray on the other side, an empty coffee mug standing isolated at one corner.

With trembling fingers, Salvatore put down the files, inhaling deeply to calm the anxiety brewing inside him. Having nothing to do until Arcangelo arrived he fumbled around with the items on the table, straightening them out as he aligned everything.

"I hope I can trust you to do your job right." A deep voice spoke from behind him as Salvatore jumped in surprise, whirling around to stare at his boss standing in a pinstriped grey suit with a white undershirt and a sky blue tie, his obsidian black hair gelled back and glistening and his blue eyes pinned him down with their cold gaze, a coffee mug in hand with the other casually slipped into his slack's pocket. "Well, can you?"

Swallowing thickly, Salvatore stood straighter, staring directly at him as he nodded. "Yes, sir. I won't disappoint you."

"We shall see about that, won't we?" Arcangelo chuckled as he walked forward, unbuttoning his blazer as he settled in his seat, starting his laptop before looking down at the filed laid beside him. "Today's work?"

"Yes, sir, "

An impressed look overcame Arcangelo's face as he pulled them towards himself.

"Let's get to work, shall we?"

The day progressed rather smoothly. Everything was getting done within a matter of minutes and with punctuality. Salvatore took it upon himself to read the documents before debriefing Arcangelo about the matter, and finally having them delivered to their destination, signed and stamped. They weren't even a minute late to any meeting. Arcangelo dealt with difficult matters over the phone, paying a visit every once in a while, and exactly at

ng her to feel the lack of his warmth.

He returned a moment later with a wet towel and wiped her mouth, giving her a moment to recompose herself before walking out of the washroom. Rosalie's eyes blurred with tears as the sudden sensation of nostalgia hit her, wanting nothing more than to be back in her mother's arms again. Sobs wracked through her as she wiped at her face, managing to make out the blurred figure of Arcangelo before her, now dressed in a trouser and a long-sleeved shirt.

Crouching before her, he tucked her hair behind her ear as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Everything is okay." He spoke to her gently, Rosalie shaking with her emotions. "Just breathe."

After a moment of hiccupping, she tried to control her breathing as it slowly calmed down.

"That's it, " Arcangelo encouraged and stroked her hair. "You'll be alright, no one can hurt you here."

Sniffling, Rosalie stared at him with swollen eyes as he wiped the tears.

"Why don't you wash your face then go and get changed into something comfortable, huh? How does that sound?" He asked her gently, pushing the hair from her face as she couldn't bring herself to look at him, too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

"Okay." She croaked before sniffling.

"Ok." He nodded before standing up and leaving her to wash her face.

Struggling to her feet, Rosalie splashed cold water on her face before looking up at how blotched her face looked with her hair resembling a bird's nest. In a futile attempt, she tried to settle them before going into the walk-in closet.

Seeing it vacant of Arcangelo's presence, she turned towards the racks of clothes and seeing formal suits before finally finding more casual wear folded on the shelves above her. Reaching up, she grabbed one of his shirts before stripping out of her clothes. Pulling it over her head, she stared at how she got drowned by the size of the grey t-shirt.

A sudden yawn tore through her with her eyes growing heavy with sleep. Stepping out of the closet, she noticed Arcangelo standing by the window, staring out at the view as Rosalie quietly went and lay down on his bed. Curling up into a ball, she lay on top of the covers, her gaze on his back before they drooped to a close, allowing her to promptly fall asleep.

Turning around, Arcangelo heaved a breath at seeing Rosalie curled on top of his covers. Exhaling, he knew he didn't have a choice before pulling the duvet over her, watching as she shuffled before cuddling into the comforter. Tucking her hair behind her ear, Arcangelo momentarily loomed over her and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. Sighing quietly, he lay down on his side of the bed, getting under the covers before turning off the lamp which illuminated the room.

He momentarily lay in the dark when he felt Rosalie shift beside him, shuffling closer as she curled into his side. A small smile overcame Arcangelo's lips as he knew all that he would tell her when she came to.

Oh, how he would enjoy tormenting her.

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