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   Chapter 8 Breakfast

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 12953

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It was rather early in the morning with Rosalie sound asleep, a book placed beside her pillow. She had been in so engrossed in the novel--a book she had borrowed from one of the numerous bookshelves in the house--and feel asleep while reading.

The door to her bedroom suddenly creaked open as the light from outside shone in. Little feet pattered across the floor before Arsenio and Claudia got on top of the bed, both on either side of Rosalie as they watched her sleep quietly.

"Rosie..." Claudia whispered as she stirred, turning away from the voice.

"Rosalie, " Arsenio called as she blinked her eyes, rubbing away at the blurriness before looking at the children on either side of her.

"Well, good morning you two." She spoke while stretching. "What can I do for you so early in the morning?"

"Can you help us make breakfast?" Claudia asked eagerly.

"We want to make breakfast for uncle Arcangelo, but the maids won't allow us inside the kitchen."

"Oh." Rosalie realized as she sat up in bed, the covers pooling to her waist. "Well then, let me freshen up and we'll make breakfast."

"Yay!" The two children exclaimed as they allowed her to get out of bed, standing on the cold wooden floor as she fixed her floral blouse with the matching shorts. Going to freshen up, she returned after a few minutes with her hair in a messy bun and a robe over her clothes.

"Let's go?" She asked with a smile as the children jumped off her bed and ran outside. Rosalie followed behind slowly, smiling at them whenever they urged her to hurry up.

She just couldn't run after them.

Finally, they reached the kitchen as the children stared at her in exasperation.

Shaking their heads, they pushed open the kitchen doors seeing the maids bustling about and trying to make up their mind on breakfast. Arsenio and Claudia struggled to grab everyone's attention as Rosalie could see that no one was paying attention to them. Letting out a whistle, the maids all stopped and looked at her.

"Get out." She laughed as they all looked at her in aghast. "I just want Teresa here."

"You can't!" One of the maids spoke haughtily.

"I know. But they can." Rosalie grinned as she gestured to the Mafia Boss's niece and nephew who were grinning widely, nodding to her words.

"We want to make uncle breakfast today. So please let us do it."

Everyone stared at the two in disbelief, clearly not understanding what to do next.

"Well, you heard the boy!" Teresa exclaimed loud and clear, everyone jolting with a startled jump. "Get out."

Everyone did as told and didn't ask another question as they all shuffled out and either went to their quarters or busied themselves with something else. Once it was just the four of them left, Rosalie couldn't help but giggle at how much power two little kids actually had and didn't realize.

"Alright, then!" Teresa spoke with a clap of her hands. "What shall we make your uncle today?"

The two children grinned and instantly the two women knew that they had something planned.

They spent about an hour in the kitchen. They made pancakes and a casserole along with cinnamon rolls and muffins. Since the food was in a hefty amount, they needed two treys to fit everything in, including Arcangelo's coffee and the children's juice and milk.

With a happy squeal, the two ran ahead while Rosalie and Teresa followed behind with the food-laden trey. They went into the east wing and made it all the way up to the second floor before walking down the never-ending hallway, finally arriving at his bedroom door.

"Okay, so how about Teresa and I stand here with the treys and you two bring in the food one by one? How does that sound?" Rosalie whispered quietly to them and they nodded eagerly.

Opening the door, they heard the interaction between Arcangelo and the two children before they told him they had a

g born in a Mafia household, they are treated differently so they aren't your normal everyday children. They have never actually felt what it's like to live a normal life with normal problems and normal mundane matters; it has always ranged from one extreme to the next for them. And with me being Arsenio's guardian, he's like a son to me, so he suffers a lot too."

Leaning forward, Rosalie noticed the look of paternal concern across his features as his forehead creased and his eyes crinkled at the edges, a frown edged across his lips.

"And I obviously try to keep them away from it as much as possible, but sometimes even I forget that they are nothing more than children and deserve to be treated as such." He resumed, inhaling deeply as he realized he was rambling. "So, I just wanted to thank you for treating them like children rather than heirs to the mafia or whatever people treat them as."

"A child, no matter from what family background, deserves a loving and memorable childhood." Rosalie smiled in response. "And Arsenio and Claudia are no different. If I can help them have a relatively normal life while surrounded by armed men, then I'd love to do so because childhood is the most important part of your life and it slips like sand through your fingers. It's short, yet blissful. And honestly, those two are such wonderful kids, they deserve every ounce of love you have for them."

Arcangelo stared at her in silent disbelief, he had expected--actually hoped--for a simple 'you're welcome' which would end their awkward little confrontation, but he had never thought she would respond like this.

And now as he was looking at her in shock, he finally understood what people meant when they called her beautiful.

He stared at how her plump pink lips were pulled into a smile, the action causing her eyes to crinkle at the sides. Her eyes were a vibrant sapphire blue that glinted in the sunlight, holding nothing more than care and gentleness in them. Her skin was rather clear and almost porcelain, her cheeks, on the other hand, were a baby pink. Rosalie's hair was chestnut brown which shone as the sunlight fell on them and overall her whole aura was one of sophistication and grace.

One of beauty, and elegance.

And one of charm and entrapment.

Arcangelo could have stared at her all day. The way she smiled or the way her eyes light up or the way she soaked in everything around her. It was all so different and new from what he had been surrounded by for all these years, that now...

He realized...

She was absolutely enthralling.

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