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   Chapter 7 Explorers

Mr. Regnante By Serena B. Light Characters: 16500

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After almost three weeks of isolation, Rosalie was almost as good as new. All the bruises were gone, most of her injuries were healed, and it was just her ribcage that was still bound since it needed more time to heal, but other than that, she was back in top shape.

She knew that she had been here for three weeks and during that time she didn't see anything of Arcangelo; she wondered if he was avoiding her, but then realized that she had no right to inquire about him.

Rosalie was allowed outside her room and she had the free will to walk around. During these three weeks, she figured that this place was huge and she hasn't discovered it, instead she spent most of her time in the kitchen, talking to the maids and helping out with cooking every now and again.

During her time spent in the kitchen, she got acquainted with a few of the people that worked around the mansion. She even found out that they were all very polite and cordial people and she had just got in the way of one of the worst persons there on her first day. Someone who, for some reason, wouldn't be a problem anymore. Rosalie had her suspicions of it being a Mafia household, and figured that it was exactly that--given the luxury and style everything was made in and the amount of secrecy regarding what goes on.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" One of the older guards asked with a chuckle at the response he got for her presence at the estate. "How do you not know?"

"Well, Arcangelo never specified." She shrugged as she cut up the vegetables, noticing how everyone tensed whenever she took his name. "Why do you guys do that?"

"Do what?"

"Wince every time I take his name?"

"Well, sweety, " He spoke as he took a carrot. "Names, especially dangerous names, have power. And like people love to say 'speak of the devil and he shall appear' and believe me, honey, he is the Godfather of the devil."

"Isn't he a rumor?"

"In your world, he is nothing but a rumor. In our world, he is the god. The king. And no one can get in his way." The guard spoke with a slight shiver down in spine.

"I can only imagine, " Rosalie muttered as she handed the vegetables to one of the girls around her. "Say, what's your name. I'm Rosalie."

"We all know who are, dearie." Teresa, the head chief, chuckled from the stove. "And that knucklehead over there is Major, head of security and Boss's guard."

"You work beside him?"

"Not beside him per say, that would suggest that I am one of his oldest friends, I work more for him."

"Oldest friends?" Rosalie chortled as she leaned forward onto the counter. "I don't think he is capable of having friends."

"Oh, no. They are more like his childhood companies that became brothers. His second-in-command; Vincenzo Moretti, the one with the green eyes. Lorenzo Balducci, the man who ensures everything is in order for the boss. Marcelo Vitali, the chief of staff. And Romeo Alleva, the one in charge of recruits training. These five guys have been together since they were born. All grew up together and lived in the same neighborhood."

"Really?" Rosalie inquired with curiosity as she didn't imagine the ruthless mafia boss to have any friends.

"They all wanted to do such different things." Teresa chimed in. "I've known these boys since they were babes. Always found together, and whenever something happened, it was always those five to have caused it. They even had a name for their little gang. BRAVE, I believe."

"Brave?" She giggled in response. "Why?"

"B for Balducci. R for Regnante. A for Alleva. V for Vitali. E for Ettore. BRAVE."

"Ettore? Who is Ettore?"

"Vincenzo (Vincent) Ettore Moretti."


"They were such good boys, then everything just...fell apart." Teresa reminisced as she stirred the pot, a sad smile on her face as tears welled in her eyes. "It was so horrible. Oh God, the boys never recovered, they all went dark. You have to understand something, Rosalie, they weren't always like this. They weren't evil. But since that day, they never were the same..."

"Well obviously, Teresa. Who can witness and live with what they did and stay the same?" Major inquired flatly as he stirred the coffee in his cup.

"What day?" Rosalie asked in curiosity as she looked at Major and Teresa, trying to understand what they were talking about.

Teresa opened her mouth to say something when a low grumbling voice had everyone freezes in their places.

"One more word, Teresa, " The voice spoke with venom dripping from every syllable. "You know the rules."

"Yes, sir, " She murmured in shame as she hung her head.

Feeling his piercing gaze on her, Rosalie slowly lifted her head and met his unwavering glare as he was dressed in an expensive steel grey suit. A little girl, of 4 years of age, in his arms with a 6-year-old boy standing with his hand in Arcangelo's.

"Major, " Arcangelo called out to the guard who instantly stood to atte

g to one of the guards, who was assigned to the children and had supposedly been following them since they stepped out of the kitchen - and introduced himself as Salv - the south wing was where all the informal guests came, this was where they all casually sat or stayed the night, like Arcangelo's sister, Alyna--the same woman who had been screaming at him during the day.

The west wing was for the formal guest. They were all settled in the conference room on the ground floor, and if they were going to be staying, they had rooms on the first floor with the second floor being where all the serious transactions occurred with guns and money and everything.

And finally, they made their way to the east wing, the guard stopping at the intersection where the east wing connected with the south.

Rosalie looked at him in confusion as he simply moved away. Much to her surprise, there weren't any guards here, unlike the rest of the estate.

"This is our favorite part of this place, " Arsenio informed as they walked down the brightly lit corridor with paintings on the wall and antiques on pedestals. Being so busy in admiring everything around her, she was forced to a sudden halt as they stood before two large oak doors that had intricate designing on the wood with the handles glinting golden.

Claudia got on her tiptoes and grabbed the door handle, about to push it down before a voice halted her.

"Here you two are." A deep velvety voice called from down the hall as they all watched Arcangelo approach with a fond smile. "I've been looking everywhere for you two."

The children had broad grins on their faces as they released Rosalie's hand, running towards their uncle as he scooped them up in his arms, tickling them as they laughed and peppered them with kisses.

"Are you two hungry?" He asked as his eyes shone with mirth and joy.

"Yes, we are!" The two cried together as Rosalie stifled a chuckle behind her hand.

"Great! Because I feel like I could eat a horse!" Arcangelo spoke as he made a funny face, causing her to smile at their interaction.

Deciding to leave them alone, she started to walk down the hall before little Arsenio called out to her.

"Rosie, wait!" He exclaimed as she stopped, turning around to regard him with a smile.

He turned back towards his uncle who was looking at his nephew curiously. He spoke up with Claudia nodding along to his words.

"Dad, can Rosie please join us? We like her very much! And she likes us! And Isaac likes her too!"

"Huh, Isaac likes her? Are you sure about that?" Arcangelo questioned teasingly.

"He didn't bite her and make her bleed, so he likes her!" Claudia exclaimed.

"Please!" The two pouted pleadingly as they looked at him with wide eyes and jutted lips.

Arcangelo sighed before looking up at her, seeing Rosalie look away shyly at how much the children wanted her to join them after having known her for a few hours.

"What do you say, Rosalie?" He called out form his place as her gaze shot up, her cheeks flushing a deep pink as her name rolled off his tongue effortlessly. "Would you do us the honor of joining us for dinner?"

Without thinking and without looking at the ecstatic looks of the children, she responded to his formal request.

"I would love to."

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