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   Chapter 1015 Thank-you Note

My Mr. Soldier By Changdu Characters: 8721

Updated: 2019-04-29 22:41

Hi guys. Thanks for staying with us the whole time. Happy ending! Time to say goodbye. I will miss you guys!

I will stay here on MoboReader and bring you more interesting stories. All these stories are first released on MoboReader. You guys can download it now at

Here, I would like to highly recommend some interesting stories to you.

1, Trapped with the CEO

Drugged one night by her ex-boyfriend, a mysterious man took advantage of her in an ecstatic night filled with sex.

To take her revenge, she married the man, and used him.

"As long as I'm alive, I'm still his legal wife, while all of you are just his mistresses."

She remained adamant even when he was involved in scandals with other women.

Eventually she stormed off after she learned that he had betrayed her again. But life brought her back to him a few years later, to his astonishment. The man had already got what he wanted from her, but she couldn't understand why he still wanted to torture and haunt her.


2, My Wife is an Aloof Beauty

Happiness was like a mirage to Daisy, the closer she got, the further away it went. She had just reunited with Edward when everything fell apart. An ex-girlfriend shows up, claiming to be carrying Edward's child. Her stepsister, whom her father abandoned her to raise, tries to seduce Edward.

And other things preyed on her mind -- why were Edward's parents acting so strangely? Why did her father hate her? And who was trying to damage her reputation in the military that she'd worked so hard to build? And why are you still reading this and not opening the book to find out?


3, Vengeful Girl with Her CEO

Separated from her family since the day she was born, Linda vowed to come back and take revenge on those who had done injustice to her.

Brought up in a noble clan, Charles was taking reins and conquering the business world but got beaten up by a woman he had never met before.

Stuck with an unexpected betrothal at first, love eventually brought the two hearts together.

Pregnant, kidnapped, injured, poor Linda was tossed into a roaring river. Who did it to her? What did they want? Who was the other 'Linda' around Charles?


4, Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife

Growing up without a mother can be hard. For Jean Wen, life became worse when her father, Henry, brings home his mistress.

With two half-siblings intent on causing trouble, Jean is shunned by Henry. Desperate to earn his love, she agrees to be sacrificed for familial interests. She marries a rich CEO in exchange for a land her father wants. However, her failure and added complications with her family mean that everyone abandons her. To find out the truth about her mother's death, she even risks her life. Is it an accident? Or a murder? When her stepmother turns her back on her father, she chooses to stand by Henry's side and save his company from bankruptcy.

Alone in the world, Jean comes across her ex-boyfriend. Will his consideration rekindle her love toward him? Will she be able to make her marriage work? Turn the page to find out more!


5, The Spoiled Girl

Emily, was a just simple girl living a simple life when one day she received a call from the police that changed her entire life. Everything that happened since then was nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.

She soon found out that her long-time boyfriend, Jack Gu, was cheating on her with her best friend. As if things weren't bad enough, she accidentally ended up in Jack's uncle's car, where they ended up – doing it. Soon, Emily found herself in a tug-o-war between her ex, Jack and his uncle, Jacob.


6, Love Crisis

To help her debt-ridden gambler father, Molly Xia is forced to drink hallucinogenic drugs to warm a powerful man's bed and she is henceforth fated to become his sex toy.

Having gone through a tough break-up, Brian Long, a cold and indifferent man, sees Molly as nothing more than a physical replacement for his once beloved ex-girlfriend.

When they escape from life threatening situations, Brian and Molly are deeply entangled in a complex relationship of love and hatred. Just as Brian decides to open up his heart to her, the long-gone ex-girlfriend comes back to claim her place in

his heart.


7, Mighty Soldier King

Former special forces soldier Peter Wang is tasked to serve as a security guard in one of Golden City's top firms to protect his beautiful employer, Bella Song.

As a fighter who survived the grueling life in the military, he dismissed the job as menial and simple. Little did he know, he gravely miscalculated.

At the heart of a seemingly peaceful city, Peter found himself treading dangerously through vicious gangs and atrocious personalities while winning the hearts of several beautiful women along the way --the elusive Bella, esteemed Amelia, sweet Elaine, youthful Shelly, gentle Lisa, and more.

Who can defeat our Mighty Soldier King?


8, Apotheosis

Zen Luo, a prodigious young master of the Luo Clan, lost everything he cherished during a family feud incited by greed. Enslaved after being disgraced, Zen served as a human punchbag for his cousins. For two years, the fires of revenge simmered within Zen.

Spurred to protect his sister, Zen found a way to transcend human limitations. A legend was born when through sheer hard work and determination, he refined himself into a powerful weapon.

With a strong belief in never surrendering, he sought revenge for his father's untimely death and pursued ambitious dreams.


9, Take My Breath Away

"Drive this woman out!"

"Throw this woman into the sea!"

When he doesn't know Debbie Nian's true identity, Carlos Huo cold-shoulders her.

"Mr. Huo, she is your wife," Carlos' secretary reminded him. Hearing that, Carlos gives him a cold stare and complained," why didn't you tell me earlier?"

From then on, Carlos spoils her rotten. Little did everyone expect that they would get a divorce.


10, The Enchanted Night

Four years ago, Cassandra had to marry a wealthy man, though she had no feelings toward him. Similarly, the man whose name was written against hers on the marriage certificate couldn't care less about her either.

Four years later, she was drunk on a cruise ship in Rome and the fate sent her a graduation gift, a steaming hot one-night-stand with an unbelievably hansome man.

She had cheated on her husband! And what was worse, the unbelievably hansome man turned out to be her husband's brother, Rufus Luo!

What was she gonna do? How could she live with him under the same roof? What would her husband do to her after he found out the buried secret? And more importantly, how could she resist his boundless charm?


11, The Substitute Bride

Charles had different girlfriends for every day of a year. His name had been linked to innumerable ladies.

When her sister ran away from the wedding, Autumn was forced to marry Charles. Her only wish was to get a divorce after a year.

Neither of them had expected that they would fall in love with each other. Nor did they expect to be challenged by the whole world. An ex-girlfriend made trouble from time to time. A runaway sister came back, intending to win Charles back. A mother-in-law always intruded their intimate moment.


12, Waiting For a Girl Like You

"You saved my life, and I owe you one. Fair and square."

"Is this how you are going to repay my kindness? By sharing my bed? In my own house?"

"Fine, then come to my place and share my bed. How's that, huh?"

People always say what the An Family is capable of is beyond imagination. However, Carla Ji has no idea it's a nightmare only dressed like a daydream until it's too late to change anything...


13, Happy Together

"We'll be married for only a month. After that, we'll get divorced immediately."

Even though their marriage had been arranged by their great-grandfathers before they were born, he believed that such a rude and noisy woman like her didn't deserve to be his wife.

Little did they know then that they were destined to be together. Hiram, the handsome young CEO who could never be turned on by a woman, and Rachel, the beauty who somehow brought bad luck onto all the men she went on a date with, were getting married, against all odds.


Right, time to wrap it up. I will still be waiting for you here. See you around guys!

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