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   Chapter 1013 She Is Back

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At the international airport, a woman in a loose, puce-colored long cotton dress could be seen. Her long, curly hair was claret-red. She wore large sunglasses that covered most of her face. The latest edition Chanel bag hung on her right shoulder and her chic look was complete with thirteen centimeter-high white heels.

Her right arm was linked in an older woman's who wore a simple chiffon top, black trousers and heels of one and a half inches. Selina was the image of elegance. Her sunglasses were perched on her forehead, giving a clear view of her face.

The transformed Aria walked out of the airport exit with Selina.

"Aria, are you really sure you don't want to come home with me?" Selina asked, feeling concerned.

Aria looked over at the man walking toward them, who was pushing a luggage cart. He was Wilson.

"Yes, I've decided I'm going to hide from Lawrence for some days and then plan a big surprise for him," Aria said, an adorable smile plastered over her face.

At the same time, Wilson walked up beside Selina, having overheard Aria. "Do you plan to tell Lawrence that you'll only come back next month? He will go mad kicking his heels. Oh, my poor, dear Lawrence!" Wilson teased her, his voice rising high dramatically. He was already treating her as Lawrence's wife.

"Uncle, don't make fun of me anymore!" Aria's cheeks flushed. She was a little embarrassed at Wilson's playful banter. "Isn't there a financial business party in two days? I am the invited guest! Lawrence will certainly attend it, so we might meet each other there." Aria was cooking up scenarios in her head of how they would meet. She looked forward to it with her whole heart.

"Naughty girl! Fine, it's up to you. We support you," Selina said, smiling. She didn't understand these games young people liked to play, but they were in love, so she allowed them to do what they wanted.

"Aria, now can we tell our family how you were living abroad these two years?" Selina glanced at her with warm eyes.

"Of course. Anyhow, it wasn't a bad thing. I believe my ability has reached the levels I wanted. It's just a matter of time I tell everyone how it all happened," Aria replied, nodding. She was deeply moved by Selina and Wilson's understanding and support these two years. "Uncle, Auntie, thank you so much for caring about me and for letting me do what I wanted to do. You even hid it from others for my sake. I'm very grateful."

"Silly girl, we feel guilty about how little we could do. We should have done more so you didn't have such a hard time these last couple of years. I am so sorry," Selina said, feeling rather uncomfortable. These two years, she hadn't done anything to help Aria, although she kept an eye on her from a distance. Sometimes, she used to feel that life had been too hard on Aria and she wouldn't hold up under the pressure. But Aria had made it. She had done it all by herself. Selina truly admired her resilience.

"Auntie, it's okay!" Aria said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "See? I am a different person now. I have become a public figure. I've earned my worth. You guys should be happy, not upset. If I hadn't taken the decision to be independent that time, I wouldn't have made such strides today."

Seeing Selina's distress, Wilson also tried to console her. "Aria is right. All our difficulties have been overcome. Now, we should look forward to a happy future."

Selina nodded, a weak smile spreading across

ened as her hand flew to?her mouth. She was so glad for her best friend. "I am so happy for you, my friend! You have my blessing."

"You are annoying! Remember to give me the big red packet on the day of my wedding!" Charlotte teased her deliberately.

"That's a must! I've already prepared it for you. You know something? I've even prepared a big red packet for your future baby!" Aria beamed in excitement.

"Girl, I will give birth to twins. You should prepare two red packets!" Charlotte quipped.

"No problem. I will prepare as many packets as the number of babies you have!"

In the evening, Charlotte and Aria lay on bed, gazing at the ceiling above as they caught up with each other. Lots had happened in two years, and a lot more was going to happen now that Aria was back.

"Aria, when will you see your mother? I will go with you," Charlotte said.

"Tomorrow. Come with me. We'll go to the hospital together to see her," Aria said.

"No problem! I have several days off. I want to spend some time with you," Charlotte said. After thinking for a moment, she continued in a serious voice, "Aria, your mother is living very well now. She is relaxed and happy. She's part of the medical staff. Her living standard has improved by quite a margin."

"That's great," Aria said. "I heard it from Lawrence when he came to see me last time. To tell you the truth, I am very grateful to Aunt Cherry. She has done a lot for all of us: Lawrence, my mother, and me. I really appreciate it. She's admirable."

"She indeed is!" Charlotte nodded in approval. "Though I've never actually seen Lawrence's mother, I know of her influence in the city. She is said to be the most powerful woman in the circle of rich families. No other woman comes close."

"I?definitely agree. I've stayed abroad now and seen countless outstanding women, including a few of the former first ladies. I don't think they compare to Aunt Cherry," Aria said. "I admire their wonderful family atmosphere. Be it Chu family, Lu family or Yuwen family. They are all one big, happy family. They live in harmony and always look out for one another."

"Aria, you are fortunate to marry into Chu family. Cherry would not only be your mother, but also be your best teacher," Charlotte said.

"Yes, Charlotte. You are right."

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