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   Chapter 1012 Her Achievement

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"Instead, I think you two are the happiest couple I know. And it's not that I don't believe you guys are in love, but I hope your love lasts a lifetime," Austin said with great sincerity and earnestness. Even in front of his parents, he'd never been so serious as he was now.

"I know." Greg nodded his assent. "To tell the truth, I was expecting that from Lawrence. But you got there first. I know you did this for our sake. I'll always love Violet. You have my word on that," he promised with determination both in his voice and on his face.

Sensing that Greg was serious about what he said, Austin gave a satisfied smile inside. He felt really happy for Violet and Greg.

"Looks like you guys all found love, but not me. I guess I'm just destined to be lonely!" Austin sighed playfully, pretending to look pitiful. He loved nothing more than to be a drama queen, so he teased everyone.

Greg turned his head to look at Austin. Gingerly, he told him, "You can't tell me you never met a girl you were crazy about."

He couldn't believe that Austin never had a girlfriend. The boy not only had a high IQ but also a high EQ. Besides, he was a well-educated, successful businessman. He was always surrounded by countless hot girls, but he never seemed to have a girlfriend and avoided any pregnancy scandals. He figured Austin just kept all that under wraps - he never would have guessed that Austin couldn't find someone to love.

"Would you buy it if I said no?" Instead of staring into Greg's eyes, he looked up at the stars in the sky and there was a trace of bitterness in his gaze.

"Of course I wouldn't," Greg replied honestly.

"I fell in love once, but she married another guy a year ago. I fell pretty hard, and haven't looked at another girl since." Austin didn't go into too much detail. Even though she was another man's wife, he couldn't get her out of his head. Maybe he'd never forget her. He knew he'd meet someone else one day, someone who would steal his heart. And till that day came, his first love would have a special place in his heart.

"Love is cruel." Greg closed his eyes and sighed.

He knew how that went. When Violet left him, he figured she was gone forever. But to his surprise, she walked back into his life. Fate brought them back together. They found they were happier together than apart, and so they tied the knot, and had been happy ever since.

"Love's pretty simple, though. You meet someone, get to know her, fall in love and get married if you get on well," Austin said, taking another swig.

Silently, Greg took a sidelong glance at Austin. In his eyes, Austin was just a kid. Greg took on a brotherly tone, "You'll find someone someday. You need to believe that."

"Maybe. I haven't found anyone so far. Yeah... someday..." Austin loved once and got hurt. So he decided to let nature take its course.


Violet and Greg got up early that morning. After a quick breakfast, the two headed straight to the hospital.

Greg had already made an appointment for Violet. As soon as they arrived at the XS Hospital, they had a room ready for them. Violet got a color Doppler ultr

ustin said, as he thought this explanation reasonable. Now that Aria was so successful, he doubted whether his parents would come back soon.

"When will she be back, I wonder?" Austin was asking Lawrence, but he was more musing out loud. He thought that his parents might return from overseas together with Aria.

"Next month," Lawrence replied. After a pause, he added, "But your parents are due the day after tomorrow."

"What? The day after tomorrow?" His eyes almost popped out of his head. This was sudden. Recently he'd been living at home, and his grandparents were on a trip. His house was a mess. Caught unprepared, he didn't know what to do.

"What's wrong? There a problem?" Lawrence noticed Austin was a little flustered.

"No... Nothing. I just didn't expect them to be back so soon," Austin replied, looking rattled. He then muttered, "I gotta call the cleaning company to deal with the house."

"Did you sneak a woman into the house?" Lawrence was amused. Even though Austin had spoken in a low voice, Lawrence heard everything.

"No, of course not," Austin replied. "You know me, Lawrence. I only flirt at the bar. I never bring them home."

"Why do you need to get your house cleaned?" Lawrence asked, looking puzzled.

"It's a total disaster area. If I don't clean it, I'm sure they'll boot me out," Austin answered.

"If they do, you can live with me. I won't leave you homeless," Lawrence went through more files.

But Austin ignored his kind offer. Cheekily, he said to his cousin, "You can let me run all the hotels in J City and let Tim take my place. I am sure he'll do a good job. What do you think?"

"That's not funny," Lawrence replied calmly.

Austin understood why Lawrence turned him down. 'He's smart. How would he agree to let me take over the hotels? But it doesn't matter. When Dad and Mom come back, I will be a good son and spend more time with them just like Lawrence does, ' he mused. 'They'll see a new me.'

"You know what? Never mind. I need to finish up some work. Bye Lawrence!" Austin said as he walked towards the door.

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