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   Chapter 1011 Violet Is Pregnant

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"Come over, Mandy, have some fruits," Cherry said as she handed over an apple to Amanda.

"Thank you so much, Aunt Cherry," Amanda said sweetly and took the apple from her hand. She had been to Chu family several times and she indeed liked the atmosphere of this big family. Both Uncle Jackson and Aunt Cherry were very amiable and agreeable. Though the family was a prestigious one, most people thought that they were arrogant by nature. However, only after she started mixing up with them did she realize that they were quite down to earth! Everyone was affectionate and emotional and that could explain why they had close relationships with each other from one generation to another. She loved the atmosphere of being a part of such a loving and huge family.

"Mandy is really a very good girl! Mike, you are so blessed to have such a good wife," Amy too praised Amanda

"I am really fortunate to have her as my wife. That's has been the biggest achievement in my life! Am I right, Mandy?" Mike quipped.

Blushing, Amanda just lowered her head and smiled, without saying a word.

"You brat, you are still behaving like a child, it seems you have not grown up yet. Do you know that you have been married now?" Soren rebuked him, even though he felt pleased in his heart.

"All these young people are the same! So are Lawrence and Violet! All three often play and tease each other as if they were small children," Cherry said, smilingly.

"They will forever be small children in our eyes," Derek added. Nowadays, when they sat together, what they talked about most was their children. In Derek's eyes, Alice was also a small girl, who needed his care and concern.

"Fortunately, I've grown up!" Austin muttered confidently.

But even though he said it in a very low voice, he was heard by Cherry.

"Austin, come back home tomorrow itself! I have no idea what you are doing in the hotel when you have a home there." Cherry ordered, in a serious voice.

"Oh, Aunt, you really got me wrong! I leave for work every morning on time. I've never been late. Lawrence, am I right? You can testify it," Austin hastily explained as he winked at Lawrence for his help. "Lawrence, please tell Aunt what I said is true!"

"Well, it's true that you come to work and get off work on time! But I have no idea what you do after work is over," Lawrence spoke frankly.

"Oh, my! Lawrence, can't you just say something nice for me in front of the elders? Why are you embarrassing me?" exclaimed Austin with a hurt expression.

"I will do that if you don't tease Violet anymore," Lawrence said after pretending to think for a while.

Everyone laughed at Lawrence's remark, especially Violet. All the elders beamed with big smiles seeing the playful banter among their kids.

"You?are?really?something, Lawrence!" Austin had been defeated. After rolling his eyes, Austin turned to Cherry and begged, "My dear Aunt, I can promise you that I will come home for a few days, okay?"

Seeing his grief -stricken eyes, Cherry softened her stand immediately. She helplessly shook her head and compromised, "Fine."

"Oh, yeah! I love you so much, Aunt!" Austin screamed, looking thrilled now. If he had known that his Aunt would agree with him so easily, he wouldn't have asked Lawrence for any help.

The big family talked with each other happily and the pleasant?sound of laughter resonated in their house.

When it was dinner time, everyone sat around the table and enjoyed the food. After seeing the table full of dishes, Austin couldn't help but admire, "Hmmm, it smells so pleasant and I can't wait to taste and eat all."


d his aunt to stay at home for several days, he did that.

In the living room, Violet snuggled into her mother's chest quietly like a docile cat.

"Mom, I am so afraid that I wouldn't be a good mother. I am still like a child myself. What would I do?" Violet asked her mother apprehensively.

"My silly girl, everyone learns as they keep growing. How would you know that you wouldn't be a good mother as you haven't experienced it?" Cherry then continued, "Do you know how hard life was when I took care of your brother alone abroad? I was also very young and had no experience at all. But I tried my best to devote all my love to my child to give him the best growing environment and enough love. It's the nature of a mother to care for her baby, look after him and give all the best she has. I am sure you will be a great mother!"

"Thank you, mom!" Violet nodded with confidence. "Actually, Greg and I also wanted to have a baby of our own."

"Violet, don't think too much! Go to the hospital to take an examination tomorrow. If it is confirmed, you'd stay at home. Greg is a caring person and I am sure he will take good care of you. If he is too busy, come to us and we will look after you. We as a family could take care of the baby together," Cherry comforted her and gave her an encouraging smile.

"Okay, mom, I will," Violet nodded firmly.

Austin and Greg sat in the corridor gazing at the starry sky.

"Where is Lawrence?" asked Greg.

"He is working in the study," Austin replied. He was not acting funny as he used to be but looked serious tonight.

"Austin, do you have something to talk to me about?" Greg could tell from his serious expression that there must be something going on in his mind.

"Greg, though I trust your love to Violet, I still want to say, please be good to her, care for her, love her, love your baby and make her life happy, okay?" Austin said. He sincerely hoped that his innocent and carefree Violet could be happy. She had once suffered a lot and she deserved a happy life now. It was good to see that she had married Greg and was living a happy life now. He just wished that their happiness could be kept forever.

"I surely will," Greg replied with a resolute expression. "She is my life. Loving her is the most important thing I have to do and will do it all my life. No matter what happens, I will love her and keep treating her like a precious princess."

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